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Natural Pet Care 101

 Be an informed pet owner and give your pets safe and natural options they deserve!


Today, pets, like their humans, are suffering from increasing rates of preventable diseases. Like humans, they are living in a stew of toxic chemicals – according to recent reports, anywhere between 80 and 100 thousand. From pet food to flea and tick preventatives, chemicals contained in them disrupt the animal’s endocrine system – and this compromises the immune and nervous system, increasing the risk of cancer, the leading cause of death in pets nowadays.

As a holistic health practitioner, Dr Catherine Cormack will empower you to be an informed pet owner, and save money and time in caring for your pets as well.

She believes one of the most fundamental ways to start promoting wellbeing and facilitate healing for your pets is to replace harmful chemicals from your pet care regimen, and replacing with natural substances.

She will also demonstrate how Bioresonance Rayonex (technology from Germany) can be used to:

– assess vaccination needs
– assess health status of various organ system of the animal
– predict potential imbalances
– support selection of appropriate food, supplements, remedies and animal care products

UntitledDr Cormack will also share options to replace chemicals with authentic essential oils which are plant extracts found in nature and SAFE ways to use these potent substances in natural daily care regime for your pets.

Date: 28th July (Saturday), 2018 

(*cut-off time for registration within 24hours)

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm

Cost: HK$ 250 (Fully convertible to pet services)



As we need to prepare ahead of time prior to the class, we would require a prepay 48 hours before the class to confirm and secure your spot. For more information about registration please contact our office number below;


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*Pet Holistic Health Check
*Pet Vaccine Status & Immunity Check


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