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  • Date: Jun 29 2020
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4/F, 31 Hollywood Road, Central, HK
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Jun 29 2020


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm



Vibrational Sound Bath & Guided Meditation (Abundance & Flow)

Relax, harmonise & Reset effortlessly

We are all literally made of sound. At the sub-atomic level everything is frequency. That understanding is also what Bioresonance (medical device from Germany) and many healing technologies are based on.

Modern consciousness studies have shown us how thoughts, words and sound change the physical world, such as lowering crime rate, changing molecular structure of water (and we are 70% water and the planet is also), and our cells. 

Sound, light, thoughts and intention change our DNA expression. 

In this session we will be using Yin Yoga stretching (with Nicola Wong, certified yoga instructor), sound vibrations of alchemy crystal singing bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, words and focused intention.
Anita Cheung, multi-dimensional health facilitator and our founder will be leading a guided meditation, connecting to zero point field, facilitating deep quantum level clearing making this a truly transformative experience. You will feel like your “operating system” is “rebooted” on all levels.

When your brain waves are synchronised, you can release old patterns, limiting beliefs and set your intention for what you want to create much more effectively. Whatever comes to your life reflects you own vibration. Imagine what can become possible when you vibrate peace, gratitude, love and abundance as a default…


What participants have said about their experience:

“I have been to other sound bath before which I have enjoyed too. But getting the transformative experience with Anita’s guided meditation TOGETHER with the sound bath totally raised it to another level I never felt before… I can’t believe all happened under one hour!”
“Highly recommended. Not only did I enjoy the celestial sound of the Crystal bowls, with the combination of “The SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing)”, I experienced a deep transformational shift & healing on both cellular and soul level, and I am filled with ease & joy.”
Coming to this group session is a very affordable way to experience deep transformation that Anita’s private clients experience.
Note on “doing the right thing at the right time”:

The Universe and us share a common electro-magnetic nature. The Universe and our body system is holographic. Ancients have observed the principle “as above so below” and wisdom has been gleaned on “doing the right things at the right time” based on planetary alignment and this is so that we can have maximum efficiency and flow. The most common is observing the moon phases as the moon is closest to us (and we already know our tidal cycle and especially women’s monthly cycle are closely tied to moon phases for example.) Other planets that farther from us and slower moving can affect us and world affairs in more subtle ways or affect us in longer cycles than the moon phases for example. This systemic and holistic understanding underlies the I-Ching and other texts of ancient wisdom. 

If you believe knowing about the meaning of planetary alignment to help you set intention to get the most out of your life, we are happy to share that this is likely to be a good day for setting intentions as the moon is in a Waxing Crescent phase. In this time of Venus retrograde and moon in Gemini, matters of the heart and relationship matters may come up, communications require our attention, and it is also a time one may feel confused, pulled in two directions, and lacking clarity. It is a good time to centre and connect with your inner wisdom. It is a good time to consciously consider our challenges and use the experiences to help us set new intentions for the future. 


i-Detox/iLiving founder Anita Cheung, multi-certified in various healing and personal development modalities, including Bioresonance, Systemic Constellation, Aromatherapy, Yuen Method, Bodytalk, Spiritual Response Therapy…..will systematically guide you through clearing and releasing on multiple levels from physical to ancestral and collective consciousness.

Nikki Wong is a certified Holistic Health Coach, Meditation and Yoga Teacher, Reiki Energy Healer, Serenity Vibration Healing Level One Practitioner, Sound Therapist with alchemy crystal singing bowls.

Where: i-Detox/iLiving

Always get Good Vibes at the i-Detox/iLiving healing space…

Our space is carefully shielded from external electro-magnetic radiation with special EMF shielding curtain from Germany. We also enhance internally with Bioresonance Rayonex Duplex IV biofield forming device that amplifies beneficial frequencies that neutralise the negative effects of electro-magnetic fields generated as an inevitable part of office operation and any possible geopathic stresses. You are simultaneously receiving a Bioresonance harmonising session when you are in this Sound Bath session! Please turn off your digital devices or disable blue tooth function for your best benefit when participating in this session.

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