Practical Aromatherapy

Enjoyable and Effective Self Care Tool

Most of us know about the “aroma” part of “aromatherapy”, but do you know how you can use the “therapy” part of “aromatherapy”?

Do you know how you can use therapeutic essential oils as natural “anti-histamine” (for allergies), “antibiotic” and “painkiller” with NO side effects?  Not to say they can work much faster.

When the essential oil is truly pure, authentic and potent, they work like traditional herbal medicine, just many times more potent, without common contaminants like heavy metals.

Most essential oils have “adaptogenic” qualities. Much like many superfoods, they can raise our metabolic baseline and increase our resilience to physical and emotional stress when used in effective dosage.

Our Approach to Aromatherapy

Most people think about essential oils in the context of room fragrance, skin care, home-made soap and massage.  While essential oils can certainly be used for those functions, and most aromatherapy classes and books advocate these usages, there is more to aromatherapy than what is taught in the “English Model” of aromatherapy (prevalent in the English speaking world), which is what aromatherapists are trained in.

At iLiving, we take an integrative approach to self care and we focus on empowering you to take better care of yourself.  Our classes are brought to you with this in mind and  focuses on practical and therapeutic use of essential oils as nature’s medicine (for the mind and body).  We also provide a selection of books on aromatherapy from different models of aromatherapy to help you get started with integrating essential oils into your life.

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