Serious Disease Support

Slide1Over the years, we have had distressed family and friends of those with serious illnesses coming to us for advice and support.

While we are not a medical practice and do not diagnose or treat diseases, we have always been an advocate of self care and a state of wellness. 

States of the non-physical level is usually not the focus of conventional medicine because these are regarded as hard to measure or too “subjective”.

However when the body manifests a disease, whether small or serious, is its mechanism in restoring balance. The physical level is the densest and last level that imbalances manifest. It is therefore worth looking into what has contributed to imbalances above the physical levels. <Refer to “5 Levels of Healing” developed by Dr Klinghardt, MD, PhD to understand more this concept>

Sometimes one looks for support when conventional medicine has little left to offer, or when one has decided to not take conventional treatment options or when one has reached the last stage of life.

How they have helped themselves? For example, pain perception can be reduced by breathing and by essential oil massage and inhalation, as pain is perceived in our limbic system, where olfaction is directly experienced. Supporting the body’s detoxification functions through nutrition, supplements, Bio-resonance can reduce burden of the body and can be undertaken alongside medical treatments with medical supervision. Bio-resonance can also be used to reduce the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs without intervening with treatments.

Emotionally and mentally, letting go of suppressed emotions, completion with family and loved ones, finding inspiration to be joyful can greatly improve mood and will to live. The active (non religious) prayer modality Serenity Vibration Healing (SVH) we practice as well as other techniques and tools we use have made tangible difference for the clients. Many of the techniques we use can be learnt by anyone willing to learn.

Whether the “terminally ill” survives their illness or not, the most important focus for them and their loved ones is to be in a state of “neutrality” (which does not equal to “giving up”). Fear and resistance places an enormous burden on the body’s nervous system and immune system. Diagnosis of a serious illness in itself sets off the “nocebo” effect. Many progressive doctors and health practitioners have illustrated that siting many studies or referring to their own clinical experiences.

The energy put in “fighting” can be much better utilised for “healing”. A change of wording and perspective can contribute to the state of neutrality which is conducive to (sustainable and long-term) healing.

Even for “healthy people” it is not always easy to maintain a neutral frame of mind. Someone who is sick requires a lot of compassionate mind body healing support to experience love and gratitude (crucial emotional states that are known to trigger the most powerful healing responses). Those caring for them also require a lot of the same. Their stress adds to the stress of the patient and can block them from connecting to their own intuition.

It’s never too late to learn how to manage and transform stress. Afterall, stress is the number one cause of disease.

Intense emotions are often experienced making it challenging to make the best decisions or to maintain neutrality. However the most enormously distressful times (including the ending of life) can also offer the most profound bonding and healing opportunities for all concerned.

We can say this because we have personally witnessed it.

We are selective in taking on clients with serious illnesses because of the intensity of the demand. We would always prefer to work with those who would like to be proactive about their health. But if you think we can be of support, contact us to discuss your needs to see if we may be a good fit, or we can refer to practitioners in our network.