Corporate Wellness

Work is part of life and not separate from it…

At iLiving, we understand the importance of employee well-being and its impact on staff morale, productivity and overall company success. Since 2005-6, our founder Anita Cheung has started working with a discerning clientele including high performing professionals and providing training to staff in the wellness industry. Our company (called i-Detox between 2008 and 2018) has been offering wellness programmes in the corporate, educational sectors, and private clubs since 2008.

With our long experience in the industry, we have a wide network of health and wellness service providers, including personal trainers, instructors and facilitators of yoga, pilates, Qigong, meditation, sound healing, as well as nutritional and lifestyle consultants. We are your one-stop resource. 

Main benefits of our wellness programmes:

  • Equip your workforce to manage stress and resource
  • Improve immunity and overall health (which translates to less sick leave)
  • Higher productivity resulting from better health
  • Higher staff morale 

How we can help:

1. Acting as your One-Stop Resource:

Do you have in house gym and/or space dedicated to employee wellbeing but you need to find trusted health and wellness service providers to provide quality in house wellness services? You can trust us to help you source and vet wellness service providers, from health chefs to physical trainers, from massage therapists to mindfulness teachers….We listen to your needs and help you design customised health and wellness programmes to your team. 

2. Wellness education and experiences:

 Whether at your site or at ours, we can curate and present a variety of wellness experiences. At our boutique wellness premises which is newly renovated and conveniently located, we have offered food tasting with health chefs, regular classes such as Yoga, Pilates, Qigong, Singing Bowl meditation and Breathwork… With small group size, our experienced and well-qualified instructors give individual attention and ensuring safety in practice and tangible results. 

2. Educational and Team-Building Experiences:

Interactive and engaging health education experiences, including nutrition talks with food tasting, multi-dimensional stress resilience and mental health education, team-building exercises can be delivered in English or Cantonese by our team,  in person, or adapted on zoom. 

4. One-on-One Health Analysis:

Our experience has shown us that personalisation is key to achieving optimal health for our discerning clientele. Using state-of-the-art German technologies, our skilled practitioners will assess your employees’ health, allowing them to gain valuable insights into various aspects of their personal well-being, including understanding their best choices in food and health products, helping them make targeted and proactive health choices that truly bring results.

5. One-on-One Coaching and Healing Services:

Emotional and mental wellbeing are key to your staff’s overall health and performance at work. Our exclusive staff benefits extend to personalised one-on-one coaching and healing services. Our experienced practitioners will guide your employees through their wellness journey, providing support, guidance, and healing modalities tailored to their specific needs.


Why Work with Us?

Our dedication to providing high-quality services and co-create real results with our clients has earned us industry recognition for close to two decades. We are led by our founder Anita Cheung, industry veteran, who has been trained in an extremely comprehensive range of wellness and healing modalities. And her curation of our team of professionals ensures that our services are delivered with utmost integrity and quality. Our customer service is friendly and honest.

Choosing the right products and services to one’s health and wellbeing can be really tricky in today’s world. We have carefully curated our products and services to ensure that they meet our high standards of quality and effectiveness. We constantly update our offerings to incorporate the latest wellness trends and advancements in the industry.

Being well doesn’t need to take a lot of time and money. Our services are designed to save time and money for wellness seekers. We never “hard-sell”. We provide quick and affordable health product compatibility checking to help anyone seeking health to make their best choices – buy only what is needed and what will bring results. Also with our convenient location near the MTR your employees can easily fit wellness into their busy schedules.

Our classes are small in size ensuring every participant gets attention and guidance. Our one-on-one services allow us to address individual needs, tailoring our approach to each employee’s unique wellness goals. This personalised approach ensures that your employees receive the care and support they need to thrive.

Our newly decorated modern interior is fitted out with non-toxic materials, enhanced with modern frequency technology to minimise the negative effect of electro-magnetic pollution, and provides a serene and inviting space for wellness experiences.

Bring Wellness To Your Community

We also welcome the opportunity to share our expertise and offer our services to organisations with a discerning membership and educational institutions.


"...Anita is passionate and knowledgeable…I found her presentation very inspiring and it was a catalyst for helping me make some key changes to my diet. She understands how to make lifestyle changes acceptable and possible for a wide range of people…Anita is a very well grounded and confident person who presents with openness and conviction."
Angela Spaxman
Client, executive coach and founding president of the Hong Kong International Coaching Community and president of IAC (International Association of Coaches)
"We engaged Anita and i-Detox for a women wellness event as we celebrated International Women’s Day earlier this year.  Anita’s presentation brought new insights to our colleagues on how to manage our own health and wellness.  The event was consummated with a health food tasting which was a pleasant surprise to our palate about healthy eating. Our team (including the men) were motivated after the event to take better care of themselves and they were still talking about the events months after."
Carmen Ling
Managing Director, Citi Transaction Services Head,  Hong Kong
"I want to acknowledge you on behalf of the entire staff of ThreeSixty for the training you provided for us before our store opening.  ThreeSixty was a new brand concept with a great energetic and diverse but untrained staff and your experience in training about natural, organic and lifestyle choices was a major reason we have been successful…. Your interactive training including the cooking class and the organic farm visit, and your knowledge of natural and organic foods was a real benefit to us….Our staff have clearly enjoyed your training and it is nice to see them greet you with a big smile every time you visit the store…"
Bruce Simon
General Manager, ThreeSixty