How To Attract Positive Things Into Your Life

(Thank you my friend Sylvia Chan, Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator for sharing this on her Facebook.)


Start making a positive impact today.

It will bring you greater rewards and opportunities than you can imagine.

Good things happen when you make a positive impact on people’s lives.

When you start making positive impacts you begin to attract positive situations, positive people, and positive opportunities. It’s like a thousand hands show up to help you, making your life better and more rewarding.  You attract what you are and you attract what you give.

So the next time you run into an old friend or come across somebody who may need a hand, take the time to have a positive impact, give from your heart, knowing you will be helping somebody else and creating positive situations in your life.

Everyday you meet people who could help you, sometimes you don’t even know it, but they may help you in the future.
But how often do you make an impact on somebody’s life?

You’re probably like most people, just trying to get through the day and not really paying attention to the people that cross your path.
Yet everyday you have an opportunity to do something significant, to help somebody you know or don’t know. It’s something all of us should be doing everyday.

By making a positive impact you automatically create positive energy and good things happen to those with positive energy.

When you generate positive energy you attract more positive situations into your life. It’s like being a magnet for positive things.

But there is a catch, you have to do this because you truly want to help someone in some small or large way.

You can’t do it because you want to attract positive situations into your life, that will naturally happen.

You have to do it because you want to and because you feel it is what you should do or that it’s the right thing to do.

I know some of you may say: “Karim, I’ve been helping people for years but I don’t see anyone helping me. Why should I bother now?”
If you truly feel that you have been helping people, that you’ve been making an impact and you haven’t been attracting positive situations, or positive events, or positive people into our life, then take a closer look at your intentions.

Do you really do things to help other people simply because you want to, or did you expect something in return?

Now take a look at the opportunities that came your way, did you follow up on them?
Or did you dismiss them, thinking that they weren’t for you?

Take a look at the people that you’ve met, did you develop friendships, follow up with them or did you ignore them, dismiss them, and assume that they weren’t the kind of people that you would help you?
Often we dismiss events, opportunities and people thinking we know better, or that we know what is going to unfold. The truth is, we don’t.

You don’t have to make a big impact.Make a small impact and build from there.You don’t have to give somebody money, especially if you can’t afford it.
Give your time, your understanding, your knowledge.
Give somebody a hand with their shopping bags.Open a door for somebody who has their hands full.Listen to your son/daughter the next time they talk to you.
Take a moment to smile before getting angry (you probably won’t get angry if you tried this).Share your time.Share your wisdom.
Be pleasant to a stranger.Offer some kind words to a colleague or family member.
Make a positive impact by committing to help somebody everyday.Force yourself to look for the positive aspect of every situation.

Instruct your subconscious mind to help you meet the people and attract the situations that lead to success.Create a positive mindset and that will attract more positive situations into your life. Start creating the life you want today

Getting Results
By making a positive impact you’ll immediately start to feel better about your life and your situation.

And before you know it you’ll begin to see new opportunities come your way.You’ll meet new people and go to new events.
Pay attention to them; they’ll help you improve your life.
Everything you come across and every person you meet can help you but only if you are open minded and willing to explore the opportunity.

Focus on making the right decisions.Get your subconscious mind to help you attract the right situations and people that can help you improve your life.You can do this by not worrying about making the wrong decision.Instead, constantly think of making only the right decisions.
Tell yourself that you are making the right choices.
Tell yourself that you are attracting the right people and situations that will help you achieve your goals

Be Consistent
Make a commitment to make an impact everyday throughout your life.

Try it for a full year and see how your life changes or improves.

Make an impact.Make a difference.Give something that will help somebody you know or don’t know. Do this from your heart with no expectations.

As soon as you start you’ll get your subconscious mind working on bringing you the people and events that will help you live the life you want.

Look for the positive in every situation.Change the way you see things – consider everything an opportunity. Consider everybody you meet as a chance for you to help them.Start creating the life you want today

You can attract positive situations.You can make an impact.You can make a difference.You can get your mind and subconscious mind working for you to create the life that you want.