What is Bio-resonance?

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 

iLiving is Hong Kong’s premier Bio-resonance centre, known for continuous innovation with the use of Bio-resonance technology and extending Bio-resonance technology from physiological health management to include body-mind-spirit health enhancement. 

Bio-resonance therapy was first developed in Germany in the 1970’s, validating scientifically the principles in Eastern meridian medicine, homeopathy and time-proven energy medicine.

It is based on the principle that all matter consists of atoms, including our cells. Quantum physics has proven more than a century ago that atoms, when examined at the sub-atomic level, are energy, which has been shown to vibrate at different frequencies.

While we cannot always perceive subtle frequencies, they are affecting us on all levels. Long-term exposure to unnatural frequencies – such as those emitted from modern digital devices – is now found to be linked to all kinds of undesirable health conditions such as lowered sperm count, leukemia and even cancer.

It has been well observed that vibrations that are dissonant with us cause us to be out of balance, whereas those that are resonant bring us back to balance. This balance is necessary to prevent disease and maintain health.

The Bio Resonance system we use is Bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt.

Paul Schmidt has discovered that disease develop by a predictable frequency path. And with Bio-resonance one can detect disturbances at the subtle frequency level long before the manifestation of disease states on the physical level.

Paul Schmidt and his team have identified specific vibrational frequencies of natural substances, of body’s organs, meridians, chakras, etc. and have found the frequencies that “tune” the body back to balance. The current Bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt system supports health assessment and harmonisation with 1000+ programmes that the trained health practitioner can identify and offer for the client after the health assessment process.

What can Bio-resonance technology be used for?

  1. Supporting an already healthy lifestyle and strengthen against harmful and disease causing frequencies
  2. Managing acute or chronic disease by supporting innate immunity and reducing effect of stressors such as side effects of drugs
  3. For detecting food, supplement or product intolerances, and if such an intolerance is found, it can be used for desensitisation against the effects of such intolerances if desired
  4. Assess physical and psychological health and generate customised non-invasive balancing programmes – which can be received in our centre or at the client’s home. 

In short, this system can be used for both proactive health assessment as well as for balancing treatment.

Portable and Home Use Options

To extend the benefits of consultation with a trained therapist, Bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt also offers portable products that neutralise EMF stress, and home use devices that provide Bio-resonance balancing treatments created by the therapist or by the home user themselves (after training). The full Bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt system is now the most widely used Bio-resonance system in Europe. Its effectiveness, absolute safety and user-friendliness makes health maintenance easy and affordable for the intelligent and proactive health seekers.

It is used and recommended by 5700+ physicians and health practitioners in Germany alone and are offered in 42 countries in the world by health practitioners.



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