“The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it.”

~ Hippocrates

Application of essential oils (concentrated volatile plant substances) for wellness & healing purposes. Our unique approach to applied aromatherapy is we validate our assessment and recommendations with Bioresonance. Quality of essential oils used determines the effect achieved.
Using essential oils to easefully process painful or limiting emotions and in anchoring new beliefs – where we process emotions and olfactory signals is the same area in our brain.
Offered by:
Anita Cheung
Non-invasive health care technology from Germany that is used for humans and animals for nutritional and health assessment, assessment of physical and psychological states, early detection of disease tendencies, and restorating balance with tailor-made frequencies, sharing similar principles as homeopathy, chinese acupuncture, reiki etc.

Offered by:

Anita Cheung

Our breath is fundamental to our vitality and survival, even more so than food and hydration. And yet most of us have not been taught how to do this properly. 

While breathing is an autonomic function, it is the only autonomic function that we can consciously change.

Conscious breathing can be practised for increasing stress resilience, mental clarity, better sleep, even for cravings control and easier weight loss. 

Conscious breath education can be a standalone coaching session and it can also be part of a healing breathwork session. 

 Healing Breathwork as practised by us has been inspired by “Rebirthing”, Breathwork for Trauma Release and Shamanic Breathwork, which involves  guided circular breathing that facilitates a potent expansive effect of the client’s (nervous) system, often accompanied by experience of altered state of consciousness. 

With the strong resource of breath, trauma memories that are otherwise hard to access including pre-verbal trauma (such as birth trauma and early childhood), sexual trauma, or simply chronic stress and tension that contribute to constrictions in the body can be released.

All sessions (private or group) are facilitated like an inner journey, with carefully curated music, optional live drumming, and integration phase at the end, ensuring the client leaves the session optimally balanced, avoiding the pitfalls of de-stabilising effect of some breathwork practices.
This is complementary to  Systemic Constellation and other somatic healing in accessing deeply embedded trauma. 

As a proactive practice, breathwork can also be practised without any known “trauma” but as a way to increase life force (“Chi” is breath), access altered state of joy and peace. 
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Oesteopath developed light touch therapy relieving tension from neck and spine, restoring normal functions of the nervous system, restore spinal integrity, relief mental stress, boost learning and cognitive abilities etc.

Offered by: Please inquire

Support whole body especially the liver to neutralise and remove toxins (metabolic and external) with dietary changes and nutritional supplements etc

Offered by:
Jenny Ng
Tapping on meridian points with verbal guidance to facilitate emotional processing, healing and personal growth

Offered by:
Anita Cheung
Experiential processes that reveal hidden root causes of health and life challenges with trans-generational source, usually below conscious level, and for supporting profound personal transformation; Dr Klinghardt, MD, PhD, has found that 50% of root causes of diseases can be addressed with Family Constellation
Offered by:
Anita Cheung
Focusing is a psychotherapeutic process developed by psychotherapist Eugene Gendlin, which involves holding an open, non-judging attention to an internal knowing which is directly experienced but is not yet in words. Focusing can, among other things, be used to become clear on what one feels or wants, to generate new insights about one’s situation, and to stimulate change or healing. Focusing is based on an inner practice on “felt sense”, a quality of engaged accepting attention, and a researched-based technique that facilitates change.
Offered by:
Fanny KO

Everyone can use health coaching. Health coaching can give further on-going support after the bioresonance assisted health and nutrition consultation where you gain clarity about where you stand in your health and wellness, or it can stand alone. 

Your health coach can guide you in how to prepare food and other practical lifestyle changes you can make, and hold you accountable compassionately.

You can also create your own coaching programme with our team to include coaching on different areas of your life with different coaches on our team.

Contact us to set up a complimentary connection call to discuss your needs.

Non-invasive integrative healing science that uses muscle testing for dialogue with body’s innate wisdom that promote all-rounded health
Offered by:
Anita Cheung
(3rd Generation)
The art and science of communication, self management, high performance & personal growth
Offered by: Anita Cheung
Discover your deficiencies and food tolerances by bioresonance testing and get recommendation on food and professional quality supplements personalised for you.

Get personalised meal planning and coaching by our nutritionist.

Offered by:
Our team of trained advisors led by our founder.
Quick belief change and restore the missing “peace” in your life

Offered by:
Anita Cheung

Qigong (Chi Gong) literally means the practice (Gong) of energy (Qi or Chi).

“Qi” is the life force energy that permeates all conscious living systems on the quantum level and it responds to our intention.

Qigong can be a very safe and gentle practice involving slow and conscious movements anyone can learn to do.

Qigong can also be used as a non-touch energy healing modality that supports any health condition.

Inquire with us about:

– self practice small group classes (for adults and children)

– private one-on-one instruction

– energy healing

Promote alignment, immunity and cellular detox with specific essential oils applied on the spine and feet, both energising and relaxing.
Complement non-invasive healing of conditions such as chronic pain, scoliosis etc. 


With the healing tones of alchemy crystal bowls and/or Himalayan Crystal Bowls, restore vibrational harmony of the human living system and achieve full body-mind-spirit balance. 

Private or bespoke small group sessions available. 

Or public classes see our event page


(Coaching and/or Constellation)
Zoom out, discover root cause of challenges on any “system” – family, organisations, teams…. systemic approach being used on coaching and/or constellation method


Offered by:
Anita Cheung

Somatic Education is the process of awakening awareness of the human body to sense and feel and freeing the body as a subject perspective rather than being objectified. Noticing the “felt sense” has immediate grounding and centring effect. 

Disassociation often takes place with traumatic experiences. Somatic work supports the individual to get out of the mind and reconnect with the body and its felt sense.

Many practices such as yoga, Qigong, breathwork etc when practised with awareness help the individual to “come back to the body”, to create safety and presence, which is essential to holistic wellbeing as well as providing foundation for deep healing and self discovery. 

For general wellbeing, you are also welcome to attend our Mind Body Experiential activities. 

For trauma healing, you are recommended to see one of our therapists. 

In your initial session with our founder Anita Cheung, you will receive somatic education and learn valuable self resourcing tools for self practice. From there an integrative healing plan can suggested based on your needs and budget.

To specifically work somatically you may also book to see Fanny Ko in your first session. 

Developed by psychiatrist and trauma expert with 40 years of experience Dr. Peter Levine, a gentle yet powerful psychobiological method for restoring resilience of the nervous system, resolving trauma symptoms and relieving chronic stress. “Trauma” here referring not the event but to the result of failure of the body and the nervous system to process adverse events, such as emotional abuse, neglect, accidents, medical procedures, natural disasters, birth process, sexual abuse, ongoing fear and conflict, etc

Offered by:
Fanny KO
Developed in the 1980s by Rev Robert Detzler, counsellor and ordained minister, a non-religious system which connects with one’s “High Self” and involves using dowsing and detailed charts in researching the subconscious mind (which includes  the quantum memory storage of past life and multiple levels of consciousness) to discover blockages and limitations holding one back in any areas of life – finances, romance, personal development, relationships etc, and transmuting the conflicting information by engaging direct help from one’s Higher Self and the Source. It is a powerful modality that can help in situations not solved by other methods, for for individuals who are open to “soul” level healing. 
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The full Timewaver® system, developed by German innovator Marcus Schmieke and team consists of:

TimeWaver Frequency: A microcurrent frequency device for wellbeing and vitality and for programming personalised frequency programmes to run on portable devices Timewaver® Home and Healy.
TimeWaver Pro: A quantum wellness and personal development tool as well as a tool for systemic business consulting that works across the information field (does not require physical visit)
TimeWaver Cardio: A professional device for measuring the pulse wave and computing heart rate variability (HRV).

Offered by:
Anita Cheung
The Yuen method draws on ancient Chinese healing wisdom from the Shaolin Temple and blends with western understanding of energetic technique and quantum physics.

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