Hormone Balancing (with Essential Oils and Supplements)

This is one of our most popular talks…featuring guest speaker Frances Fuller, held at Young Living Hong Kong office

Recommended for men and women who:

– find it hard to lose weight
– want more energy and vitality
– want to improve reproductive health
– improve sleep quality
– want to slow down aging
– overcome hormone related conditions or lower risks of common degenerative diseases (osteoporosis, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, cancer etc)
– are interested in optimizing overall wellbeing

20th May, 2014 (Tue)  7pm to 9pm

Hormones direct every metabolic function in our body and have a very crucial role to play in our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Hormone imbalance (and drop of hormone levels as we age) increase the risk of many diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, oesteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes etc.

Environmental toxins and our food and personal care products contain hormone disrupting substances that are known to be hormone disrupting, thus negatively affecting our wellbeing, including energy level, emotional state, nerve functions, reproductive functions, blood sugar levels, weight and so on.


Frances Fuller was a competitive swimmer in her teens.  She developed hypothyroidism then and was medicated, which led to other hormone related diseases and she was put on increasing medications.  After being a maths teacher for decades, she retrained to be a healer and massage therapist in her fifties. It was then that she discovered that chemicals in the swimming pool damage the thyroid.  She studied applied aromatherapy and different modalities of healing.  Over the years of practising what she has learnt, she has overcome her health issues including hypothyroidism, endometriosis, IBS, diabetes, asthma and so on, and she is off ALL medications since her 60’s.  Her vision improved with essential oils and supplements so much she no longer needed her reading glasses in her late 60s.  She injured her back at age 68 and was told she could never walk again by seven doctors.  She walked again in a week with the care at Nova Vita clinic, using only Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils and supplements.  In her 70’s now, Frances travels through Asia to share her passion of the healing potential of therapeutic essential oils, and is a “walking miracle” of healing possibility.  She shares authentically from first hand experience and her vast experience in guiding others to attain vibrant health at whatever stage of their life.

Feedbacks from past participants:

“I am pleasantly surprised that my menstruation has returned!…” – N. R. (age over 50)

“My uterine cysts have led me to a long journey of healing.  While I am sure my change of diet and doing the i-Detox program has made a positive difference and has provided me a foundation of good health, mycysts were not really shrinking without the use of synthetic hormone (contraceptive).  As soon as I got off it, they would grow back.  After coming to the talk, I started incorporating Young Living natural hormone balancing oils and supplements to my regime of healthy diet, stress management and acupuncture, that was when I saw a dramatic difference!
I am glad I am balancing my hormones without worry of side effects from synthetics.” – Winnie Lo (PhD)”

Venue: Young Living Hong Kong office

Room 1702, 17/F East Exchange Tower
38 Leighton Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Cost: FREE

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