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  • Date: Jun 06 2020
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Can wearing make-up be actually good for your skin?

Yes if you know what to choose and how to use them…!

Our founder Anita Cheung has been using Jane Iredale “skin care make up” products for close to 10 years now.  We love them, for many reasons –

For one they are non-toxic and do not contain common skin-irritating, carcinogenic, or endocrine-disrupting chemicals. (Did you know a woman in average swallow 4 to 5 lbs of lipstick in her lifetime? And the lips are only a small area of her skin!)

Their products are made with micronized minerals, with a sophisticated color palette.

They form a very fine layer on the skin surface and look natural, and a little goes a long way also because there’s no fillers.

The minerals are inert and do not attract bacteria nor do they get absorbed into the skin.

Unlike most make-up products which clog pores and discolour the skin over long term use, these make-up products contain truly skin improving ingredients (such as moringa butter, avocado oil, essential oils, and many other herbal extracts) which improve skin quality, and also provide physical (not chemical) protection against harmful UV light by naturally reflecting light.

Jane_Iredale_Split_FaceLastly these make-up products are non-allergenic. Plastic surgeons were actually the first to recognise the benefits of their foundation and were confident enough to use it on skin that had just undergone laser resurfacing has become red and very sensitive.

Jane Iredale is a 20-year-old company and leader in mineral make-up products.

We have been using them because we know what we are paying for is quality and not so much marketing and advertising like most other make up products.

We are really excited that i-Detox is carrying the Jane Iredale range now in our store!

Join us at our Mineral Make-Up Party and experience them!

Get free colour advice by a pro too!

Our founder Anita Cheung is also a veteran image consultant with specialty in personal colour analysis.  And she will be there to help you select your make-up palette!

You can try on as many products as you want in this session. Come with make up or not.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Party!

Cost: by donation to one of selected charities  (THANK YOU!)

Note: Jane Iredale products are on display in our shop so you are welcome to come anytime to try them on too.

We only recommend you to come to one of these sessions if you want to try these with more guidance and understand how to choose your best colours with Anita.

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