Raindrop Therapy Testimonials

What Health Professionals Say about Receiving and Giving Raindrop Therapy

“I am a certified  aromatherapist and have administered approximately 40 Raindrop Treatments.  Each and every client has stated Raindrop to be effective at alleviating muscle and nerve pain.  Not one client has found this to be otherwise.  Many have come back wanting to purchase the oils because Raindrop was so effective at ridding cold symptoms, back pain, and in one case, severe sciatica.  There has been no burning or reddening of tissue when the oils were applied neat, and then diluted a minute or two afterwards.”

– Certified Aromatherapist, Alberta, Canada


“In 25 years as a health professional I can certainly testify to some dangerous things I’ve witnessed.  I do not count the Raindrop Technique as one of them.  Education is definitely important. I was not foolish enough to do Raindrop without training.  I do not consider my two extensive days of training my only training, but the many hours of study and my own personal oil use and that of my family’s as important ground work as well. I have looked for many years to find something that is complementary to my beliefs.  I do not pretend to be an aromatherapist, just as I did not pretend to be a pharmacist when I used to take an Advil or a cold preparation.  I would never be questioned if I used or gave friends or family an Advil. So why would helping those I care about using Raindrop or oils be a threat to anyone. The reality is that Advil has been more harmful than any oil I have used.”

– Registered Nurse, Oregon


“I had thyroid cancer, and in seven months, with colon cleansing, chinese wolfberry, and Raindrop Technique, the doctor couldn’t find it any longer!”

– Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician, Florda


“I have had Raindrop four times, and it improved my vision with the first session.  I felt relaxed, with a feeling of peace and serenity.  Other Raindrop sessions took pain away from my shoulder areas and assisted in the alignment of my spine.  I have only had wonderful positive results from this technique.”

– Certified Reflexologist and Iridologist, Maryland


“After years of upper body pain and difficulty breathing I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Lyme disease and stress.  Since using the oils I rarely have had pain or hard time getting a full breath. I have received two Raindrops, and both times it was by someone who was brand new at doing it.  I still had positive results.  I am hoping others in my area will desire to practice this so I can receive more treatments.  It’s terrific.”

– Relieved in Michigan

<The above personal sharings are quoted from “A Statistical Validation of Raindrop Technique” by David Steward, PhD. He conducted a survey in 2001 by circulating a questionnaire to thousands of health practitioners who have a combined experience base of more than 14,000 sessions of Raindrop Therapy.  422 responses were returned to him and the book is a summary of the responses he received.>

What Some of Our Clients have found Raindrop Technique


“I found that the Raindrop oils can immediately stop my daughter’s dripping mucus within 10 minutes – perhaps 10 minutes is too long – the shortest time I have seen was within two minutes!  

She has got flu six times in the past few months. With a congested nose, sniffling and constant dripping of mucus, she could not sleep well and it does not help at all for her healing.  But now I have my newly acquired skill of the Raindrop technique to help her. I can testify that every time I put those oils on her feet, her sniffling and mucus just stopped IMMEDIATELY without any use of medicine. Usually after I applied the fifth oil of Raindrop oils, she would tell me, “My runny nose is gone–just coughing now. The oils help me”. Then she could sleep through the night. That means the effect of the oil can last for the whole night.  The next morning, I put oils on her again.  If she is really sick (like last time, she threw up for two nights and could eat or drink almost nothing), I also cut open the Inner Defense and rub on her feet every two hours also, I use Immupower. I may diffuse Thieves too. The oils really help especially when my daughter has an upset stomach or runny nose. 

Now with the oils, I do not need to wake up many times of the night to pacify a sick and crying child. In the past, I used to give her warm bath at 3 in the morning!!!

Now, my daughter would lay down patiently for a longer period of time to enjoy her oils. She can name her favourite oils — Valor and Cedarwood and the Raindrop oils. I am so glad that Anita and i-Detox has introduced me the oils. Thank you very much!”

– Vicky Chan

<Vicky has also helped her mother who was in the hospital with Raindrop oils to improve her immunity and speed recovery.  Vicky has not taken the practitioners’ training, only the free DIY class and has used Raindrop oils mainly on the feet.>


“I was first introduced to Raindrop Therapy when I was going through a lot physical and emotional challenges, all happening in a very short period of time.

I had a back problem.  Physio and chiropractic did not help and at  the end I had to opt for surgery.  And I fell ill continuously.  Although the major pain was removed after the surgery, I still had to face discomforts and more anxiety and fear I  had about my condition, and the pain seemed to linger and come back.  I was also very cranky and impatient as I was extremely frustrated with my conditions.  

When I received my first RDT, it felt like pure RELIEF.   It wasn’t the “knot” easing type of vigorous massage but after the treatment I felt lighter as if something heavy has been lifted off from me.  I also loved the the warm compress at the end which felt like a divine embrace.  It was  certainly refreshing and relaxing.

I would say it was such a wonderful pain releasing experience both mentally and physically that I had the capacity to be NICE to others around me again.  

I have been looking for an opportunity to learn Raindrop Therapy (I first learnt about it in Japan).  I am glad to see that it’s now available in Hong Kong.  I think this therapy would be very beneficial  to have as a personal skill in order to heal yourself  and any family members (especially elderly members with aches and pains!).  There are times you cannot get professional treatments or find the therapist who can help you but you need to do something about it.  Or your loved one is in the hospital and you want to help but feel helpless  – having this type of skill where you can give yourself and others the hands-on care will definitely be a great asset.  I am very excited to be taking the training! 

– Naoki Monako


“When I applied the first oil on my feet, I already felt the quads and lower back relax and as I layered, the aroma of the soothing oils relaxed my mind.  After the class, the weight I used to feel on all of the lower hip area, hip flexor, and legs felt ‘cotton light,’ and I felt I could stand taller, with better posture and at ease.

I slept really well last night.  When I got up this morning, my back, sit-bone area (which tends to get tight because of the sedentary job I have), shoulders all felt lighter. I still feel the feet light now.” 

– Shilla Takaoka

(Shilla attended a free DIY Raindrop class)

“From my personal experience, I have been absolutely thrilled with the Raindrop Massage Therapy. It is an accessible therapy always at hand at home. 

Having had an ACL Resconstruction on my left knee in 2007 after a skiing accident, I usually find the need to visit my Osteopath in England every quarter for realignment of my knee. My knee often goes out of alignment when I sometimes drag heavy luggage etc or just forgetting to bend my legs when lifting something heavy. The Raindrop Massage Oils which I have labelled “Osteopathy in a Bottle” is very helpful indeed in realigning my whole skeletal body. I know that my knee and hips are always realigned again after my Raindrop Massage. I have to admit that the therapeutic effects of the Raindrop Massage is much more beneficial and remains in your body for much a longer time than a regular massage at the spa. (And there is practically no manipulation.)

I enjoyed a very deep SLEEP after my Raindrop Session without fail and I always feel refreshed in the morning. This is what I experience to be my detox/healing experience. 

Another great detoxification experience was very recent. I was feeling rather bloated as I was having a lot of water retention in my body. My fingers and toes were all swollen to the extent that I could not wear my rings. After my Raindrop Session, my fingers and toes went back to its original size and I was able to wear my rings again. The frequent visits to the toilet reflect the way my body is detoxifying the toxins in my body. 

I have had my doubts about using the Raindrop Therapy before.  I can only say that for anyone who has not experienced it first hand, I would highly recommend that they go ahead and have a session.”

– Nora Rough

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