Goji Lemonade

Makes about 4 x 8oz glasses

This is a superfood elixir and definitely healthier than soda, tastes great and is diabetic friendly!  We love to serve it at parties.  The Goji berry (Wolfberry) has been known to the Chinese for centuries as the longevity fruit.  It is known for its liver and kidney supporting properties.  Organic goji has about 100 times more total antioxidants compared to carrots.  This “lemonade” is therefore extremely high in antioxidants and may reverse damage from partying! Lemon juice balances goji as lemon has very high vitamin C content (when fresh) while goji is not particularly high in vitamin C but high in other antioxidants.  Organic goji berries are also very high in chromium and have corrective effect on blood sugar.

The Ningxia Red Goji Juice is a very potent juice made from puree of Ningxia Goji Berries, various high antioxidant juices and therapeutic quality essential oil from the rind of various citrus.  It is also great tasting treat to satisfy those among us with a sweet tooth!

8 oz Ningxia Red Goji Juice*

2 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice (or to taste)

12 oz soda water or filtered water

pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt

Mix all ingredients in a jar, stir and serve chilled.

Peruvian Harvest Yacon Syrup may be added if additional sweetness is desired.