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  • Date: Jun 06 2020
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Foundation of Good Health (with nutrition and essential oils)

Start your wellness journey here!

27th Oct 2015 (Tues) 10:45am – 12:45pmhealthy_eating_heart

Join the i-Detox team to this TWO-PART talk designed to equip you with practical tips to start having a healthier body and mind.

Part I: Healthy Eating 101

  • Learn the essentials about nutrition that matter most
  • Demystify common nutritional myths
  • Suggestions for eating healthy living life on speed
  • Taste healthy energy snacks

Part II: Must-Haves in Your Natural Medicine Chest

Authentic and pure essential oils are mankind’s earliest and most potent (and portable) natural medicine. They are hundred or thousand times more concentrated than dry herbs. Ancient people have survived plagues with them, have used them for first aid, for travel wellness, for personal care and house cleaning, and for heightening spiritual connection.

In one hour’s time, learn the most popular and economical essential oils for modern living for the whole family.

aromatherapy_lavender_moodYou are also welcome to bring your own essential oil to this class for comparison. 

Feedback from a past participant (from our two-hour essential oil class): “Very enlightening presentation! I have learnt a lot that I did not know as an aromatherapist of 15 years. Thank you…!” – Annemiek Burger

<If you have been to the 2-hour essential oil introduction you may skip Part II of this class.>

Venue: i-Detox

Cost: by donation (Suggested donation $100 to our selected charities!)

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