Jenny Ng

Nutritionist & Bioresonanace Therapist

Jenny developed a strong interest in nutrition when she successfully lost weight with a change of diet and lifestyle.

After she obtained her degree in Food and Nutrition as a mature student, she joined i-Detox (former company of iLiving) in 2014 as in-house nutritionist and wellness advisor. At this time she also developed a strong interest in aromatherapy. She went on sabbatical between 2016 and 2018 during which she engaged in personal development and pursued further studies including aromatherapy.

Jenny is passionate in a taking a systemic approach to understanding health and wellbeing and she gives pragmatic recommendations to clients based on Bioresonance assessment and her understanding and experience in nutrition and aromatherapy.

Jenny is currently studying Classical Chinese Medicine which is her ongoing interest.

Summary of Jenny’s health related qualifications:

  • Certified Bioreconance Therapist, Rayonex Biomedical GmgH, Germany
  • Certified Aromatherapist, International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA)
  • Qualified Nutritionist, Hong Kong Nutrition Association (HKNA)
  • Certification in Chinese Traditional Medicine 中醫營養學證書, CUSCS
  • BSc Food and Nutrition, University of Ulster

Nutritionist & 
Bioresonance Practitioner

Modalities by Jenny

Support whole body especially the liver to neutralise and remove toxins (metabolic and external) with dietary changes and nutritional supplements etc

Discover your deficiencies and food tolerances and get recommendation on food and professional quality supplements

Non-invasive health care technology from Germany that is used for humans and animals for nutritional and health assessment, assessment of physical and psychological states, early detection of disease tendencies, and restorating balance with tailor-made frequencies, sharing similar principles as homeopathy, chinese acupuncture, reiki etc

In an essential oil consultation, you will be advised on what essential oils and and how to use them based on your health and wellness goals. Essential oils are plant extracts that have been used by humanity since ancient times for cleansing, physical and emotional healing, spiritual support, and overall wellbeing. Aromatherapy is both an art and a science. Learning the proper use of essential oils can greatly enhance one’s quality of life.