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  • Date: Apr 23 2020
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Apr 23 2020


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


HK80 - HK320

Online Crystal Sound Bath & Guided Meditative Healing

Relax, harmonise & Reset effortlessly

Join us on this live stream event on the NEW MOON evening RESET and balance your physical and energetic bodies. (Door opens 15 mins before 7pm)

We are all literally made of sound. At the sub-atomic level everything is frequency. That understanding is also what Bioresonance (medical device from Germany) and many healing technologies are based on.

Dr Emoto has shown us how thoughts, words and sound change the molecular structure of water, and we are 70% water.

Recent researches have found that sound, light, thoughts and feelings change our DNA expression.


In this live stream session we will start with simple Yin Yoga Stretches (with Nicola Wong, certified yoga instructor), then we will move into continuous sound bath of alchemy crystal singing bowls played both both Nicola and Anita Cheung, multi-dimensional health facilitator and our founder.

In the first half of the sound bath, as you will drop into a relaxed brain wave state similar to the hypnotic state, it is the best time to receive healing and positive suggestions. With focused intentional and the power of hypnotic language, Anita will be guiding you to connect to zero point field, release what no longer serves you on the conscious and subconscious level, and facilitate deep quantum level clearing.

In the second half of the sound bath, there will be no words spoken, only healing intention held to allow for a deep integration experience. 
You can come with no intention and just to have a soothing time. You can also come with an intention to heal and receive insight in your chosen area of life and have a truly transformative experience. You may well feel like your “operating system” is “rebooted” on many levels after this. 

When your brain waves are synchronised and heart and brain are coherent, you can release old patterns, depleting emotions, limiting beliefs and set your intention for what you want to create much more effectively. Whatever comes to your life reflects you own vibration. Imagine what can become possible when you vibrate peace, gratitude, love and abundance as a default…

What participants have said about their experience:

“I have been to other sound bath before which I have enjoyed too. But getting the transformative experience with Anita’s guided meditation TOGETHER with the sound bath totally raised it to another level I never felt before… I can’t believe all happened under one hour!”
“Highly recommended. Not only did I enjoy the celestial sound of the Crystal bowls, with the combination of “The SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing)”, I experienced a deep transformational shift & healing on both cellular and soul level, and I am filled with ease & joy.”
Coming to this group session is a very affordable way to experience deep transformation that Anita’s private clients experience.
Zoom link will be emailed to all registrants. For your security, everyone must register with a valid email address. 


Nicola (Nikki) Wong is a certified Holistic Health Coach, Meditation and Yoga Teacher, Reiki Energy Healer, Serenity Vibration Healing Level One Practitioner, Sound Therapist with alchemy crystal singing bowls. 

i-Detox/iLiving founder Anita Cheung, is multi-certified in various healing and personal development modalities, including Bioresonance, Systemic Constellation, Aromatherapy, Yuen Method, Bodytalk, Spiritual Response Therapy…and she is the creator of our unique 6-dimensional body working model. 

Prepare for the best experience:

Make sure you have stable internet connection and you know how to use Zoom. Zoom link is to be emailed to you on the day. You can start checking in 15 minutes before 7pm. Find a comfortable place where you can sit and then lie down undisturbed, with headset or headphone.

Investment: HK$280 (normal price); pick a price you can afford or a price you feel this is worth on check out. 

While this session is normally HL$280 or $320 live, we would like to offer it to more who can use the benefits in this otherwise stressful time.

Please feel free to pay the amount you want. 
Due to technical limitation we can offer 4 amount options: $320, $280, $160 or $80.

If you would like to pay another amount, please contact our office. 

Investment: pick a price you can afford or a price you feel this is worth on check out. Thank you and see you on Zoom!

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