Serenity Vibration Healing (SVH)

Upgrade Your Personal Operating System

Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique is an approach to clear and balance the consciousness information field. 

It directly interfaces with the Higher Self and Creator consciousness of the individual, to identify and reformat all seeds and root causes of challenges lodged within the many levels of consciousness. It can be likened to a scientific way to “pray” or give “directives” to one’s ultimate “operating system”.

SVH was first introduced to the world by Jill Marie in 2001, and since then it’s been practiced by thousands of practitioners across 20 countries.

SVH works with people with any religious or spiritual faith, as there is only one ultimate “Source” whatever name we call it.

It is a modality that we have found to address any issue from the highest and most subtle yet powerful level. (See our systemic approach here >>>)

Clients of our founder’s SVH session can feel the effect or see the before and after effect with Bioresonance assisted demonstration.

The SVH process needs to be experienced and is impossible to “understand” with the limiting mind. It is really for those who are open to connecting to The Source to restore their sovereignty and manifest their ideal life, to facilitate personal healing and/or even to assist in collective awakening. 

Dr Emoto’s water crystal experiment, epigenetics research (explained well by Dr Bruce Lipton in his influential book “The Biology of Belief”), Greg Braden’s work etc have shown us an empowering way to look at how we are the co-creator of our life and that we are not victim of random circumstances. 

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s ground-breaking work on “morphic field” explains how our intention and thoughts extends far beyond our brain and heart, across time and space, just as the magnetic field extends far beyond the magnet. 

Our words and intention carry vibrational frequencies that affect the expression of our DNAs, just as the food we eat gives information to our DNA. Focused intent has been shown in many scientific research to cause physiological shift, such as synchronising heart rate between people. Prayers and meditation (regardless of religious beliefs) have been shown to cause positive shifts for us on many levels. (Check out “Feeling is the Prayer” by scientist Greg Braden)

The principle of SVH is based on the premise that our consciousness is like a “cosmic computer”, but the programmes in it were mostly not consciously put in by us. If we could give the “maker of our cosmic computer” clear directives, with guidance, training, and practice, we can edit our genetic data and give new instructions, clear suppressive imprints, replace old programming, put in shields etc…

SVH takes Law of Attraction to a completely new level.  SVH complements with any other healing and personal development modality and accelerate the effect.

There are many paths to enlightenment. Long meditation and fasting may work for some but not for others. Learning how to give directive to your “cosmic computer” through SVH may shorten your path to enlightenment.

SVH works gracefully by engaging the Source or the ultimate Creator (that is universal and existed before religion) to co-create with the client. The SVH facilitator is someone who has been trained in having relaxed and focused awareness and in the use of appropriate mental and verbal directives in the SVH process and very specific language. The SVH Practitioner/Facilitator believes unequivocally in the client and the Creator.

In SVH, the connection to the Source Creator is safe, authentic, and direct. The directives are precise and systematic and the effect has been verified.

No manipulation is possible and only what serves the highest good will be implemented.

Our founder Anita Cheung has initially pursued SVH practitioner training for her personal interest. But as she continued to experience tangible results and has been able to verify the effects of it with Bio-resonance and getting peoples’ positive feedbacks, she decided to offer this service since mid 2017. Anita integrates SVH with Bio-resonance and other tools she has in her tool box which made her SVH healing session unique and inspiring.

Anita has been pursuing personal development practices since 20 years ago, before she became professionally involved in the health and personal development field. Having undergone much deep level healing and personal transformation with SVH, she feels a calling to incorporate this modality to her work. Her style is compassionate, non-judgemental, intuitive and neutral – she is committed to life-long personal development and being a clear channel for inspiration and enlightenment.

(Anita is the first SVH practitioner from Hong Kong and has also since become an SVH Instructor and offered the first training in Hong Kong in Sept 2017…)

All it takes for the client, regardless of their religious or spiritual orientation, is to choose to be open to receive the support from the Creator and their higher self. (Some processes can also benefit animals, children or someone who is unconscious and cannot consciously receive.)

The client is free to share personal information as they wish and they are fully conscious.

The process does not involve any physical touch, and works equally well if performed remotely.

Scientific verification of SVH shows that the religious faith of the client does not affect its effectiveness. The connection is directly from them to who/what they believe is the ultimate Creator.

“I’ve had two SVH sessions with Anita, both following Bio-resonance Health Assessments, and both with very positive results. 

For the two weeks preceding the first SVH, I had been suffering from bronchitis and a blocked respiratory tract. I was so short of breath that, two days before my SVH session, I had resorted to using an oxygen machine. It helped but only briefly. During the SVH, I suddenly expelled a thick lump of phlegm and my respiratory passages cleared. I was breathing deeply again for the first time in two weeks. (I’m happy to say that three weeks later, my respiratory passages remain clear.)  I left the session feeling clear-headed and energised.

Whether channelling or simply deeply perceptive, during my second SVH, Anita was spot on when she brought up for clearing, emotional issues that could be affecting my long-term health and well being. Also, for the past four years, due to spinal deterioration, I have been unable to lie flat on my back. Anita had me do just that for a good hour, and to my amazement, I felt no pain. I particularly appreciated the fact that Anita’s energy was supportive, gracious and completely non-judgemental. I left the session feeling deeply relaxed and that night had the best sleep I’ve had in years. I should mention that I’ve suffered from insomnia ever since my back problems started approximately four years ago. I feel that Anita’s SVH has benefited me enormously and am exceedingly grateful.” – A.K.

“An injury has kept me from exercising for months and my weight has been piling up. But my recent doctor’s check up has confirmed that I have lost a surprising 8% body weight in the last 8 weeks! Although in this period I have also started doing Bio-resonance home treatment you have created for me and made changes in my diet, I strongly believe this quick shift has much to do with the SVH we did which cleared some deep seeds that contributed to my chronic weight issue, and dis-associated the obligatory connection between physical exercise and weight loss… In my SVH training I have got so much including freeing myself from the limitations of Feng Shui, astrology etc. I am so glad I have found SVH and for my new sense of freedom and the realization that I can truly be the director of my own life! ” – S. T.

“When I was hitting a wall a few months ago, Anita’s SVH healing and SVH tools she gave me (all remotely over whatsapp) helped me to quickly clear the outside noise and connect to the power within myself. It helped me to remember I was never alone. The shift was instant. As I continue to become more balanced, I am more compassionate to myself and thus towards others as well. I can totally see how an ‘SVH charged’ person can shift and uplift others like Anita has demonstrated to me. I have benefitted so much on so many levels with this powerful modality that I have decided to take the practitioner training with Anita!” – Naoki

“One of the many benefits I personally noticed about SVH is the clarity and stillness of the mind it brings in very short amount of time. It is truly a 21st-century tool for people who allow for an easeful and graceful (rather than a ‘no pain no gain”) path to enlightenment.

The subconscious mind is billion of times more powerful than the conscious mind. But in living today’s life, can we really ‘consciously’ watch every word we have ever said, every thought and feeling we have ever had? But what are we to do knowing that all these carry creation energy and can fuel our reality? And what are we do do living in a sea of consciousness constantly being affected by what is in the collective? (How can we truly be sovereign and free without having to meditate in a cave all day to be “mindful”?

When our consciousness is set free using the quick and effective tools of SVH, we can fuel the creation of our chosen reality in laser-like clarity, rapid manifestation can result

To be honest, there is always a part of me that just wishes to meditate in a cave (and I’ve been told I have done that in many lives!). While I enjoy meditation and especially prolonged ones such those 10-day silent retreats I’ve been through more than once, I know SVH has greatly brought me more stillness and clarity than anything I have ever done for my personal development. And I believe many today can benefit from learning it.

Another personal benefit is SVH has reactivated intuitive gifts that I thought I had lost since late childhood and thus elevated my abilities as a healing facilitator, and even as a entrepreneur. Also I can feel much better energy integrity now and every client session leaves me energised instead of drained which has happened in the past.

SVH may be used independently or as an adjunct to other healing techniques. I have found that it can save the need for long drawn out coaching and healing processes and dependency on the practitioner. I sincerely hope to see more seekers of enlightenment and health and practitioners learn SVH and take their healing work to a whole new level.”

Booking your first SVH session

If SVH resonates with you/your heart, we would love to see you. Your initial SVH session will come with Bio-resonance with Anita that will demonstrate the before/after effect with SVH on your key energy centres, meridians and nervous system and physiological potentials. You can choose for subsequent sessions to whether see the before/after effect with Bio-resonance or not.

We have found SVH to benefit all levels of our wellbeing starting from the very top level. CLICK here to read about our Systemic Approach >>>

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