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  • Date: Jun 06 2020
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Intuition 101

In this workshop, understand the science of intuition and practise applying it and become more confident in “tuning in” to people and situations, and making better decisions in your life.


1st Feb 2017 (Thu)  7:00pm to 9:30pm


When asked about their secrets to doing the right thing at the right time, many successful people have been known to say they trust their “gut feeling” or “intuition”.

From choosing the right supplement, the right investment opportunity, to even the right partner, our intuition can play a big part in making the best choices for ourselves. Imagine you can save so much anxiety if you can trust your decisions more….no wonder Einstein said “the only valuable thing is intuition”. While most of us did not learn it in school, it’s never too late to train your intuition “muscles”. We are born with them and we just need to exercise them.

When we can connect intuitively with people and situations, when we can “sense” whether something “resonates” with us or not, we can have more synchronicities in life, we live in more “flow”, we can “attract” ideal situations easier and seem to have more “luck” in life…

In this experiential workshop we will start with a brief explanation of the scientifically verified multi-dimensional nature of our being, possible explanation on how “intuition” works, then we will engage in a few experiential exercises to practise your innate non-physical abilities that is usually defined as “intuition” and beyond.

Everyone who actively participates will be fascinated by their innate abilities.

Facilitator: Anita Cheung, founder of i-Detox

anita_headshot_roundAnita has been a holistic health practitioner since 2005. She is an avid learner and has travelled the world to learn from different teachers in a wide spectrum of healing and personal development modalities. She believes in integrating all these modalities, from the “tangible” discipline of nutrition, aromatherapy, to the “intangible” such as Bio Resonance (which involves a machine) and many energy and intuitive modalities (which does not involve a machine) such as BodyTalk, Yuen Method, AFT, EFT, Serenity Vibration Healing, among others, for the best interest of the client. She is most passionate in educating and empowering people in being and becoming the “best version” of themselves.

Personally and professionally she can attest to how tapping into her intuitive sense have benefitted her and she believes everyone can re-connect with their innate intuitive abilities if they are shown how to. In this workshop she will share tested, and fun practical exercises that can harness our ability to apply our intuition.

Read Anita’s bio here >>>

Admission energy exchange:

HK$300/per person

(Limited spaces)

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