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Bioresonance. Quantum Information Field Technology. Multi-Dimensional Health

Every day we are exposed to disruptive frequencies from digital devices, satellites, sources of geopathic stress from the environment, medical assessment procedures, airport security checks and so on. Long term exposure to these frequencies are now found to be linked with many undesirable health conditions such as mood disorders, blood diseases, digestive issues, cancer and many other chronic diseases.

Since all matter is made of frequency, none of us living a modern life is exempt from the negative effect of harmful frequencies. 

Not only can we now harmonise ourselves against harmful and disruptive frequencies, we can also proactively increase health promoting frequencies by using the latest devices to optimise our physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual wellbeing. 

While we apply professional level frequency devices in our work, we also offer a curated range of end-user devices

We believe you only need our professional services occasionally, and that our solutions can help you take charge of your health in the most cost effective way. 

Subtle frequency precedes matter

As science progressed from Issac Newton’s mechanistic science to quantum physics discovery of Einstein, Plank and many others, it has also become clearly established that what we consider to be “matter” is really not “solid” but made of vibrational frequencies. 

While the human body is made up of cells, each cell is really billions of vibrating atoms. Every cell in the body is found to resonate at a particular frequency which takes the form of an electromagnetic field. Groups of cells in an organ or system vibrate in multiple frequency patterns that resonate with the biological blueprint which exists in the morphogenetic field. This explains why a plant, an animal, or human, when injured, would heal. The bioplasma is self-organising.

Ancient traditional healing systems such as ayurvedic or Taoist have long recognised that a healthy living system maintains coherence within its microcosm as well as with the macrocosm – the entire body as well as its natural environment.

And with more emerging finer equipment that measures bio-frequencies, we can more easily observe higher systemic level imbalances. 

Root Cause Approach

As such, the root causes of physical symptoms can be traced back to higher systemic imbalances – in systems thinking, it’s referred to as “downward causation”.

And as Albert Einstein famously said, one cannot solve the problem at the level it arises.

The basis of systemic and frequency medicine is to go beyond the “matter” level to the “energy” and (even further) the “information field” and “consciousness” levels to restore balance of the living system.

Since conventional medicine and mainstream science still does not fully recognise the existence of the biofield, information field and consciousness in relation to “matter” and the physical body, due to many reasons, frequency medicine is still in the realm of emerging science. It can complement conventional medicine, but should not be considered as a replacement. 

Resonance in a nutshell

Resonance is the process by which a field of a particular frequency or wavelength can transfer vibrational energy from one object to another. The phenomenon of resonance underlies the physical world. 

When one strikes a tuning fork, the other tuning fork with the same frequency in the room starts to vibrate. That is “resonance” in action. 

An example of “bio-resonance” is how the frequency of sunlight can cause production of Vitamin D in the human body (physical level). Another example is how the frequency of singing bowl when played correctly can shift brain wave state of a person and relax them, while jarring rock music can make one anxious. 

Proactive prevention with bioresonance

Scientists have observed that the imbalances that contribute to a “disease” state originate from the subtle frequency levels first and progress in a predictable path to the denser physical level (imagine “octaves” in music). Before we detect frequencies we can discern there are same but subtler frequencies Bioresonance analysis can pick up – just as how a trained energy healer can detect subtle energies. Now we can enjoy accuracy and objectivity with advance Bioresonance technology much easier.

We can use bioresonance technology to analyse as well as to “harmonise”/”treat” (vibrationally). 

The main professional Bioresonance system we use in our practice, is Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, Rayonex, from Germany. It is classed as EU class II medical device. It is completely safe and non-invasive, while also being very effective. (A 2019 double-blind, randomised controlled study provided scientific proof that the latest Polar 4.0 of Rayonex was effective in treating patients with cervical spine syndrome.) 

There are two main types of Bio-resonance from Germany used by many practitioners worldwide. One type creates a square or triangle shaped wavelength to send back to the body to cancel out, for example, frequencies of pathogens, but it may also disrupt cell signaling because human frequencies are made of sine waves. Rayonex, which we use mainly, creates sine waves only. It restores balance by strengthening our natural bio-frequencies. They can create an unwelcome environment for pathogens so they cannot survive, thus achieving similar effect without the risk of the unnatural frequencies and the human error of using the wrong frequencies.

To perform bioresonance health assessment, no blood is taken. We run the test with you sitting on a conducting fabric, holding conducting rods, or with your saliva sample without you needing to be present for the consultation. (This is how we can also work with your pet just with its saliva sample).

The assessment is also completely safe to do during pregnancy and breast-feeding. The harmonisation has no side effects and does not cause any symptoms either. The body’s frequencies will only be affected when there is a “resonance”. Some people may feel a mild tingling in their body similar to when one receives energy healing, but this is not painful in any way. And it is normal for some to require more rest and hydration after their treatments as the body naturally adjusts to the balancing frequencies. Third party 

The other bioresonance equipment we use is based on micro-current frequency technology, also from Germany, called TimeWaver® Frequency. There is contraindication including individuals with metal implants and epilepsy. This is why we prefer to use Rayonex Bioresonance for most situations. 

However we use the TimeWaver® Frequency equipment to programme personalised self healing programmes for the portable devices of Healy and MagHealy, which are used as portable frequency devices for generally healthy individuals. 

Lastly we also employ the TimeWaver® PDA quantum information field technology. It has no known contraindication and it works on the even more subtle fields beyond the bio-energetic field. The principle behind is quantum entanglement. 

We use bioresonance for both health ANALYSIS and HARMONISATION. 

These are the main ways we use it:

  • Proactive health check to discover subtle imbalances before they manifest into physical imbalance
  • Improve natural energy to facilitate healing and detoxification
  • Proactively support health of multiple physiological system health eg cardiovascular, digestive, lymphatic
  • Support recovery from disease of imbalanced state
  • Detect food intolerances
  • Detect heavy metal, electromagnetic or geopathic stress
  • Detect nutritional deficiencies
  • Discover compatibility of health products for the unique individual and for specific areas of concern
  • Desensitise over-reaction of nervous system and immune system which helps relieve allergy reaction to specific food and substance including drugs
  • Address root causes of poor sleep or other health challenges
  • Support emotional and nervous system balance
  • Support athletic recovery
  • Support weight loss, fluid retention & detoxification

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Bioresonance Pre-set Harmonisation

When you arrive if it is your first visit for your Bio-resonance health check we will require you to fill in a questionnaire, this takes approximately 15 minutes to do. Or you can fill in at home ahead of time.

For best conductivity and thus more accurate analysis, please wear natural fibre (cotton/wool/silk/linen…) clothing. Or we can provide you with clothing or towel.

There will be no physical pressure like in bodywork treatments but coming with an empty stomach or right after a heavy meal is not advised.

We will require you to remove all jewellery or metallic objects as these can affect the analysis and harmonisation. We will require mobile phones and portable digital devices to be turned off during your session to avoid interference. You will be lying on a special bed with cotton and metal woven blanket underneath to allow detection of your body’s frequencies and transferring of harmonising frequencies.

We have taken great care in ensuring the treatment room is conducive to your healing by measures that mitigate electric-magnetic frequencies inevitable in being a urban setting as well as geopathic stress.

We start your first consultation with a brief demonstration and explanation. Then we will perform a Rayoscan, to detect frequencies given off by your body and generate a report. To do this, we will attach some ECG pads onto your body, while you are sitting or lying comfortably on a couch, lined with special conducting fabric. 

Manual checking with a handheld Rayotensor wand by the therapist is also performed. It is required for food tolerance testing and health product compatibility checking. You do not need to sit through the manual part of the analysis. Yor saliva sample is enough for us to continue with the analysis. Our body fluid is a holographic part of our entire living system and contains the frequency patterns. 

Please schedule approx one hour if it is your initial session.

For return sessions, you can just let us collect your saliva sample and fill out your revisit form letting us know your current focus and any observations we need to know. 

If your time allows we will perform Rayoscan which takes a few minutes. 

If you require reprogramming of your home treatment cards, we would prefer to run a longer Rayoscan which takes about 15 mins. 

However if timing doesn’t allow, we can skip that and achieve the same goal by manual checking using your saliva sample. 

If you have only ordered a bioresonance food tolerance test we will proceed to perform the test and will complete it and agree at a time to meet you to go over the report, offer interpretation and dietary coaching based on the results. Usually it is in person but we can also do it on zoom.

Most clients go for a multi-dimensional health analysis to see the full picture of their health. If bioresonance harmonisation is seen to be highly relevant, we will suggest you to receive it. And we will discuss different options to do that. It is more time and cost saving to receive in the comfort of your home. But we do offer a free trial in our premises and we will customise your programme based on scan findings and our consultation. 

Bioresonance frequencies entrain your body’s own self regulation. It is not to be confused with medical “treatments”. Bioresonance works on the principle of bio-physics and frequency – the level that precedes materialistic body. 

Rayonex bioresonance harmonisations are delivered through a special cotton and metallic conducting fabric which allows you to receive it while you rest or sleep. Most do not feel any sensation. You just need to lie on the fabric wearing natural fibre to receive the frequencies. 

While you are welcome to come to our centre to receive your Bioresonance customised harmonisation, you can save time and money if you use a home use Bio-resonance machine, which you can rent or purchase.

Your programme will be stored on your own personal programme cards. 

Having Bioresonance harmonisation often helps sleep and our body is more receptive to the self healing while we sleep. and it will not take up any productive time of yours. In fact since your sleep improves, clients generally report having to sleep less, and/or being more productive during the day. 

Rayonex frequency treatments (also called “harmonisations) can be received with no contradiction including for individuals with metal implants, epilepsy, and who are pregnant. 

Portable and Wearable Bioresonance Devices – 

Some individuals may also consider a portable and wearable light weight bioresonance device called Healy. This is an invention by Marcus Schmieke, the same inventor of the TimeWaver® system we use.  Healy can also be used even if you are receiving Rayonex Bioresonance, as practically Rayonex Bioresonance programmes require more professional training to update, although it is very powerful. 

Many of our clients who are using Rayonex Bioresonance regularly also equip themselves with a Healy device, as there are pros and cons in using these two different kinds of technology. We can discuss and do demonstration at your consultation so you can make your informed decision. 

By extension, Healy also has a device MagHealy, which has the one of the functions of space harmonisation which we have tested to work well. And we can support you on using it. 

At your consultation we can discuss the pros and cons of various ways to receive your frequency treatments, as well as self practices that are completely FREE OF CHARGE, just requiring your effort. 

By virtue of quantum entanglement, the health of astronauts have be monitored by quantum technology for decades. Quantum entanglement and its application is the focus of the work of recent (2022) Nobel Prize of Physics awardees. 

TimeWaver® Pro or TimeWaver® PDA (formerly Timewaver Med) is a professional device from Germany capable of non-linear functions by patented information field analysis and optimisation (harmonisation), developed by Marcus Schmieke, physicist, visionary, consciousness researcher and philosopher. Installed within are quantum sensors and noise generators (inspired by the work of Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev) that allow it to access the non-local information field, the field which precedes the biofield.

Seeing the Full Picture with Unified Field

Quantum physicist Burkhard Heim, developer of the Unified Field Theory, inspired Marcus Schmieke to develop practical application using TimeWaver® information field technology for personal development and healing. Burkhard Hemin’s 12-dimension model connects the dots for biology, psychology and ancient spiritual wisdom. The top of his model is “consciousness”. The higher levels include/permeate the lower ones. Realisation of what is observable starts from the highest Creative Source – where “intention” originates. The 10th to 12th dimension is what he calls “God’s Realm. The human intention operates at the 9th dimension. Intention gets realised in the Information Field, and then gets translated through the Bioenergetic Field, and finally gets realised in the Physical Matter realm (1st to 3rd dimension) that exists within the dimension of Space-Time (4th dimension). This 12-Dimensional model of reality very much echoes the multi-dimensional approach of healing iLiving has long been operating from.

Information Field

In a nutshell, the information field is like the “cloud” space where ALL information could be accessed. According to physicist Burkhard Heim, developer of the Unified Field Theory, the information field is “where all answers to all questions can be found”.

The quantum physics definition of the information field fits what practitioners of mental radiesthesia (dowsing), applied kinesiology, systemic constellation and akashic record reading intuitively know about where they get their higher systemic information from.

What quantum physicist David Bohm calls the explicate order refers to what is observable in space-time. What he calls the implicate order can be understood as the information field. The implicate order gives rise to the explicate order. The “implicate” is where the templates and underlying structures are. Biologist Rupert Sheldrake has made popular the concept of the “morphic field” which first emerged in the 1920s, and it essentially refers to the same. If the information field is where the archetypes and original templates are located, the bioenergetic field is the transformation field bringing the original blueprint to physical reality.

By using quantum technology such as the TimeWaver Pro as well as other systemic modalities that we perform in the information field and consciousness field in partnership with the client’s intention, we have no geographic limitation in terms of who we work with. 

Bioresonance harmonisation programme adjustment:

Depending on your state of health and programme type, regular re-visit to reassess and adjust the bioresonance programmes is recommended to maintain your holistic health, especially if you have a health condition. Generally an average of a 4-6 week interval is helpful. For more fast-changing conditions, re-programming is recommended to be sooner. 

We can also create multiple programme cards for your use so you can rotate them and you may extend the interval between re-assessments. This will be determined together with your therapist. Additionally, we can also create general wellness programmes that you do not need to update regularly that your family can share.

In summary how often and for how long you need to continue with Bio-resonance harmonisation treatments will really depend on the severity of imbalances as well as your general lifestyle, for example a poor diet, lack of sleep and mental stress will delay healing; on the other hand, taking an integrative approach (which we recommend and are known for) that addresses all dimensions of your health can dramatically shorten the time required to restore balance. 

TimeWaver® Information Field harmonisation adjustment: 

TimeWaver quantum technology works in a non-linear way and takes very little time to rescan and adjust harmonisations. Generally every 4 to 8 weeks is recommended, or depending on the issue. 

At your revisit consultation we will discuss what works best for you. We always consider relevance, effectiveness and efficiency in our recommendations. 

It’s entirely your choice. There are many ways to counteract the long-term assault of modern lifestyle, including exposure to environmental toxins, the ubiquitous disruptive frequencies of electro smog, geopathic stress, and general mental and emotional stress. Many self practices support us without costing anything, or costing very little, such as more nature walk, sun exposure, sleeping earlier, Qigong, yoga, conscious breathing, singing bowl supported relaxation and other somatic self practices etc. (See our class schedule)

For individuals who are suffering from serious chronic health conditions, and/or taking pharmaceutical medication, we recommend regular use of Rayonex bioresonance (along with TimeWaver information field technology) to support self healing and in harmonisation of side effects of medical procedures. 

For individuals who have food intolerances (that can have various effects on health, such as digestive, immune, nervous system and hormone health), bioresonance can support building up resilience. When intolerance of a substance is found (e.g. food that you love to eat but you are intolerant of such as wheat), harmonisation over time may also help to de-sensitise adverse reactions. 

Even without many health conditions, we as proactive health-seekers use frequency technologies for health assessment and harmonisation because:

1. it can detect disease frequencies early, and strengthen our body against harmful frequencies we are exposed to in daily living – just like a musical instrument, our body can receive regular “tuning” to maintain its optimal function

2. it is useful in maintaining or boosting innate immunity 

4. we can have not only each of our own customised correctional programmes, but we also share general wellness programmes and other programmes designed for specific purposes such as winter immune support, detox, relaxation, sports performance etc with our family.

We also use Healy and MagHealy for their portability and other benefits that Rayonex does not cover.

Lastly we use TimeWaver® information field technology to do very quick health scan as well as supporting life goals, which other frequency devices do not cover. 

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
Nicola Tesla