Where to Start?

Bring out the NEW VERSION of you!Retail_AreaWe are an integrative wellness centre with a progressive health products store. We are also the first and original non-starvation nutritious detox programme provider in Hong Kong since 2008. We have started with promoting awareness about (authentic) “superfoods”, the raw vegan lifestyle (as an option not as dietary dogma), natural chemical-free living, and have progressed through the years introducing to our community cutting edge wellness products and services relevant to urban living.

We were founded by wellness industry pioneer Anita Cheung in 2008.

“Having known Anita and her team at i-Detox for over 5 years now, I am so grateful to have benefitted and experienced the increased wellness and knowledge that she constantly empowers those around her with.  Anita is a true carer with a love of people and desire to improve herself in order to share, and effectively help and heal others in their wellness journey.  She thinks outside the box, is constantly training herself and her staff in order to provide one of the best one-stop health experiences Hong Kong has to offer.”  – Iris Otober

Read here on our integrative approach and our practitioners >>>


We have recently moved to a conveniently located bigger space. We look forward to welcoming you to our warm new space. Where we are now >>>


Ready to come home to the NEW VERSION of yourself?


1. Call for a complimentary 15-minutes Chat with one of our key practitioners

How is your phone affecting your health? Could where your bed is placed putting you at risk?

What about the health products you are using? Are they really doing something for you?

Our Bio-resonance (Rayonex) assessment can help you find out.

In your initial obligation-free 15-minutes trial, you can see for yourself how this non-invasive assessment and harmonising technology from Germany and how we use it may resource and enable you to live a higher quality life.

2. Come to one of our Events

Our events are often fun, inspiring and empowering.

Check out all events under the “Events” tab…or see the top most recently upcoming ones on our home page.

As we have moved to a new expanded location with a dedicated space, we are adding new events such as sound bath, Breathwork etc. Stay tuned!

3. Book a comprehensive health assessment

Ready to find out more than the initial 15-min free Bioresonance trial? Get insights on where you may be out of balance and start developing your lifestyle regime after your food tolerance test or comprehensive health assessment private consultation with Bio-resonance technology >>>

4. Book other services

We offer a varied suite of unique wellness services and our founder is known for integrating multiple modalities. There is strong connection between the body and other aspects of our life including psychological and spiritual aspects.

Our approach is explained here >>>

Check under the Services tab to view our services… New services are being launched as we launch our new website later this month (December 2019). Check back soon!

5. SHOP with us…

Our physical store and wellness centre is conveniently located on Wellington Street, Central. <See our location> 

Or visit our on line store anytime…We deliver locally in Hong Kong and out of Hong Kong as well.  <SHOP NOW>

6. Private events

We are available for corporate or private events. You can review our public events to have a sense about what we do well in.

7. Wholesale or business collaboration

Contact us for wholesale opportunities. We are known for our discerning selection of high quality unique health products. We’ve been setting the trend since 2008. We stand by our products we distribute because we use them ourselves and Bio Resonance checking and customer satisfaction has confirmed their quality for us.

Or talk to us about innovative collaboration.