VIP Membership


VIP Benefits

The followings apply to all VIP members, whether they have achieved VIP status through joining our detox program or through spending.

Product Purchase Benefits:

1. Receive product discount on most products, events & services  (mostly 8-10% off most superfoods and snacks and mostly 5% off appliances)

2. Get priority for all i-Detox events sign-up

3. Enjoy complimentary VIP events like film viewing

On-going support to your wellbeing:

1. 10% to 20% off to colonic and far infra red sauna sessions at Natural Path (service vouchers purchased through i-Detox)

2. Extra 10% off to purchasing maintenance breakfast smoothie pack for 3 months

3. Periodic exclusive offers, events & promotions

4. Discounts (or free trial) on partner offers

Gain (more) “Health Bucks” by Referring Your Friends:

We know how much you want people you care about to enjoy the benefits you got from using our products and services.  We know you refer not because you can gain anything but you have the intention to help people.  For this gesture, we still want to THANK YOU for your support! And here’s how we say our “thank you” when you send us a new customer:

1. To do the Superfood Detox program (group or private)

Receive HK$300 store credits (which you can use on products or services) for every referral you send to any of our detox program

2. To become our new customer

Receive HK$300 store credits for any NEW customer you send our way when he/she spends over HK$5000 (which qualifes them to become our VIP)


    i. We always ask new customer how they have found out about us and we go by what they tell us to determine the referral source.

    ii. Referral “health bucks” are only given to referrer for NEW customers (i.e. not already in our system) sent to us.

    iii. “Health bucks” are sent as Gift Certificate via email with a voucher code.


Detox VIP Benefits

In addition to all the VIP Benefits above, Detox VIPs enjoy the following exclusive benefits –

Support for Repeating Detox:

For health maintenance generally we recommend doing your Superfood Detox 1 to 3 times a year. We continuously improve our detox programs and product inclusions, and our team is also continuously upgrading ourselves professionally, in order to provide you the best possible support on your wellness journey.

Only Detox VIPs receive the following preferential offers below.

As our Detox VIP, you

1. are eligible to the latest updates to the detox programs whenever you repeat your detox.

2. only pay for re-detox kit products (only available for purchase by Detox VIPs) but enjoy email support from our office when you let us know you are repeating your detox

3. (with purchase of the re-detox kit or detox related products of similar value) enjoy complimentary 30-minute nutrition and wellness assessment* with Anita to adapt your program – up to 2 times a year, after your initial detox

4. enjoy complimentary access to any of our Superfood Open House/Intro to Detox event – perfect for refreshing your memory as well as bringing new friends to be informed and inspired

5. will be the first to enjoy new services

*The current complimentary re-detox health assessment includes TCM based Hand Diagnostics and Bio Communication Assessment which allow us to assess your state of physical health, discover possible emotional blockages and provide more insight for your self care

Note about sharing your Detox Program with your friends and family:

i-Detox continuously upgrades its service and provides on-going support to our detox clients as our needs change with aging and lifestyle changes. All new clients have to go through screening in order to be on our program. We have made our detox program very affordable with on-going value added in order to make it easy for people who see the value to benefit from it long-term. 

The last thing we wish to see is someone who thinks they are doing our program (but without proper guidance and follow up) and not getting the results they could have got or not getting consistent results. This is of no benefit to anyone. 

Please understand that every person is different metabolically. If you decide to coach your friend to do your own “i-Detox program”, please understand the risks you are undertaking on your friend’s health and for yourself. 

We also reserve the right for legal action when our program is mis-represented and for the damage done due to such use.

How to become an i-Detox VIP

  • Spend over HKD 5,000 within 3 months
  • Spend over HKD 5,000 in one transaction including deposit to be used as future credits
  • Spend over HKD8,000 accumulatively
  • Participate in our 9-Day Superfood Detox Programs (become our “Detox VIP”)


While i-Detox intends to cultivate goodwill and provide maximum benefits for its members, we reserve the right to final decision in case of disputes regarding membership benefits. 

Please refer to our general Terms and Policies for the complete agreement.