Dairy & Nut Free Yoghurt


3 cups young coconut flesh

½ to 1 cup young coconut water

2 capsules of high quality probiotics (e.g. Super 8 or Ultrabiotic 45)
How to make:

1. To open a young coconut: Hold it upright and insert a sharp knife at a 45-degree angle about 5 cm from the top.  Work the knife around the coconut and “pop” off the ‘lid’, keeping the coconut upright to avoid spilling the water.  Remove the water first by pouring it out.  Then scoop out the flesh with a spoon.

2. Blend the coconut flesh and add in the coconut water slowly.  Blend until desired texture of “yogurt”.

3. For a higher fat variation, simply add in virgin coconut oil when you blend, or use mature coconut meat.

4. To have the probiotic health benefit of yogurt, empty one to two probiotic capsule to the mix.

5. Serve this truly healthy yogurt with fresh berries or broken down Stephen James “Beauty Bar” or “Berry Bar”. 


Note: A good probiotic supplement should contain bacteria found in human gut.  They are much more effective for human than the bacteria found in cow’s or goat’s guts.

This is one of the recipes covered in our popular Healthy Fast Food For Busy People class and tasting.