Anne Cousin

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Anne Cousin was born in France, raised in Africa, and is a citizen of the world.

It was her initial training in Shiatsu techniques 15 years ago that spurred her interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Taoist holistic concept of “vitality”, and in integrating Western and Eastern philosophy into her approach.

As an Integrative Vitality Practitioner, Anne approaches the body, mind and spirit as a unified whole.

Anne has the rare gift of being able to read and interpret the messages from the body with or without touching the client.

She has a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, as well as the body’s stress response. She aims to give her clients the educational grounding and resources to become more resilient to stress.

Her physical therapies using techniques such as shiatsu and chi nei tsang reinvigorate the body while also resetting the nervous system so that it can self-regulate. Her sessions have been found to relieve the symptoms of a wide variety of chronic health conditions, including chronic pain, tension, digestive issues, and pre-natal discomfort.

Anne draws on a great depth of knowledge that she adapts for client-specific treatment to suit the needs revealed by each session.

Anne is a registered Somatic Movement Educator, a certified Somatic Experiencing® provider, a certified practitioner of Integral Somatic Psychology®, and a certified TRE® provider. She is passionate about inspiring her clients to become more aware of their body and their senses, that awareness coming from within, instead of without.

Her somatic training refers to the “perspective of the body”. TRE stands for Tension & Trauma Release Exercises, a self-help strategy that has been taught to military veterans and many people who have experienced trauma, as well as to the general public for stress relief and regulation of the body’s response to daily stressors.

Anne’s private sessions and group classes often leave clients with a new level of body-mind integration. She also provides people with powerful tools that they can apply daily, to improve their quality of life continuously.

Anne currently runs regular TRE® sessions as well as Himalayan Singing Bowl sound therapy at iLiving.

Anne Cousin
Modalities by Anne

(Also spelled Chi Nei Tseng) Originated from Taoist practice, abdominal bodywork focusing on the internal organs, promoting detoxification and restoring chi flow, recommended as part of a holistic detox programme