Systemic Work & Family Constellation

Because we are part of many bigger systems....

 Restore Order and Wholeness at Deep Levels

Systemic Work and Family Constellation can be regarded as a new science that serves to reveal hidden dynamics in social groups that affect the individuals and the system. A “system” can be a family, a company, a school, a country etc… We are all part of many overlapping systems and each system has its own principles and sometimes they are in conflict.

Imagine flocks of birds or animal groups who seem to effortlessly communicate telepathically and they seem to be able to move and act in harmony and in sync with their  survival and evolutionary needs. Cambridge and Harvard educated Biologist Rupert Sheldrake has explained such connection coming from a shared information field as the “morphic field”. Everything that has happened is stored in this field of information and it seems to serve evolutionary purpose. Animals of the same species for example seem to master new skills at similar time even they are not in physical contact.

This “field” is found to function beyond time and space.

Epigenetics research on animals as well as humans has found that trauma imprints get passed down to later generations. While again it may serve an evolutionary purpose, it also creates unwanted entanglements that limit our potentials and freedom. For example the children and grand children of the Holocaust, even though they did not experience the Holocaust, suffer PTSD and other disorders at statistically higher rate. Transgenerational trauma imprints have been found in animal studies to affect up to 18 generations. In humans, transgenerational imprints have been found to correlate with recurring challenges in health, in business, in relationships, un-explanable thoughts, self sabotage tendencies etc.

Conflict from our subconscious loyalties

In systemic and family constellation, it has been been observed that the child in us, in our primal need to “belong”, may hold loyalties that do not allow ourselves to lead better lives than those in our “system” who did not have the opportunity – that may include an unborn sibling, or a member in our ancestry who has been “excluded” or not seen – for example the “black sheep”, someone who has had a terrible fate and whose fate is too painful to acknowledge, someone who has committed acts considered unacceptable…

The system is observed to have a natural need to be “whole”. Exclusion asks for inclusion,  and what was incomplete asks to be completed. Such principle and other systemic principles have nothing to do with morals but have been observed from thousands of constellation performed.

While the systemic approach is now used not just in family therapy but also for personal development, as well as solving business and society issues, the origin of the systemic and phenomenological approach AND the constellation method was first developed by the German psychotherapist and philosopher, Bert Hellinger, in the late 1980s.

In Bert Hellinger’s words,

“…all people carry with them an energetic field or blueprint of their biological families—this field has been called by some a family soul, or family conscience. That field has an enormous unconscious effect on each family members’ life and all the people they interact with. Long standing problems with health, depression, relationships, failed finances, etc. are usually a result of unconscious ‘entanglements’ in the family soul. Doing a constellation is a way to bring those entanglements to light, and to allow for some resolution to happen. Quite often after a constellation, other members of the family who were not present for the constellation—and didn’t even know it was happening–report dramatic shifts as a result. Because the family is a system—like an energetic mobile, what affects one, affects all. And what keeps one stuck, affects them all…“

This approach of discovering hidden dynamics is also found to address deeper causes of health challenges and can effect profound healing. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., PhD, who is renowned for treating the most difficult health cases (patients who “have tried everything”) places Family Constellation as the 4th level of healing in his 5 levels of Healing model, below the ultimate level of “God” and “faith”. This systemic approach to healing underlies Eastern medicine such as Tibetan, Chinese, Ayurvedic medicine and yogic tradition of healing.

Principles of Systemic Constellation, the Life Integration Process (one of the recent developments in Systemic Constellation for personal development), as well as other progressive new developments in the field such as in somatic psychology and trauma healing are often applied in our founder’s multi-dimensional healing sessions.

Our founder Anita Cheung is qualified in Family and Systemic Constellation and she has learnt from a wide spectrum of teachers and masters in this modality. She is learning on-goingly and well in touch with the latest development of this ever developing modality.

You may book a private session in which Anita uses this modality alone or in conjunction with other modalities or you may inquire with us our upcoming group workshop of Systemic and Family Constellation. Her full bio >>>


What Clients Say:

“Anita is incredibly perceptive, compassionate, non-judgmental and truly ‘present’ in all her systemic constellations and healing facilitations. What else distinguishes Anita and makes her so effective is the combination of her wisdom and insight; her incorporation into each constellation of such other techniques as may be helpful to the process; and her uncanny ability to probe and identify the root of the issue….I have experienced profound changes after participating in workshops she has facilitated and attending private sessions. I would highly and unequivocally recommend Anita!” – Maria Gutierrez, senior corporate attorney

“I have participated in many personal development work throughout the years, and I have found Systemic Constellation to be a very powerful modality that cuts through the chase and effect deep healing within myself and also how people close to me behave towards me.
What I particularly like about Anita’s approach (in group and private session which I have experienced) is her wisdom and how she can intuitively sense what is best for the individual. She draws from a whole arsenal of tools and uses integrated healing processes to give what is needed at the time. I have experienced profound and immediate shifts every time I work with Anita.” – Alexandra Yung, art consultant

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop which was very skillfully facilitated by Anita…I especially valued Anita’s willingness to address the collective traumas that affect all of us although we rarely have the courage to face up to them. Being a part of this work in a group is very rewarding.” – Angela Spaxman, Career & Executive Coach

“I have experienced family constellations with many experienced facilitators all over the world. Since it’s a such a powerful modality, it’s quite important for the facilitator who can maintain a high level of authenticity and neutrality. I like working with Anita because not only does she have the essential quality of a facilitator who can hold that space, her broad background in spirituality and her open and live-and-learn attitude allows her approach to be both broad and deep.” – Emily Chen

Systemic and Family Constellation sessions are available as private sessions or in workshop format.

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