So how can we support you in such times?

How may we support you in such times?

Everyone seems to be talking about vaccination decisions these days. When it comes to vaccination and any decision in fact, everyone’s situation is unique. But whatever you choose to do, know that there are MANY ways to help yourself build your long-term health and resilience, and an multi-prong approach would create synergy. 

So here’s how we may support you with the multiple tools in our toolbox:

  1. If you are taking any kind of vaccination, and you would like to strengthen your immunity and lessen probable side effects,you can benefit frominformed nutritional choices andBioresonance harmonization before and after the vaccination. Bioresonance has been used for decades for doing this.
  2. If you are not taking vaccination but want to focus on strengthening your immune function and overall health, you can ALSO benefit frominformed nutritional choices AND Bioresonance (assessment and harmonization).
  3. If you can see the connection between your nervous system and your immune system, then you can proactively learn how to restore resilience of your nervous system through private healing and coaching, and guided meditative and healing activities – in a small group or as one oneone experiences.
  4. And if you would like to go further to restore and strengthen your energetic boundaries (which precede your physical immune function), and change systemic limiting patterns that may or may not originate from your own life, then you may be ready for a integrative approachusing practices that address your multi-dimensional self.
  5. Check out our store for environmental-friendly silver embedded mask, chemical-free silver spray and learn about making chemical-free hand sanitizing gel.

There is no one “magic bullet” that keeps you safe and healthy always.

The bottom line in conscious decision making is, whatever you choose to do, check in with your inner wisdom, ask yourself, do you feel expanded and uplifted, or do you feel contracted and heavy? That is often how you can tell if you are in a life supporting state or life depleting state.

Feel free to reach out to us to see how we may help.