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  • Date: Mar 20 2020
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Mar 20 2020


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


HKD11 to HKD333 (approx USD1.4 to USD42.7)

Online (Spring Equinox) Breathwork & Meditation


We feel called to offer this special pay-what-you-can online session in Spring/Autumn Equinox time.

Equinox is a time of equal day and night, a perfect time for us to connect with our dual nature, to restore the balance of yin and yang, to make peace with the past and to celebrate and create a new beginning. 

What is happening in the world may have brought up a lot of “darkness” and “negativity” while the brightest light in human nature is also shining through. When unconscious it’s easy to spiral downwards. Would you like to help yourself and the world to spiral upwards instead?

Come together to resource yourself with useful somatic practices Anita uses in her private healing sessions at a price you choose. And you can replay repeatedly anytime. 

Connect with  your most powerful INNER RESOURCES.

With conscious BREATH you will be guided to connect your mind, your heart and your body. Be GROUNDED. Create SAFETY in times of uncertainty. Un-freeze, and allow stagnant energy to flow again. EXPAND your capacity instantly to increase your resilience to stress. 

Ancients have always known stuck emotions stop flow of life energy – which include your physical vitality, abundance, and everything your want to attract in your life. 

Anxious? Overwhelmed? Feel stagnant? Easily triggered? Numb? Lost the joy of life? This class is for you. 

We will end by effecting quantum level reprogramming together. Take the opportunity to create your ideal future, and join others to intend and co-create for our collective future. 

What do you need?

An hour’s time to be un-disturbed. You can sit in a comfortable chair, couch, or lie down. Dress comfortably and have something to cover yourself if needed. 

If you use essential oils, have your favourite ones ready. Authentic essential oil is another powerful resource that supports healing, visualisation and heighten our innate connection with our subconscious and superconscious mind. 

What will we do?

Short explanation on what we are going to do and why.

Practise with guided breathing and gentle somatic practises. Some may “feel” more and get activated for a while. Some may feel calm and very peaceful right from the start. If you have been following the guidance, you would feel EXPANDED eventually and in a good state to intend for the ideal outcome for your life and mostly likely have the capacity to intend for collective destiny too. 

You will come back to everyday consciousness and share about your experiences. 

Will I lose conscious control in the session?

No. You are likely to enter a meditative state but you are aware and in control. You will likely feel more grounded. You are also encouraged to stretch or move your body spontaneously to support your release and readjustment in the process. 

And this is not a Holotropic breathwork or Wim-Hof breathwork class.

Why do we offer Pay-What-You-Want pricing?

It’s we believe in energy exchange and abundance. Pay what you can afford right now and how much you would invest in yourself. The pleasure is ours in sharing this gift and we do not want to see people who really want this to not get in because they are struggling right now. As this is an on-line event, we can accommodate more than events we run in our centre. 

About the facilitator:

Anita Cheung is an experienced health practitioner and transformation specialist since 2005, founder of iLiving (formerly i-Detox) Wellness centre in Hong Kong. Her training spans across multiple modalities including Nutrition, Bio-resonance, Breathwork and Trauma Release, Aromatherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), coaching, AFT (Aroma Freedom Technique), Family/ Systemic Constellation, SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing, to name a few. She created the unique 6-dimensional approach to total healing practised in iLiving. 
You may read more about her here: https://ilivinghk.com/founder
Anita will be using a variety of techniques she has found most powerful and easily learnt by her clients for their self mastery in this session. She would like to make them available to more in this challenging time. 
Testimonials from Anita’s clients:

“Anita is an exceptionally gifted healing professional who has found her calling, which is to help people achieve their true potential – a blessing for her clients. She is incredibly perceptive, compassionate, non-judgmental and truly “present” in all her sessions and workshops…Working with her has been life changing on many levels. I would highly recommend her.”

– Maria Gutierrez, senior corporate attorney

“I have had two online healing sessions with Anita. Anita’s ability to “hold space” (even from across the world!) is profound. In the recent session…I was able to access difficult moments in my past, with a felt sensation in my body, that I have not touched since my lengthy yogic trainings. Anita’s healing facilitation is full of love, smooth and empowering…The quantum level “reprogramming” of how I see myself, my past, and the direction I am moving in now, is very practical, and have left me feeling both grounded and light. After the session, quite mind-blowing coincidences would pop up in my day-to-day life related to my recent and prior traumas. In those moments it was as if I was at the interface of creation – the humorous level of coincidence suddenly made life feel more like a game, where I see I really do have choice.

THANK YOU ANITA – you are a rare gift to the healing world! 

– Sinead Corrigan, acupuncturist, yoga and Taichi Instructor (US)

“Anita is INCREDIBLE. The first time I met her, I immediately felt safe and that I could rely on her to work with me and on me….I love the gentle, but yet firm approach she took – she helped me discover a lot about myself, even though I thought I knew everything about me already….she has showed me the way to my freedom, love, abundance and opulence with ease and grace. Please continue to do what you do Anita – your beautiful soul will always be my beacon.”

– Jennifer Lee, Legal partner (Malaysia)

Once you have registered and pay you will receive ZOOM link. Zoom is an online video conference software that you can install on your computer or digital devices for free. You do not need to have a paid Zoom account to join. 
Please note the time of the event is GMT 8am-9am 20th March (Friday) 
Prefer a Personalised Session for more privacy and customisation?
or an Integrative Healing and Breathwork Trauma Release session for one, two, a small group with our founder Anita Cheung and our team. 

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