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Apr 27 2019


10:00 am - 6:00 pm



Systemic (Family) Constellation Workshop

What is Systemic (and Family) Constellation and who is it for?

“Systemic Constellation” can be considered a new science that serves to bring into conscious awareness the otherwise hidden dynamics, underlying patterns, unspoken agreements, events or traumas in the bigger system the individual is a part of (such as family or organisation) that may be contributing to current challenges, through processes that facilitate resolution and personal growth. 

Originating from family therapy (thus “Family Constellation”), latest development in this work is also taking the systemic approach (with or without “constellation”) to wider application – in organisational and societal levels as well. 

The word “constellation” has nothing to do with “astrology” – the word refers to the process of making what is hidden visible in 3-dimensional space, with the use of human representatives or objects representing people, elements and concepts in the system that is being looked at from the systemic lens.

Systemic Constellation is an experiential process that can benefit anyone open to healing and personal growth. 

All of us come from our parents and are part of a system – in the family, in our country, our work place and so on. And out of all the “systems” we belong to, and the family of origin is the first system we belong to. The sum of the parts is not the same as the whole. We all carry the systems we are a part of us with us without being aware of it. 

Biologist Dr Rupert Sheldrake’s ground-breaking work on “morphic field” (a kind of collective memory and information field shared by the same species) explains the probable workings of the phenomena observed in Systemic Constellation work. 

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, believes 50% of root cause of illnesses can be addressed with this method.

(Read more below about the Science of Constellation)

Systemic Constellation can help uncover root causes of unexplained/recurring challenges that have not been helped with obvious means, including but not limited to:

  • Physical health challenges
  • Mood disorders
  • Relationship challenges
  • Lack of motivation and self sabotage
  • Challenges in business and/or teams
  • Financial difficulties
  • Ending generational destructive patterns
  • Exploring business potentials
  • Societal issues

Systemic (Family) Constellation was first developed by the German psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger in the late 1980s and has continued to evolve and has been used successfully to resolve deep issues not resolved through conventional reductionistic psychotherapy.

The principles in Systemic (Family) Constellation have nothing to do with morals, but they have emerged from what has shown up again and again in many constellation processes facilitated.

For example, exclusion of family members in the family (e.g.“black sheep” in the family, divorce, given away for adoption, unacknowledged abortion, miscarriages, suicides, etc) may cause an imbalance and a misplaced identification by someone in the family system whether they have met or not, and sometimes generations later. We call the phenomenon entanglement.

Another cause of entanglement on the intuitive and transgenerational level can be that of victim and perpetrator – on the personal even national level. The observations from thousands of constellations seem to confirm the laws of “karma” as well, without the determinism.

Renowned Biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic field and morphic resonance theory that explains the flock behaviours such as that of fish and birds and across animals can explain how family constellation works. This is a short explanation:

Numerous studies on trans-generational trauma have shown us that we may not just inherit physical attributes but also emotional patterns and imprints from our ancestors’ experiences.

For example the grand children of the Holocaust, even though they did not experience the Holocaust events, suffer from higher rates of PTSD. Experiments of trans-generational trauma performed on rats have revealed mind-blowing repetition of patterns and responses to stress across generations after the initial trauma.

German origin Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., PhD, who is renowned for treating difficult health cases (patients who “have tried everything”) places Family Constellation accounting of 50% the root cause. (The 5 levels of Healing approach he practises underlies Eastern medicine such as Tibetan, Chinese, Ayurvedic medicine and yogic tradition of healing which are all SYSTEMIC.) This recording explains how he would for example treat autistic children not just addressing heavy metal and EMF stresses but also by Family Constellation:

Our 6-dimensional healing approach is similar to Dr Klingdhart’s approach.


Just as physical symptoms in our body call our attention to look at the root causes and to restore balance, challenges in our family/organisation/society system can call our attention to look at what might be out of balance until balance is restored.

This is why people who go through the Systemic (Family) Constellation with openness can experience profound shifts in many areas in their lives that they may not even have expected. Unexplained blockages dissolve, destructive behaviours such as addiction, suicidal thoughts, etc change; more clarity emerges, as one dissolve the deeper causes for their challenges.

Some concrete examples include long lost family member reached out to connect “from nowhere”, long time stuck situations in business resolved naturally, serious illness healed against all odds…

Those who have experienced Systemic (Family) Constellation often find the experiential process fascinating, profound or profoundly touching, and the insights they gain from the experience surprisingly and spot on.

Systemic (Family) Constellation is an experiential and somatic process. It usually takes place in a group with about 10 (or can be more) participants sitting in a circle. The process begins where the client, after presenting their issue, invite the participants to represent members of his/her family or system (and they can accept or decline). The client then places intuitively each chosen person inside the circle. After everyone is placed, the client takes a seat and observes. The representatives begin to feel like the people or elements they are representing and providing information that otherwise is inaccessible. The facilitator may also invite representatives and decide together with the client what elements to be represented. 

The facilitator would guide the client to witness and acknowledge what emerges. Specific resolution sentences are used. Words are sometimes optional. The connection and shift takes place beyond the superficial level. 

An effective Constellation facilitator is compassionate, intuitive and yet neutral. Their role is to “hold space” for what shows up and guides the client to acknowledge what is asking to be acknowledged from the bigger system. Constellation work is positively life-changing when facilitated with neutrality and humility.

Systemic (Family) Constellation can also be a healing and enlightening experience for those who are in representative roles. They are chosen intuitively for having similar “resonance” with what they represent and the facilitated processes often touch them on a deeper level as well. 

Anyone who has been a Systemic (Family) Constellation representative will tell you that as they step into their place in the Constellation and just trust “the field”, they start to sense movement and urges that are not their own, while they are fully conscious. Whatever that asks for completion and resolution is information in “the field”. 

To be able to tap into the morphogenic field or the Knowing Field is our innate ability, it’s similar to the ability to sense someone is staring at us from our back, or the telepathic experience of thinking about calling someone and they call. Pet owners are often amazed how their pets seem to know they are coming home long before they are physically at the door. Dr Sheldrake’s works explains these phenomena and more.

Bert Hellinger calls the attitude in practising true Systemic & Family Constellation “an attitude to life” and he believes if everyone in the world did just one Constellation, there would be world peace. In fact he was nominated for Nobel Prize for Peace.

The Systemic Constellation method is also being used in the business and non-profit organisations, in resolving underlying issues such as succession, trauma and transformation. It is also increasingly used in business in, for example, testing market response, in guiding best decisions, in periodic “organisational health check”. (And this is what our founder has been using.)

For entrepreneurs and business owners, it has been found their connection to their family of origin and hidden entanglements to the systems they belong to (such as cultural roots and society) can have profound impact on their success and fulfillment.

Constellation is being successfully applied in looking into root causes of health challenges and in bringing about life-changing healing as well. 

However, the “systemic awareness” is useful in solving problems and in personal growth, whether a “constellation” is performed or not. 

Our founder and resident systemic work and constellation facilitator applies the “systemic” attitude towards her coaching and healing work, with or without “constellating”.

Anita has been trained globally with systemic work and family constellation masters operating in a wide spectrum of working styles. Anita discovered her intuitive gifts and a systemic thinking that was perhaps “too early” in her early life, in which she learnt to turn inward, and developed an early interest to philosophy and psychology. However it was after working 10+ years in fashion that she finally underwent her career/life transformation following her life purpose in wellness and personal development. Anita started coaching and health consulting professionally in 2005 and founded i-Detox in 2008 which preceded iLiving. Her specialty and passion is in supporting change and transformation, and her approach is inevitably integrative, bringing together the many tools in her tool box that support evolution.  

Date & Time

27th April 2019 (Saturday)


The workshop is limited to 14 participants, out of which there are 4 spots for individual constellation. There will be no “Observer only” spots like in some other Constellation workshops because there will be group exercises using “systemic” approach without going into a full constellation, and everyone can work on their own issues and gain insights as long as they participate.

Participation without being  a “case holder” may appeal to individuals who are not ready to reveal private details or those who are new to this work, or any who does not have a specific “problem” but would like to experience “the field”. All past participants have found that they benefitted even without being a “case holder”.  

The workshop will end with an energy balancing guided SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing) meditation with crystal bowl sound bath.

Where: i-Detox/iLiving​

Always Get Good Vibes at the iLiving healing space...

Our event space and consultation rooms are carefully shielded from external electro-magnetic radiation with special EMF shielding curtain from Germany. We also enhance internally with Bioresonance Rayonex Duplex IV biofield forming device that amplifies beneficial frequencies that neutralise the negative effects of electro-magnetic fields generated as an inevitable part of office operation and any possible geopathic stresses. Our space is designed to be conducive to meditative and healing work. 

Private Sessions

In private sessions the facilitator tunes in as representative and objects are used to represent people or elements.

Private 1.5 H (approx) Constellation sessions are available with Anita. Please book directly with us. 

Should you join the workshop or book a private session?

You can do either or both. Both are powerful and experiential. Many prefer group workshops in the sense that they are also getting the benefit by observing or participating in others’ constellations. Plus the workshops consist of somatic exercises for everyone to gain insight on issues of their choosing. 

Full Day Systemic Constellation Workshop:

HK$800 per person/day
Being a case-holder (4 spots)
Additional HK$1000 (i.e. Total you pay $1800)

Never experienced this work before? Come to an Introduction >>

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Systemic Family Constellation Full Day Workshop

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Systemic Family Constellation Full Day Workshop

Participate with own case

Available Tickets: 4
The Systemic Family Constellation Full Day Workshop ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.

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