Our Approach

Where ancient wisdom meets science & innovation

As a specialty practice, we know we cannot service everyone, and we do not aim to.

Our loyal fans are usually proactive and discerning. They like to learn and they want more out of life. And they appreciate they can have multiple needs met in one place. 

While many start from improving their physical health, they can also discover a lot more to wellbeing and life with inspiration from us when they want to. Others start from the non-physical aspects and integrate the physical aspect in the process. (Afterall, our physical body is the vehicle we have to experience life.)

Simply put, our approach is:

We can see that why many in our modern world are not enjoying the vibrant health and fulfilment they deserve is because of a fragmented and compartmentalised approach to health, and life.

We understand from modern systems theory that a living system is an entity composed of parts which are connected in a such a way that a change in one part results in all the other parts. This could be a single organism, an organisation or society.

And just as the ancients have observed, we see our body and our life as a complex and multi-dimensional system, and it is within systems. A symptom emerges when there is imbalance from the higher level of the interlinking systems. 

We aim to support you to restore coherence and harmony within your systems – your body, your mind, your spirit, and your world….

Just as how humanity once believed the Earth was flat from their limited perspective, now no one will argue that the Earth is round, because we are able to zoom out and see it from a distance. The systemic approach to problem to health and transformation requires zooming out to see patterns and interconnections where as the prevalent analytical approach is about zooming in to get more details. 

We believe both zooming in and zooming out are important to do, just as both analytical and intuitive approaches are useful, and both objective observation and subjective experiencing are valid and in fact inseparable. We practise a dynamic and all-rounded approach in everything we do. 

Nothing in nature is static. We are either growing or dying. There is no limit to human innovation. New and better ways of doing things and achieving same or better results are emerging all the time. As a practice, we are constantly growing, renewing, and ready to update ourselves and share with you knowledge and wisdom that can most support your growth and evolution as well.

Successful people are known to have a “growth mindset”. So yes, we tend to attract people who are inspired by the possibility of having the highest expression of their wellbeing and fulfilment in life.

Our working model - The '6 Dimensional Body'

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.”

Albert Einstein

The understanding that matter (form) is made of energy (formless) underlies ancient wisdom including Taoism, Buddhism and Hinduism, and this is finally being confirmed with discoveries in quantum physics since a century ago.

A key technology, Bioresonance, that we use in our practice which originates from Germany is also based on quantum physics. The operation of the technology is based on the understanding that the gross physical body a part of a much more expansive spectrum of frequency resonance. 

The full offerings of the modalities we practise are based on the full spectrum of the human existence. 

The 6 Dimensional Body Model was created by our founder and is our working model. 

It recognises that the higher the level the more subtle the vibrational frequencies. All these dimensions of us are not separate but rather interlinked, with the higher levels containing the lower level(s). Upstream affects downstream. This understanding is in line with findings in biophysics today. 

In other words, all these levels are expression of us, at different “octaves” and all these levels are continuous. At the highest level which we call the Spiritual level, there is the only one Source, and all is integrated. And we are innately connected to the Source, and to each other. 

Click on the right arrow to read more about each dimension. 

Spiritual Body
Superconscious, The Source, Oneness
This level of us is beyond the identification of time and space, beyond identification of our personality, beyond 'good' or 'bad' judgement. On this level, all is connected and integrated as ONE.
Feeling at the mercy of life; afraid to make the wrong move; resignation, apathy and/or isolation; feeling "lost", cut off from intuition; being rigid about the "right" way to be "spiritual"
Feeling connected to everything and yet free & sovereign, with inner knowing of life purpose, trusting, guided, often experience synchronicity; being at ease, not "wanting", have high tolerance for uncertainty with no fixed expectations
Passive: Meditation (many practices bring us to a meditative state)
Active: prayer and quantum level prayer such as Serenity Vibration Healing (SVH) and our founder’s integrative healing, quiet contemplation while in a meditative state
Collective Body
Subconscious, beyond time and space, includes ancestral memory
Transpersonal and metaphysical level. All information, thought forms, energetic imprints etc in the morphogenetic field (as how biologist Dr Rupert Sheldrake calls it) is shared and we are a part of this vast information field that is beyond time and space, like an extended cloud storage system connected with the bigger cloud system, some calls it part of the super-conscious mind.

(Dr Klinghart believes 50% of root causes of chronic illnesses lie in this level)
Unexplainable recurring limiting patterns, difficulty in breaking these patterns; recurring psychological disorders or physical challenges that cannot be resolved by obvious means
Being sovereign, living life according to one’s inner compass and free will, unburdened by projections from the collective, ancestral entanglement from transgenerational trauma, etc
Healthy chakra balance, especially the Root and Navel chakras
Family and Systemic Constellations, SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy), Breathwork, our founder's consciousness healing, SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy)
Mental Body
Memories, thoughts, beliefs, and programming
The conscious and (mostly) subconscious mental programming and beliefs, formed from how we interpret our experiences, often influenced by conditioning. Our mental body is part of the biophoton field that stores our long term memory. Digital devices and other sources of electro-magnetic radiation disrupts this field. Heavy metals especially mercury disrupts the light transmission of metabolic enzymes and between cells at the DNA level.
Mental chatter, overthinking, indecisiveness, cut off from intuition, fault finding, mentally limiting options and choices, being closed to personal growth
Mentally flexible and resourceful, open to learn, adapt, change or expand previously held views, can access intuition and use it with analysis and reasoning
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psych-K, coaching, Hypnosis; Bioresonance harmonisation, Guided meditation
Emotional Body
Thoughts experienced as feelings, instinctual
Physical and instinctive, emotional responses are generated from the limbic brain and are tied to our survival instinct. The beliefs (in the mental body) we hold determine our emotional responses in our life. Emotions “move” us into action (to keep us safe and to motivate us to attain what we desire). Unresolved emotions lock us in fight/flight/freeze mode, keeps us from growing and healing.
We are conditioned to not feel or express emotions when it is uncomfortable. It takes conscious effort to choose otherwise and this awareness is possible with engaging the most evolved part of the brain, above the reptilian and limbic brain.
Being “closed hearted”, cut off from feeling the emotions, not allowing oneself to be “vulnerable” or “authentic”; being unconscious of the true emotion behind the cover-up emotion, or unable to process emotions and being “stuck” in limiting emotional states such as fear, anger, sadness, guilt, etc
Being in touch with one’s emotions and able to express those emotions in healthy ways; not suppressing or denying. Different emotional states carry different vibrations and when “negative” emotions are not fully processed they can manifest in specific organ systems and functions as dis-ease/disease. (For example, worry and fear often manifest in issues with the adrenals, kidney, hair, lower back; anger and resentment in the liver, gallbladder and eyes etc)
Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (or TRE®), Sound healing,
Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT), Aromatherapy,
Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping on meridian points), Breathwork, Bioresonance harmonisation
Electro-Magnetic Body
Biophysical, nervous system, DNA
Our energy body regulates the physical body. The physical forces - electro-magnetic field and gravity play out in this level. Man-made frequencies created by modern technology (electrical appliances, wi-fi, bluetooth, etc) disrupt the balance of this body. The biophotons in this level and above can be detected with various aura-reading technology. Changes from effects of prayers, words and feelings can be seen in this level (although the origin is from higher levels)
Habitual state of feeling anxious, busy, disturbed sleep patterns, fatigue, having chronic health conditions
Having healthy energy levels, circadian rhythms, being clear headed and can relax naturally; rarely get sick
Bioresonance harmonisation,
acupuncture, Breathwork, Kinesiology, EMR neutralising and protection, reduction of geopathic stress, (authentic) essential oils, Sound Therapy, Chi Gong, energy healing
Physical Body
Biochemical, structural, perceivable by the five senses
Summation of our structure, of our bio-chemistry, what we could perceive with our 5 senses. However the physical body operates in gravity (which the 5 senses do not perceive) and also creates electromagnetic fields and light emissions that are in the quantum range (above the physical level). The light is transmitted through biophotons. This level is often the ONLY body we approach in conventional and even “natural” medicine. However this level is only “the tip of the iceberg” of the totality of who we are.
Low energy, compromised organ functions, physical symptoms which worsen into serious health conditions
Being free of physical symptoms - having healthy appetite, mobility, fitness, energy levels, sleep pattern, etc, or being in high function that is above and beyond being symptom-free
Nutrition, health products such as supplements and special foods, essential oils, detoxification and reducing exposure to chemicals from the environment, food, personal care products etc;
Bioresonance harmonisation, Breathwork, Integrative Physiotherapy
The higher level precedes the lower level. The lower level supports the higher level.

This chart is best viewed on a desktop

The higher level precedes the lower level.  The lower level supports the higher level.

Further note on understanding this model:

Subjectivity increases as we go up the dimension and are harder to quantify with available equipment. But more and more science as well as mindset has been changing and advancing, such that qualitative measuring is being recognised to complement quantitative measuring. 

The 'Zooming' Lens We Use and Where Shall You Start?

Many who come to us start from the physical level with a Bioresonance Health Consultation.

It is simply because most start noticing symptoms on the physical level. 

With more awareness, there are others who seek guidance and healing on the higher levels as well, and working their way down. 

Since the physical body is the densest of our multi-dimensional body, imbalances on this level take longer to shift. Be prepared to allow time to see real shift – when you are not using a patchwork approach to mask discomfort. (And sometimes conventional medicine is needed to provide temporary relief to allow for intervention on other levels to take place. This is why an “integrative” approach is called for.) 

While shifts on the dense physical level definitely can affect the higher levels of you, addressing the non physical levels at the same time will prove to be effective, because the higher level body contains and precedes the lower levels. This explains the phenomenon of “spontaneous healing”.

The higher the level we address the less time is required to see the shift. It is cost- and time-effective. 

Therefore we recommend that while you address the physical body, do not forget the non-physical body in your healing and health enhancement plan, especially if you would like to save time and money, and if you are committed to having REAL healing – which always involves transformation. 


"When I got the results from my regular check up, Anita and Carmen were the first people I contacted. I asked the doctor to give me three weeks to do something natural and he agreed. The personalised detox programme, Bioresonance with Anita, use of the recommended essential oils and Anita’s emotional and spiritual healing turned my health around in three weeks. I am so glad I discussed with my doctor about postponing the medical procedure that he thought I needed urgently."
Kenny Lo
Since 2014
"What I got in one visit to iLiving completely surpassed my expectation. I woke up this morning feeling like a million dollar (US!) The combination of the right kind of supplement and essential oils for me, and what Anita did with those oils and some clearing processes is hard to explain to someone who has not experienced it – but all I can say is, the effect was IMMEDIATE and PROFOUND. (I wasn't expecting to talk about my mother but I am so glad we did!)"
Christian Masset
Since 2009
"With just one 2.5 hour session with Anita addressing the multiple levels of my wellbeing, Not only did I get clarity about what foods to eat and avoid, I saw mind body connections I never knew before. My long standing digestion issues improved almost immediately. The Biofield products that I put under the pillow work like magic. I never knew how bad electro-magnetic radiation really was until now I can see the positive difference. I wake up everyday feeling refreshed and balanced. I still cannot believe I do not need coffee anymore (I used to take 2-3 a day.) And now I can also tolerate a lot more foods. The team has continued to support me beyond the initial session. You have to experience what Anita and iLIving do to know what I mean. It's comprehensive and amazing. Just come and experience it. You won't regret it."
Linda Leung
Since 2019