Corporate Wellness

Work is part of life and not separate from it…

Whether you are an HR executive, spa or club manager, or school head, you may be interested in introducing healthy education, healthy snacks, staff or members’ benefits and/or interactive stress management and nutrition events into your community.

i-Detox’s founder Anita Cheung has been offering interactive and experiential community and corporate wellness talks and events since 2005 (before i-Detox was founded).

Our engaging and interactive holistic health talks have been well-received in various communities.

Being fluent in both English and Cantonese, having long experience in giving engaging presentations on self care and nutrition topics, as well as group facilitation, Anita is a sought-after wellness presenter.

As wholesale and retail supplier of many delicious healthy energy snacks and superfoods, we are in a favourable position to refresh any workplace pantry, health spas and clubs with our expertise and product supply.

And we can discuss with you and propose staff and membership benefits customised to your needs.

Benefits of our wellness programs:

  • Stress reduction
  • Higher morale
  • Vitality and improved immunity (reduced sick leave)
  • Reduction of physical symptoms (lower health risks to common diseases like cardio-vascular diseases)
  • Fulfillment and engagement at work
  • Increase of staff engagement and productivity


"...Anita is passionate and knowledgeable…I found her presentation very inspiring and it was a catalyst for helping me make some key changes to my diet. She understands how to make lifestyle changes acceptable and possible for a wide range of people…Anita is a very well grounded and confident person who presents with openness and conviction."
Angela Spaxman
Client, executive coach and founding president of the Hong Kong International Coaching Community and president of IAC (International Association of Coaches)
"We engaged Anita and i-Detox for a women wellness event as we celebrated International Women’s Day earlier this year.  Anita’s presentation brought new insights to our colleagues on how to manage our own health and wellness.  The event was consummated with a health food tasting which was a pleasant surprise to our palate about healthy eating. Our team (including the men) were motivated after the event to take better care of themselves and they were still talking about the events months after."
Carmen Ling
Managing Director, Citi Transaction Services Head,  Hong Kong
"I want to acknowledge you on behalf of the entire staff of ThreeSixty for the training you provided for us before our store opening.  ThreeSixty was a new brand concept with a great energetic and diverse but untrained staff and your experience in training about natural, organic and lifestyle choices was a major reason we have been successful…. Your interactive training including the cooking class and the organic farm visit, and your knowledge of natural and organic foods was a real benefit to us….Our staff have clearly enjoyed your training and it is nice to see them greet you with a big smile every time you visit the store…"
Bruce Simon
General Manager, ThreeSixty

Corporate Clients