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Unique 6-Dimensional Approach

From physical vitality to energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing….Become the BEST version of yourself….
Spiritual Body
Superconscious, The Source, Oneness
This level of us is beyond the identification of time and space, beyond identification of our personality, beyond 'good' or 'bad' judgement. On this level, all is connected and integrated as ONE.
Feeling at the mercy of life; afraid to make the wrong move; resignation, apathy and/or isolation; feeling "lost", cut off from intuition; being rigid about the "right" way to be "spiritual"
Feeling connected to everything and yet free & sovereign, with inner knowing of life purpose, trusting, guided, often experience synchronicity; being at ease, not "wanting", have high tolerance for uncertainty with no fixed expectations
Passive: Meditation (many practices bring us to a meditative state) and being immersed in singing bowl sound bath
Active: Active prayer, SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) and our founder’s integrative healing, our founder's Systemic Constellation + Breathwork method, past life regression, akashic record reading and our founder's Soul Realisation™ method
Collective Body
Subconscious, beyond time and space, includes ancestral memory
Transpersonal and metaphysical level. All information, thought forms, energetic imprints etc in the morphogenetic field (as how biologist Dr Rupert Sheldrake calls it) is shared and we are a part of this vast information field that is beyond time and space, like an extended cloud storage system connected with the bigger cloud system, some calls it part of the super-conscious mind.

(Dr Klinghart believes 50% of root causes of chronic illnesses lie in this level)
Unexplainable recurring limiting patterns, difficulty in breaking these patterns; recurring psychological disorders or physical challenges that cannot be resolved by obvious means
Being sovereign, living life according to one’s inner compass and free will, unburdened by projections from the collective, ancestral entanglement from transgenerational trauma, etc
Healthy chakra balance, especially the Root and Navel chakras
Family and Systemic Constellation and our founder's integrative healing
Mental Body
Memories, thoughts, beliefs, and programming
The conscious and (mostly) subconscious mental programming and beliefs, formed from how we interpret our experiences, often influenced by conditioning. Our mental body is part of the biophoton field that stores our long term memory. Digital devices and other sources of electro-magnetic radiation disrupts this field. Heavy metals especially mercury disrupts the light transmission of metabolic enzymes and between cells at the DNA level.
Mental chatter, overthinking, indecisiveness, cut off from intuition, fault finding, mentally limiting options and choices, being closed to personal growth
Mentally flexible and resourceful, open to learn, adapt, change or expand previously held views, can access intuition and use it with analysis and reasoning
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psych-K, coaching, Hypnosis, Guided meditation, our founder's systemic coaching method and guided reprogramming
Emotional Body
Thoughts experienced as feelings, instinctual
Physical and instinctive, emotional responses are generated from the limbic brain and are tied to our survival instinct (the reptilian brain). The beliefs (in the mental body) we hold determine our emotional responses in our life. Pre-verbal survival related emotions are stored in our body level and are regulated from the reptilian brain and the vagus nerve. Emotions “move” us into action (to keep us safe and to motivate us to attain what we desire). Unresolved emotions lock us in fight/flight/freeze mode and compromises our vitality and our resilience.
Being over sensitive to general stress, being disconnected to innate feelings of love and joy; being in "negative" emotional states a lot such as fear, sadness, anger, guilt, shame... Easily triggered. (When “negative” emotions are not fully processed they can manifest in specific organ systems and functions as dis-ease/disease. For example, worry and fear often manifest in issues with the adrenals, kidney, hair, lower back; anger and resentment in the liver, gallbladder and eyes etc)
Being in touch with full range of one’s emotions and being able to feel and express those emotions in healthy ways; not denying, suppressing or being dis-associated. Having resilience in the nervous system to handle the normal stresses in life. Being able to process moment to moment experiences. Being "present". Being embodied.
Breathwork, Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT), Aromatherapy,
Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping on meridian points), Bioresonance harmonisation, our founder's Systemic Constellation + Breathwork method, somatic regulation and various somatic therapies.
Electro-Magnetic Body
Biophysical, nervous system, DNA
Our energy body regulates the physical body. The physical forces - electro-magnetic field and gravity play out in this level. Man-made frequencies created by modern technology (electrical appliances, wi-fi, bluetooth, etc) disrupt the balance of this body. The biophotons in this level and above can be detected with various aura-reading technology. Changes from effects of prayers, words and feelings can be seen in this level (although the origin is from higher levels)
Habitual state of feeling anxious, busy, disturbed sleep patterns, fatigue, having chronic health conditions
Having healthy energy levels, circadian rhythms, being clear headed and can relax naturally; rarely get sick
Bioresonance harmonisation,
acupuncture, Breathwork, Somatic regulation and grounding, EMR neutralising and protection, reduction of geopathic stress, (authentic) essential oils, Sound Therapy with somatic regulation, Chi Gong (Qigong), energy healing
Physical Body
Biochemical, structural, perceivable by the five senses
Summation of our structure, of our bio-chemistry, what we could perceive with our 5 senses. However the physical body operates in gravity (which the 5 senses do not perceive) and also creates electromagnetic fields and light emissions that are in the quantum range (above the physical level). The light is transmitted through biophotons. This level is often the ONLY body we approach in conventional and even “natural” medicine. However this level is only “the tip of the iceberg” of the totality of who we are.
Low energy, compromised organ functions, physical symptoms which worsen into serious health conditions
Being free of physical symptoms - having healthy appetite, mobility, fitness, energy levels, sleep pattern, etc, or being in high function that is above and beyond being symptom-free
Nutrition, use of health products such as supplements and special foods, therapeutic essential oils, detoxification and reducing exposure to chemicals from the environment, food, personal care products etc, sun exposure, sleep and rest, structural adjustment, breathing practice, physical activities
The higher level precedes the lower level. The lower level supports the higher level.

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We are a one-stop transformative healing practice, under the leadership of our founder Anita S K Cheung who is a pioneer and virtuoso in the field of holistic health.

Our unique and comprehensive approach has helped many experience TRANSFORMATIVE results, not just in physical health but in many aspects of their life. 

We have intended to keep ourselves boutique size and only appeal to the discerning and proactive in the population. We have grown mainly through word of mouth. Our main goal is to do our job well first instead of gaining “mass appeal”. If you are looking for an alternative or complement to the compartmentalised approach to health which is the prevalent model, and if you appreciate an authentic and compassionate style of service and partnership, in which you actively participate in your own healing and transformation, you are likely to appreciate our approach….

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