Singing Bowl…and more

The medicine of the future will be music and sound. - Edgar Cayce

Sound Frequency as Healing Resource​

We are all literally made of sound whether the sound is perceivable with our senses or not. At the sub-atomic level everything is vibrational frequency. Sound and vibrations have been used since ancient times for wellbeing.

The understanding about the vibrational medicine is also what Bioresonance (technology from Germany which iLiving is specialised in) – and many cutting edge non-invasive health technologies are based on. In our health practice, we have found sound and vibrational frequencies (such as Bioresonance) can facilitate the process of “entrainment”, bringing the living system of the human body into resonance with optimal vibrational state, achieving measurable healing effect.

Modern science has shown that sound, light, thoughts and intention alter our DNA expression.

Relax, resource and reprogramme

  • Want to improve sleep and concentration?
  • Want to have more inner resources and a more resilient nervous system?
  • Know the benefits of meditation but can’t seem to do it?
  • Want to breathe better and improve health?
  • Want to improve emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing?
    Want to manifest your ideal life?

With increasing disruption from electromagnetic pollution, it is very normal to find it hard to be in a state of calm and stability, as our nervous system is constantly being dis-regulated by disruptive frequencies.

Undigested experiences with emotional energies need to be processed so that we can be fully alive and present.

Use this session to help you build your resource, connect your left and right hemispheres, your head, and your heart, so you can be more creative and resilient.

About the Facilitator


Our founder Anita Cheung has been trained globally with systemic constellation masters operating in a wide spectrum of working styles in Europe. She is certified both in Family Constellation and Organisational Constellation by three institutes and attended numerous international and (more recently) online constellation conferences.

Anita discovered her intuitive gifts and a systemic thinking that was perhaps “too early” in her early life, for which she learnt to turn inward, and developed an early interest to philosophy and psychology.

She underwent her career/life transformation following her life purpose in wellness and personal development in her mid 30’s and started coaching and health consulting professionally in 2005 and founded i-Detox in 2008 which preceded iLiving.

Anita’s style of family and systemic constellation is in line with latest development in this evolving work. And her working style is grounded, informed by somatic and transpersonal psychology, neuroscience, free of melodrama and superstition.

Anita is the creator of the unique 6-dimensional approach which is the comprehensive healing and transformation model practised in iLiving.

Singing Bowl with Anita Cheung

Our founder Anita Cheung uses a mix of crystal and Tibetan bowls and other sound tools in her private healing session to harmonise the client’s energy field and to bring them into a relaxed where the subconscious mind is receptive to healing suggestions. Anita’s singing bowl sessions go beyond just a pleasant relaxation experience. They are always a rich multi-sensory experience, with optional aromatics, that effectively resources and transforms.

In group healing session with singing bowl sound, participants are led through a meditative journey starting with conscious breathing and somatic regulation guidance. Heart-brain coherence and a higher consciousness state than one’s everyday consciousness is easily achieved, where one is guided to easily connect with resource, release stubborn old patterns and limiting beliefs, and set intention for manifestation. With Anita’s unique integrative approach, you can expect to be both expanded and grounded by the end of the session. 

Check our calendar of events for Anita’s next public group singing bowl with breathwork for emotional healing session. Or contact us to inquire about forming your own private group. 

Yoga with Singing Bowl

Experience gentle dynamic movements or restorative poses as determined by the state of participants of each class, and enjoy the serenity of grounding Tibetan singing bowl healing with Deborah at the end of the class to bring the relaxation to a much deeper level. 

Expect to also improve flexibility and joint mobility, increase circulation, and have better sleep with regular practice.

About Deborah:
Deborah is a lawyer turned yogi. Since 2009, she has been practising yoga and has learnt from various yoga masters in India and Hong Kong. Many of her teachers are well-known Iyengar yoga master teachers. Her teaching style is methodical and fun. Her greatest joy is seeing the practice of yoga (whatever style it is that is practised safely and appropriately) supporting everyone to live their highest potentials.

This class is available most Thursday evenings. 

Or contact us and form your own group to receive singing bowl group healing with Deborah or yoga with singing bowl relaxation. 

Good Vibes @iLivingHK...

We have designed our space for the specific purpose of wellbeing and healing facilitation.
The wall paint is a special environmental paint containing diatomaceous earth and zeolite that prevents mold formation and promotes cleaner air. The entire space is shielded from external electro-magnetic radiation with special EMF shielding curtain from Europe. We also enhance internally with Bioresonance Rayonex Duplex IV biofield forming device that amplifies beneficial frequencies that neutralise the negative effects of geopathic stresses and electro-magnetic fields generated as an inevitable part of office operation. You are simultaneously receiving Bioresonance harmonising when you are in our space.

And we only diffuse bioresonance verified pure and therapeutic essential oils in our space. 

We also request that you turn off your digital devices or disable bluetooth function for your best benefit while having your session in our space.

Thank you!

Create Your Bespoke Experience

  • Create an unforgettable experience for a special occasion
  • Create a wholesome alternative to friends’ gathering
  • Add education to a relaxing and healing experience
  • Corporate wellness
  • Have an integrative healing experience with sound healing and other modalities based on your needs, e.g.

One-on-one: Singing Bowl Hypnosis (perfect for those who are “hard to be hypnotised”)

One-on-one or small intimate group: Healing Breathwork with Sound Bath (for deep integration)


Inquire with us on WhatsApp or call for the latest class schedule or to create a bespoke.