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  • Date: Aug 08 2020
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Aug 08 2020


2:00 pm - 7:00 pm



Collective Healing with Breathwork & Systemic Processes

Heal deep collective wounds while healing ourselves….

As within, so without….. Healing one part of the whole is also healing the whole. Allow yourself to shift and anchor in a new elevated unity consciousness by going within over this perfect time of the “Lion’s Gate” portal, a powerful time to bring in the light.

Are you concerned about the darkness of our world? Do you sometimes feel powerless?

Grief, resentment, hurt, guilt, shame, fear……..unprocessed and unpleasant emotions and transgenerational trauma of oppression and domination are present in our collective memory/morphic field, and continuously engendering unless we are conscious enough to choose differently. As how we are now creates the future. And it does not take the majority of the humanity to rise in vibrations for the world to shift.

Imagine a dark room, it takes only one a light source to lit up an entire room. How can we be a steady source of light?

Unresolved emotions and energies, just like your last meal….need to be digested and assimilated so that the system can function healthily. To bring about empowerment, understanding and real peace individually and collectively, it only takes a small group of conscious and courageous individuals to start healing and being the light. (Yes, it does not take “everyone” to shift for the world to change for the better.)

Perhaps it is no accident that the latest development in neuroscience and psychology is towards embodiment – we must engage our body in order to really move forward.

What to expect in this session:

Powerful heart-opening processes, guided breathing journey under carefully curated music, live drumming, therapeutic essential oil, hypnotic and energy healing; transcend ordinary state of consciousness, elevate your “normal”….expect to:

  • experience emotional catharsis in a safe environment
  • gain profound insight
  • heal pre-verbal birth trauma, or even transgenerational trauma
  • develop embodiment of wisdom
  • experience non-ordinary states of consciousness of connectedness and oneness that is life-changing
This is an intimate deep healing session with very limited spots. 

There will be an optional follow-up group call to support integration.

About the facilitator:

Anita Cheung is an experienced transformation specialist since 2005, founder of iLiving (formerly i-Detox) Wellness centre in Hong Kong. Her training spans across multiple modalities including Nutrition, Bio-resonance, Breathwork and Trauma Release, Aromatherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), coaching, AFT (Aroma Freedom Technique), Family/ Systemic Constellation, to name a few. She created the unique 6-dimensional approach to total healing practised in iLiving.

As a child Anita had felt out of place with the world being intuitive and very sensitive, and with an indomitable desire to seek the truth. Her disappointment with she found in the world only strengthened her drive to heal herself and others. As she experienced her own awakening journey from her personal and professional development, she feels a deep calling to facilitate collective healing through healing and freeing individuals, one person or one group at a team through innovative experiential processes that effect profound lasting transformation.

You may read more about her here:


“I got to release some very deep trauma. And some physical pain that has been bothering me for a long time disappeared. I have been feeling light and amazing since. Added bonus: I no longer feel depressed watching the news!” – Kate Padget-Koh, artist & sustainability fashion consultant

“Anita is incredibly perceptive, compassionate, non-judgmental and truly ‘present’ in all her healing facilitations. What else distinguishes Anita and makes her so effective is the combination of her wisdom and insight; her incorporation into each constellation of such other techniques as may be helpful to the process….I have experienced profound changes after participating in workshops she has facilitated and attending private sessions. I would highly and unequivocally recommend Anita!” – Maria Gutierrez, senior corporate attorney

How is this date significant for doing inner work?
Doing the right thing at the right time….

When you do the right thing at the right time, and with intention, your results can be achieved much faster.

If you believe there is some truths to time-honoured wisdom, and you believe how the placement of the Moon and other planetary bodies have an effect on human and global affairs, you may want to know that during Full Moon is a very powerful time to access emotions for healing. And over this weekend of Full Lunar Eclipse where the Earth aligns between the Sun and the Moon, we will likely find it easier to expand our consciousness “upward” and “downward” and process more and wider polarities, and anchoring into the newer non-dual consciousness.

You can well use this opportunity to enable profound elevation of your consciousness and co-create a new world based on higher principles.

Once you have registered and pay you will receive ZOOM link. Zoom is an online video conference software that you can install on your computer or digital devices for free. You do not need to have a paid Zoom account to join.

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