Pet Bioresonance and Healing

Because they are family…

Natural . Non-invasive . Time and Cost Saving

Pet Health Analysis

Take the guesswork out of keeping your pet healthy with technology.

Find out energetic health, illness tendencies, food tolerances and compatibility with health products for your animal companion, without even having to bring it to us physically

Exactly like how we have been working with our human client, saliva sample would suffice to perform the analysis. 

The principle of technologies that work through frequency and even remotely underlines how homeopathic remedies and Bach Flower remedies work.

Read about our Bioresonance and Quantum Health Analysis here.
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What to do after the Analysis

There are MANY ACTIONS you can take after the analysis. We will work out a plan during the consultation with the help of quantum information field technology which saves time in identifying the most relevant actions to take.

Some useful actions may include:

  • Custom bioresonance harmonisations – at our premises or with home use equipment (various options available)
  • Taking frequency charged tablets which may contain a combination of frequency information, including frequencies that hamonise meridian flow, organ functioning, vital substances (nutrition), flower essences, homeopathics…
  • Reducing electro-magnetic radiation stress with designated equipment
  • Replacing feed and taking nutritional supplements

Going Deeper to Root Causes

Some clients have come to us because they have not seen results with conventional veterinary medicine or even other intervention such as chinese medicine. Just as how we have been working with our human clients, our service does not necessarily replace these approaches which focus on the physical level (or at best biofield level with acupuncture for example). Our service complements by scanning and harmonisation the unseen levels that go beyond the physical level.

What is to most bioresonance practitioner the “root cause” of a health symptom could be environment toxins, wrong diet, or electro-magnetic radiation, and we acknowledge all these and provide solutions to address. 

How we are different from other bioresonance practices is our signature systemic approach. There is still A LOT beyond what bioresonance can detect. We go beyond that and help you identify and transform the deeper root cause(s) that contribute to the animal’s chronic or recurring symptom.

We have seen it is the most time and cost saving approach and most thorough approach to human and animal total wellbeing. 

Heal the Whole Living System

Our founder Anita Cheung is a multiple-awarded alternative healer with a staggering healing toolbox with many tools. She specialises in applying time and cost-saving cutting edge technologies, integrating with ancient wisdom, and employing her equally analytical and intuitive capacities in solving problems her clients presented – physical health related, related to the “stress” that causes physical health issue, and the client can be human, animal or both, as they are connected based on the principle of quantum entanglement.

From the systemic principle in line with quantum mechanics, it’s often observed that chronic health and behaviour issues of pet animals (and children also) expresses energies in the higher systemic level that are not in flow and needing attention – meaning the coherence of the owner or parent needs to be restored to really address the deeper root cause. Such disruption or blockage can be caused by unprocessed trauma related emotions that the owner or parent is not aware of, or that they have never been shown to release before. 

As industry expert in systemic and multi-dimensional healing, by scanning all the information and energy levels of your pet and the system it is a part of and facilitating the healing required specific to each level, seemingly “miraculous” healing take place when ALL the levels of the living system come into higher level of coherence. 

Whether you would like to start with bioresonance for your pet only, or you would like the complete root cause healing approach, reach out to book your first consultation session, in person or online.

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