Founder’s Integrative Healing

Come home to yourself...

Coaching + Healing + Mindful Presence

While both coaching and healing contribute to personal development, their focus is different – generally coaching is future-focused whereas healing is past-focused. If we do not fully complete the past (on all levels of our being) we cannot truly create our desired future. Coaching and healing combined we support you to transform the difficult and hurtful from the past into your gift and resource, such that you express your highest potential. And we acknowledge that we cannot truly experience joy, love, peace and abundance without being able to experience the present fully. (And not being able to be in the “present” is often a trauma response. The solution is not to try harder to meditate.)

As Anita is well experienced in coaching, mindfulness practice and multiple healing modalities, you can expect to receive the exact support you need in one session – which can include education, coaching and healing facilitation. 

Each session will be tailored to you. 

How is this integrative healing experience different? 

Starting from November 2022, all of Anita’s healing sessions include TimeWaver Pro information field analysis and harmonisation. This is latest quantum technology from Germany that allows for quick and effective scan on the information field level of the subject like no other equipment has been able to achieve. This has made our sessions even more powerful with more long lasting impact. 

How we see you – 

You are not broken to begin with….How our approach differs from conventional therapies is that we do not see you as a “pathology” and our focus is not in changing the behaviour but in addressing the ROOT causes, because dysfunctional behaviours originate from something deeper. We see you as already perfect and whole. We see dysfunction as normal responses to cope with unresolved trauma. They are usually clever strategies that once served an important purpose in your life. 

(We also acknowledge that bio-chemical imbalances can contribute to lack of wellness and alignment emotionally, mentally and spiritually. That’s why we are interested in your diet and your biofield too and we use bioresonance to help you on that.)

When we were born, we knew no limitations. We were full of joy and hope and we had trust and fully expected to be supported and provided for. We are all born to able to live to our fullest potential. But we are also shaped by our interaction with our environment and experiences which shape us. Along the way we often forget who we really are and what we are here to create. The more we deviate from who we are, the more life becomes challenging

Challenges in health, relationships, career or any areas in our life often serve as a catalyst for positive change, in fact a potential for TRANSFORMATION. Transformation is a complete and irreversible change – which means one is never the same again. Once you see a truth so life-changing, you cannot un-see it.

How often do I need to have these healing sessions? 

Most clients who see Anita for healing do NOT see her every week. Many book their sessions on a need basis or monthly for maintenance. 

Our goal is to to facilitate shifts that have long term effect, instead of developing a co-dependency. 

A short (e.g. 30 mins to 60 mins) session can be more frequent for check in, a quick singing bowl assisted subconscious reprogramming reinforcement, or a revisit to fine tune their information field and adjust their harmonisation. 

If and when we work over a period of time, we can deepen our work on the Integration that needs to continue in your life as you embody the positive shift on all levels of your life.

To do that you can also join Anita’s group coaching programmes.

Are we right for working together?

  • your life is “okay” but you are feeling stuck in some parts of your life
  • you want to have better results in your life
  • you live a “good life” that many envy but deep down you cannot deny something is missing
  • you would like to discover and address the root cause(s) of an issue (probably a long standing one) in any area of your life (or see the underlying connection of a few issues)
  • you want support to process recurring emotions or shift stubborn old patterns that you know are affecting your health or other areas of your life
  • you want to discover what you don’t know that you don’t know about yourself that may hold the key to your next level of development
  • you are a coach or a healing professional (the coach needs a coach and the healer needs a healer too!)
  • you are an entrepreneur or in a leadership position (and your business or your work is a brutally honest outward expression of what is unresolved within you) and you would like to work with someone who understands specific issues faced by a leader

Multi-Dimensional Healing

Anita’s clients appreciate her non-judgemental and compassionate approach as a healer, and her firm yet gentle approach as a coach. 

Anita sees every client from her comprehensive and systemic 6-Dimensional lens. She often sees the root cause from the higher systemic level and facilitates healing that effects the whole spectrum from the spiritual to the somatic level.

The Healer Needs to Be Healed

Anita is the healer of many healers or aspiring healers.

Anita believes that the most important prerequisite for her effectiveness is her own development to being a vessel that is as clear and neutral as possible. A “healer” needs to be healed herself/himself and be committed to her ongoing self renewal. Anita’s grounded presence has developed from many years of dedicated self development, and this is her lifelong commitment.

Curiosity and strong drive to understand all the causes of sufferings and challenges in life, including in business and leadership, has been fueling Anita’s long-time exploration on multi-dimensional healing and personal development.

In fact Anita prefers to call herself “healing facilitator” instead of “healer” because she sees everyone being their own “healer” and her job is simply to facilitate the necessary processes. 

Read Anita’s bio here >>>

Session Length

With Anita’s continuous refinement of her healing techniques and her own self healing and embodiment, session time required is now often shorter. (Old clients please note.)

Initial session is recommended to be 60-90-minutes. Revisit session cab be 60 mins or less, depending on the need. 

Some modalities require longer time such as Family & Systemic Constellation and Hypnosis, so the actual time will depend on the modalities required. 


If you have a health condition, then you are recommended to start with the Bioresonance Health Consultation first because it addresses the biofield level of the being which is the meeting point between the physical and non-physical. This can also be adapted with remote testing techniques if you do not live in Hong Kong. 

Anita’s signature healing is also available Remotely with video conferencing

For students on the spiritual path looking for guidance in realising their soul purpose, please refer to the most comprehensive and advanced of Anita’s work here. <“Soul” referring to the source of the consciousness depository.>