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The Peace Process Training – A Powerful Skillset for Minimising Stress and Clearing Psychological / Emotional Blocks

25th Oct, 2015 (Sun) 

10am to 4:30pm 


Presented by psychotherapists Susan Kwok and Sherman Ng

Do you know that some of your physical symptoms and emotional issues are due to imbalance in different organs caused by psychological/emotional blocks? Do you want to learn a proven process to manage stress and improve your emotional & physical health?

This workshop is at the cutting edge of stress reduction, offering a powerful blend of cognitive and emotional behaviour training and clinically-proven scientific techniques to manage stress and clear psychological and emotional blocks in the most challenging circumstances.

Focused on the latest evidence based research from the fields of Neuroscience, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Psychonueroimmunology and Positive Psychology, participants recognise whether they are floundering or flourishing and how to make beneficial changes in their lives.

In the second half of the workshop, participants will have an opportunity to experience a Wellness Assessment utilizing state-of-the-art Bio Communication technology which can pinpoint specific organ/s which have psychological and emotional blocks. From there, they can use the results of the assessment to practice The Peace Process to clear the blocks, thereby improving their physical and emotional wellness.

Each participant would receive a biofeedback wellness assessment (worth HK$500).

Course Outline

Understanding Psychological Competence

– What is Psychological Competence?

– Managing stress with Psychological Competence

– How do you really manage stress?

– Making peace with stress

– Reconnecting Your Inner Landscape

– The Anatomy of Peace: Senses, Emotions, Thoughts and Behaviour

– The 5 core skills: Disengage, Observe, Feel, Think and Do

– The Peace Process: A 4-step process

– Personal Wellness Assessment, Restoration and Rejuvenation

– Monitoring stress blockages before they develop into stress related diseases

– How to clear emotional and stress blockages?

– Learn to nurture and maintain your health and wellbeing using natural products and practices

– Decision support system to adequately restore and rejuvenate your overall health and wellbeing


HK$1600 per person or HK$1300 per person when two or more people register together


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