Breathwork for Healing and Self Discovery

Expand Inner Resource | Powerful Multi-Dimensional Healing | Private or Group

When we cannot journey outward, why not journey inward and explore your amazing inner space for your multi-dimensional healing?

Use your breath your most powerful resource to experience expanded awareness and transmute old energies.

Let this session resource you to more effectively release and transform uncomfortable feelings and subconscious memories that has been weighing you down. Many have found this experience to access what other forms of therapy do not reach.

Reported Benefits

This session is a synergistic combination of various techniques practised in meaningful sequence:

What to Expect

You are carefully and safely held and guided to experience yourself in sensations, in accessing body memories.

When one is ready to, this process often helps to release pre- post- natal and generally pre-verbal trauma which may be affecting us at our deepest core belief level, which often cannot be accessed by talk therapy and coaching alone. (e.g. an underlying expectation to “struggle”, to not meet one’s needs, to expect the world is hostile, to expect to fail…..)

With regular practice, you can rewrite your perception about life on the most fundamental level.

Each session is a unique inner “journey”.


Unsure if this practice appropriate for you? We are more than happy to speak with you to answer any questions before you sign up to your first session with us.

Common Questions:

1. Will I lose conscious control in this session?

You may experience moments that are similar to hypnosis and you are aware and in control, and this experience is often described by participants as more grounding because of its somatic nature, meaning you are engaging your body and sensations.

2. Is there contraindication in participating in this session?

Everybody has to breathe and what you will learn in this session will benefit everyone.

However please take full responsibility in your participation.

And please inform us if you have following conditions ahead of time so we can offer you more guidance for adaptation.

  • Cardiovascular conditions including angina, heart attack, high blood pressure, aneurisms etc
  • Recent surgery or injury
  • Retina detachment or glaucoma
  • Mental illness
  • History of panic attacks or psychosis
  • You are pregnant or are breast-feeding
  • Note: we make no claims that this practice can replace cognitive therapy or other therapies as recommended by your trusted health practitioner. Please consult your doctor if in doubt.
3. Will I get the same experience doing this class on Zoom?

Most would prefer the impact of practising it in person with a group, but some may find practising alone in a safe space more private and less distracting.

If the in-person class or private healing is accessible to you, we recommend you to experience it in person. However participants who have joined on Zoom have also got value. We recommend for better sound experience, you call in with whatsapp call and mute the sound from Zoom. 

4. Will I get support in processing the experience afterwards?

Certainly. You may want to schedule additional 15 mins to process your experience at the end of the session. While the session includes integration phase, if you would like to talk about your experience and ask question, we welcome you to stay on and do so. You may also want to write down your insights in a journal or draw afterwards.

More testimonials:

Dr. Sinéad Corrigan, USA

Anita’s approach is the most potent, powerful, and multidimensional I have experienced worldwide

And I have attended breathwork circles in San Francisco, LA, Tel Aviv etc. Anita has an artful ability to shift consciousness with her words, the music, and the class structure. It is very rare that I meet a person like her who is truly able to guide me to a “new place” inside my psyche on a regular basis, even in remote format. I find that after each class, I have new ideas, a release of emotion, and an overall greater clarity. I highly recommend Anita’s Breathwork Healing Journeys for personal and collective integration of pain, trauma, and conscious evolution.

Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Qigong and Yoga Instructor

Session Duration:

90 mins

Energy Exchange:

Suggested US44

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Who is the facilitator?

Anita Cheung is an experienced health practitioner and transformation specialist since 2005, founder of iLiving (formerly i-Detox) Wellness centre in Hong Kong.

In terms of breathwork facilitation, her work has been mainly informed by Biodynamic Breathwork for Trauma Release, Shamanic Breathwork and Therapeutic Breathwork where she has been trained in. She incorporates what she has observed to work best for herself and most people and her understanding in healing facilitation.

Apart from Breathwork, Anita’s wellness and transformation training spans across multiple modalities including also Nutrition, Bio-resonance, Aromatherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), coaching, AFT (Aroma Freedom Technique), Family/ Systemic Constellation, various energy healing modalities and somatic awareness and healing facilitation.

She created the unique 6-dimensional approach to total healing practised in iLiving.

Anita’s fascination with the power of breath started before she became a health and personal development professional. Around 2000, she first experienced how changing her breathing pattern healed her chronic adult onset asthma. Subsequently she has also learnt just as one diet does not fit all people and all situation, so does breathing method. She has studied (and is continuing studying) different breathing methods and their effect on people with different body type and trauma holding pattern, and how breathwork synergises with other techniques for creating best results for healing and consciousness evolution.

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