Pet Bioresonance & Healing

Because they are your family…

Are you look for a natural and effective solution to solve your pet’s health issue?

Whether it’s human or animals, we are multi-faceted. When symptoms show up in your pet, it is there to signal something is out of balance, but the root cause may or may not be from your pet.

Just as we would use Bio-resonance to assess health and food tolerance of our human clients, or to make homeopathic-like remedies and Bach Flower remedies based on the assessment, our qualified Bio-resonance therapists can support your pet’s health with this completely safe and non-invasive technology. We only need your pet’s saliva to perform this service. 

Making sure pet food actually “resonates” with you pet is the foundation for its health. Bioresonance balancing that you can perform at home for your pet can improve or maintain its wellness. 

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And if you are open to address higher sources of your pet’s health issues, or if he issue recurs despite taking all normal actions, you may consider a more “systemic” approach.

As we are specialise in the “systemic” approach and see beyond the surface, we have seen how often the root cause of the pet’s chronic or recurring symptom stems from the bigger system the pet is a part of – which can mean you and your emotions and your relationships. 

Our founder specialises in a unique integrative approach of healing that have helped both her human and animal clients in identifying the true cause(s) of their symptom and in healing the root causes. If you as a pet owner is open to healing yourself, your pet will not need to carry the symptom for you and what is out of balance from your “system”. (This is also true for children and parents.)

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*Our pet services are not designed to replace veterinary consultations.