Founder’s Integrative Healing

Live your highest potential....

When we were born, we knew no limitations. We are all born to able to live to our fullest potential. And then we have experiences and those experiences shape us. We may detour further and further from our true potential, and that’s when we have health issues and other “issues” in our life.

A health challenge or any “issues” in life often serve as a catalyst for positive change, in fact a TRANSFORMATION. Transformation is a complete and irreversible change – which means one is never the same again. Once you recognise something you cannot go back to when you were ignorant of it. The transformative experience often involves INTEGRATING what you did not see or have denied before. And integration continues in your life as you embody the positive shift on all levels of your life.

Anita’s specialty is facilitating the processes of TRANSFORMATION and INTEGRATION – such that you can live to your fullest potential.

Who would benefit?

  • your life is “okay” but you are feeling stuck in some parts of your life
  • you actually live a “good life” that many envy but deep down something is missing
  • you would like to discover and address the root cause(s) of an issue (probably a long standing one) in any area of your life (or see the underlying connection of a few issues)
  • you want to have better results in your life
  • you want support to process recurring emotions or shift stubborn old patterns
  • you want to discover what you don’t know that you don’t know about yourself that may hold the key to your next level of development
  • you are a coach or a healing professional (the coach needs a coach and the healer needs a healer too!)
  • you are in leadership position (because your business can be a brutally honest outward expression of what is unresolved within you) and would like to work with someone who understands specific issues faced by a leader

Anita’s unique approach

Anita is known by her clients as being non-judgemental, compassionate and very perceptive. She is an HSP (highly sensitive person – about 15% of the population) and a broad thinker at the same time.

Anita has developed a unique 6-Dimensional Approach to Healing and Personal Development which allows her (and her team) to provide all-rounded comprehensive healing and personal development facilitator.

Anita often “zooms out” to see with new systemic perspectives that the usual analytical zooming in approach would miss. And with her deep understanding of the full spectrum of wellness and personal development, she naturally approaches the physical, environmental, emotional, mental, ancestral, collective consciousness and spiritual levels of the issue you bring in order to see the truth of the issue as “a whole”.

Anyone can become a NEW person

Anita’s personal transformational experience in life as a healing facilitator and entrepreneur and her continuous reinvention of herself has convinced her that anyone is capable of renewal and transformation given appropriate facilitation and their own readiness.

The Healer Needs to Be Healed

Anita is the healer of many healers or aspiring healers.

Anita believes that the most important prerequisite for her effectiveness is her own development to being a vessel that is as clear and neutral as possible. A “healer” needs to be healed herself/himself and be committed to her ongoing self renewal. Anita’s grounded presence has developed from many years of dedicated self development, and this is her lifelong commitment.

Curiosity and strong drive to understand all the causes of illness and challenges in life, including in business and leadership, has been fueling Anita’s long-time exploration on multi-dimensional healing and personal development.

In fact Anita prefers to call herself “healing facilitator” instead of “healer” because she sees everyone being their own “healer” and her job is simply to facilitate the necessary processes. 

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Less is more

Unlike long drawn out “talk therapy”, which often strengthens the client’s limiting life (because neurons that fire together wire together), Anita’s TRANSFORMATIONAL approach gets straight to the core of the matter, as well as strengthen the client’s connection to their inner resources for sustainable positive shifts.

Since higher dimensions precede lower dimensions, the root causes to the “problem” are often found on the the higher system(s), clients often experience breakthrough results on their physical health – chronic conditions that have developed over a long period of time can be improved or completely eliminated when the root causes are addressed. Although this integrative approach can benefit all areas of life, not just health.

With Anita’s continuous refinement of her healing techniques and her own self healing and embodiment, session time required is now often shorter. (Old clients please note.)

Session Length

Initial session is recommended to be 90-minute to maximum 2-hour, depending on what modalities suit the client most. (Some modalities require longer time some less.) Revisit session can sometimes be 60 mins. (You will be charged only on the time actually spent.)

If you have a health condition, then you are recommended to start with the Bioresonance Health Consultation first.

Depending on the client’s needs, Anita employs a combination of these techniques including but not limited to:
Breathing Education and Healing Breathwork Hypnosis & Regression

Systemic Work & Family Constellation

Energy healing techniques
Somatic processing
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping)


(Aroma Freedom Technique using essential oil to achieve fast result often faster than EFT) NLP Coaching (3rd Generation Generative NLP) and Life Coaching Soul Profiling and Soul (Akashic) Reading Consciousness field research

Bioresonance may be used in the background at no additional cost to support optimal healing effect.

Anita’s signature healing is also available Remotely with video conferencing

For students on the spiritual path looking for guidance in realising their soul purpose, please refer to the most comprehensive and advanced of Anita’s work here. <“Soul” referring to the source of the consciousness depository.>