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Subtle frequency precedes matter
As science progressed from Issac Newton’s time to the 19th century with the emergence of finer equipment of measurements as well as the quantum physicists in the likes of Einstein, Plank, Heisenberg etc, it became clearly established what we consider to be “matter” is really not “solid” but made of vibrational frequencies.
In terms of the human body which is made up of cells, each cell are really billions of atoms which vibrate. Every cell in the body is found to resonate at a particular frequency which takes the form of an electromagnetic field. Groups of cells in an organ or system vibrate in multiple frequency patterns that resonate with their blueprint which exists in the morphogenetic field. A healthy living system vibrate in coherence within its smaller parts as well as with the bigger system which is the whole body, as well as its natural environment – what Taoist medicine calls the harmony of “heaven”, “human” and “earth”. 
Proactive prevention with bioresonance

Scientists have observed that the imbalances that contribute to a “disease” state originate from the subtle frequency levels and progressed in a predictable path to the denser physical level – imagine “octaves” in music – before we and detect sounds we can hear there are same but subtler sounds Bioresonance can pick up – this is  what ancients have long known and achieved by dedicated practice in sharpening their subtle senses. Now we can enjoy accuracy and objectivity with advance Bioresonance technology much easier.

When one strikes a tuning fork, the other tuning fork with the same frequency in the room starts to vibrate. That is “resonance” in action. 
Resonance in a nutshell
Resonance is the process by which a field of a particular frequency or wavelength can transfer vibrational energy from one object to another. The phenomenon of resonance underlies the physical world. 
Rayonex Bioresonance

Bio-resonance Rayonex (one of the systems we use) is a sensitive and non-invasive health assessment and improvement technology originating from Germany.

It has its origin in the 1970s and has since evolved to a more sophisticated level in the current state.

With our Bio-resonance equipment we can detect the frequencies given off by the body (even just with the saliva sample of the person), often long before the signs of disease occur or can be detected by medical procedures. Our Bioresonance system has data base that covers specific vibrational frequencies of nutrients, natural substances, of the body’s organs and systems, of the most common pathogens and harmful substances as well as mental and psychological states. We are equipped with the latest model of Rayonex professional bioresonance Polar 4.0, which allows us to work very fast in identifying treatment focus. <Frequency analysis and treatment does not work on the matter level and as such cannot be understood as replacement of medical diagnosis and treatment. It can be used to complement.>

Bioresonance analyses can help one find out which foods, supplements, essential oils etc may help to strengthen or weaken them, and if these substances are doing what they are supposed to be doing, resulting in savings and more focus in the use of health products that really work.

With bioresonance technology one can receive a quick scan and then have a tailored made harmonisation programmes to have a power nap in our premises, such as for quick energy recharge, jet-lag support, immunity boost, etc.

Various portable bioresonance devices are also on offer to suit your personalised harmonisation needs, such as the Healy and MagHealy devices. 

Rayonex Bio-resonance also provides portable Bio-field technology to protect your body against the harmful effects of digital devices, electrical fields created by AC currents etc. 

Our unique approach

To complement bioresonance analysis, or as a standalone analysis, we employ Timewaver® PDA professional equipment which analyse on the quantum information field level and harmonise through scalar waves (also known as Tesla waves). This allows us to perform very quick and detailed analysis across space. The client’s physical presence is not required. 

We are not claiming frequency treatment replaces medical “treatment” – however you can see harmonisation as “treating” yourself well – they are wellness treatments, completely safe and non invasive. Imagine receiving the effect of acupuncture and chi-gong while you are sleeping or commuting, and being able to objectively access your improvement over time. 

Every day we are exposed to disruptive frequencies from digital devices, satellites, sources of geopathic stress from the environment, medical assessment procedures, airport security checks and so on. Long term exposure to these frequencies are now found to be linked with many undesirable health conditions such as mood disorders, blood diseases, digestive issues, cancer and many other chronic diseases.

Since all matter is made of frequency, none of us living a modern life is exempt from the negative effect of harmful frequencies. 

Not only can we now harmonise ourselves against harmful and disruptive frequencies, we can also proactively increase health promoting frequencies by using the latest devices to optimise our physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual wellbeing. 

While we apply professional level frequency devices in our work, we also offer a curated range of end-user devices. 

It is our sincere hope that you only need our professional services occasionally, and that we can empower you to take charge of your own wellbeing in the most effective and efficient way. 

Our Bioresonance system is completely safe and non-invasive.

There are two main types of Bio-resonance from Germany used by many practitioners worldwide. One type creates a square or triangle shaped wavelength to send back to the body to cancel out, for example, frequencies of pathogens, but it may also disrupt cell signaling because human frequencies are made of sine waves. Rayonex, which we use, creates sine waves only. It restores balance by strengthening our natural frequencies. They can create an unwelcome environment for pathogens so they cannot survive, thus achieving similar effect without the risk of the unnatural frequencies and the human error of using the wrong frequencies.

Also the Bio-resonance health assessment does not involve taking any blood samples or any use of needles. We can even run the test on a saliva sample without you needing to be present for the consultation. (This is how we can also work with your pet just with its saliva sample).

The assessment is also completely safe to do during pregnancy and breast-feeding. The harmonisation has no side effects and does not cause any symptoms either. The body’s frequencies will only be affected when there is a “resonance”. Some people may feel a mild tingling in their body similar to when one receives energy healing, but this is not painful in any way. And it is normal for some to require more rest and hydration after their treatments as the body naturally adjusts to the balancing frequencies.

We use it for both health ANALYSIS and HARMONISATION. 

These are the main ways we use it:

  • Proactive health check to discover subtle imbalances before they manifest into physical imbalance
  • Improve natural energy to facilitate healing and detoxification
  • Proactively support health of multiple physiological system health eg cardiovascular, digestive, lymphatic
  • Support recovery from disease of imbalanced state
  • Detect food intolerances
  • Detect heavy metal, electromagnetic or geopathic stress
  • Detect nutritional deficiencies
  • Discover compatibility of health products for the unique individual and for specific areas of concern
  • Desensitise over-reaction of nervous system and immune system which helps relieve allergy reaction to specific food and substance including drugs
  • Address root causes of poor sleep or other health challenges
  • Support emotional and nervous system balance
  • Support athletic recovery

Support weight loss, fluid retention & detoxification

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Bioresonance Pre-set Harmonisation

When you arrive if it is your first visit for Bio-resonance we will require you to fill in a questionnaire, this takes approximately 15 minutes to do. Or you can fill in at home ahead of time.

For best conductivity and thus more accurate analysis, please wear natural fibre (cotton/wool/silk/linen…) clothing. Or we can provide you with clothing or towel.

There will be no physical pressure like in bodywork treatments but coming with an empty stomach or right after a heavy meal is not advised.

We will require you to remove all jewellery or metallic objects as these can affect the analysis and harmonisation. We will require mobile phones and portable digital devices to be turned off during your session to avoid interference. You will be lying on a special bed with cotton and metal woven blanket underneath to allow detection of your body’s frequencies and transferring of harmonising frequencies.

We have taken great care in ensuring the treatment room is conducive to your healing. It has been fitted out especially to block out harmful frequencies through the use of a special paint and curtain material, and placing the treatment table and machine away from geopathic stress.

The first part of the typical consultation will require an initial energy check using a handheld Rayotensor wand by the therapist. The wand makes subtle frequencies visible. We often need to perform an initial harmonisation to bring your body to baseline in order to start perform accurate assessment. After the harmonisation we will perform a Rayoscan, this will check for 200 single frequencies given off by your body and generate a report for the top 68 frequency imbalances. To do this, we will attach some ECG pads to your wrists and ankles and then some cables to connect to the machine. This takes around 12 minutes to perform.

After the Rayoscan we will run a short targeted harmonisation treatment based on the generated report frequencies. Some people fall asleep even in these short few minutes and feel refreshed as these are exactly what they need and very targeted. For the next part of the session we will use the handheld wand to check specific organ systems and pathologies which may be out of balance or we can do a food intolerance or product check.

We will check various health products such as supplements we feel may be of benefit to your health. We will also check the effects of electronic devices on your body and show you how to minimise the effects of these. This takes approximately 90 minutes to perform.

A 120-minutes session would allow for more detailed assessment – recommended for those who have more health challenges or those who would like to have more products or food checked. It is also cheaper to do up to 70 food items food tolerance checking in an extended session than to book a separate session.

Read here for details 


We will generate and save your report onto a “green card” which is a programme card. We will only save them if you would like to have your Bio-resonance treatment – either in our centre or at home. If not we will keep a print-out of your report for future reference. The harmonisation session will be tailored to your specific frequencies which are out of balance and it aims to restore your body back to a normal equilibrium by providing your body with the frequencies it needs to balance itself. Bio-resonance Harmonisation (wellness treatment) can be performed from twice a week to daily without any adverse effect. Initially we recommend two treatments within 48 hours.

While you are welcome to come to our centre to receive your Bioresonance customised harmonisation, you can save more time and money long term if you use a home use Bio-resonance machine, which you can rent or purchase.

Your programme will be stored on your own personal programme card to take home. Additionally you will require to buy a special cotton metal woven blanket to place under your bedding to allow the home machine to communicate with you.

While doing home Bioresonance harmonisation on a metal sprung mattresses is not ideal (but won’t do harm), you can also carry out home Bioresonance on a seat or sofa which does not contain metal. 

Having Bioresonance harmonisation often helps sleep and our body is more receptive to healing while we sleep. 

Depending on your state of health and programme type, regular re-visits to reassess and adjust the programme are recommended to maintain your holistic health. Generally an average of a 3 to 4-week interval is helpful.

We can also create multiple programme cards for your use so you can rotate them and you may extend the interval between re-assessments. This will be determined together with your therapist. Additionally, we can also create general wellness programmes that you do not need to update regularly that your family can share.

How often and for how long you need to continue with Bio-resonance harmonisation treatments will depend on the severity of imbalances as well as your general lifestyle, for example a poor diet, lack of sleep and stress will delay healing; on the other hand, taking an integrative approach (which we recommend) that addresses all dimensions of your health can dramatically shorten the time required to restore balance. 

In any case, doing your Bio-resonance at night is ideal – it will not take up any productive time of yours and most find their sleep improves while receiving treatments.

Regular Bio-resonance health assessment and harmonisation can be used for a number of long term health purposes for the proactive wellness seekers-

1. it can help maintain your health by detecting disease frequencies early, and strengthen your body against harmful frequencies you are exposed to in your daily living – just like a musical instrument, your body can receive regular “tuning” to maintain its optimal function

2. it is useful in the management of acute or chronic disease – for example to boost innate immunity and to reduce side effect of drugs

3. when intolerance of a substance is found (e.g. food that you love to eat but you are intolerant of such as wheat), harmonisation over time can help to de-sensitise adverse reactions

4. you and your family can have not only each of your own customised correctional programme, but can also share general wellness programmes and other programmes designed for specific purposes such as winter immune support, detox, relaxation, sports performance etc.

CONTACT US to book a complimentary 20-min Bioresonance demo trial, Bioresonance Energy Recharge, a Bioresonance Quick Wellness Scan, or our signature Bioresonance Health (and Nutrition) Consultation with our nutritionist therapist.