Founder’s Integrative Healing

Come home to yourself...

Let’s talk about You…

First, distance is no issue. As long as we share an internet connection, we can work. 

Are you looking to improve some areas in your life – physical health, fulfilling relationships, prosperity, career transition…or any combination of these?

You may or may not be also seeing a coach, counseller, psychotherapist, psychiatrist…

You may not “need” this but you may “choose” to if….

  • your life is “okay” or a or even enviable to many but deep down you cannot deny something is missing 
  • you would like to discover and address the root cause(s) of an issue (probably a long standing one) in an area of your life (or see the underlying connection of a few issues)
  • you want support to shift stubborn dysfunctional patterns that you know are affecting your performance, health, relationship or any other areas of your life
  • you want to be shown your “blindspot” that may hold the key to your next level of development
  • you are a coach or a healing practitioner and you know your own self-healing is essential to your effectiveness
  • you are an entrepreneur or in a leadership position (and you realise your business or your work is a brutally honest expression of what is unresolved within yourself) and you would like to work with someone who understands specific issues faced by a leader

Generally those who are looking to address the real root causes of their recurring challenge will be drawn to Anita’s integrative healing. If the challenge is physical, health consultation with our quantum scanning devices is what we would recommend also. 

You are already working with a Coach?

While Anita’s initial training was in health coaching and life coaching, she had since expanded beyond that realising she needs more to serve her clients to fulfil their highest potential.

While coaching is often future-based, healing involves resolving the past. Only with that one can build the future with coaching. So her definition of “integrative healing” includes both coaching AND healing.

Can my insurance cover this?

We get this question sometimes from those who have a health challenge and would like to address mental and emotional aspects of their challenge.

You need to check your insurance policy on what is covered.

Our approach is comprehensive and considered “alternative” (although we would say our approach is “complementary”).

You do not need to see us frequently and regularly. Our goal is to empower you so you do not need us. This is usually the feedback we get from our clients. We do not operate from “lack”. There are MANY who can use our support, to solve their problems long-term without over-spending. 

NOTE: If you are currently diagnosed with a mental illness and under psychiatric care, we do not recommend you to stop it or to consider our healing as a replacement. However what we offer may complement your healing as you slowly ease off conventional intervention with supervision. This is what we have seen with clients. 

How are we different?

You are not broken to begin with…

We begin our work from your wholeness. We do not focus on labelling the “disorder”, as we see often what is considered “disorder” is a normal response to survive trauma, to restore safety, and to move towards more wholeness itself. They are usually clever strategies that once served an important purpose in your life. As such we do not focus on changing the behaviours but in going deeper and shifting the context where the dysfunction arises. 

Your Gut Health Matters

We recognise the intimate connection between your nutritional state, your digestive system and your nervous system. With increasing scientific study on the “enteric nervous system” (the autonomic nervous system in the gastrointestinal tract), we now understand that your internal biochemistry given by your diet has a direct effect on the production of your neurotransmitters in your gut first, which contribute to how you experience life.

Your “Gut Feeling” Matters

And as science has now established there is more communication from the gut to the brain than the other way around, we recognise and respect your “gut feeling”. It’s a REAL THING. You feel in the gut first and then the signal goes up to the brain to be interpreted. And not just the gut but all the sensations in the body give us cues in how we can truly heal. We begin to “feel” before we begin to verbalise how we feel. As such we incorporate a somatic approach to how we work and support you to feel GOOD in your body and to bring what your mind wants to the BODY level.

Your Embodiment Matters

Our approach incorporates latest developments in neuroscience and somatic trauma healing. We support you to safely explore the patterns below your cognition, to build up your resource, expand the resilience of your nervous system and your body-mind, so that you are empowered to self-heal and embody a new more functional and aligned version of you. 

Your Family System and Pre-verbal Experiences Matter

We are aware of the effect of intergenerational trauma and the reality of pre-birth and birth trauma – and we combine the use of the latest informational field technology and healing practice steeped in ancient wisdom to address and shift imbalances stemming from before you came to the world – working with ancestral, pre-birth and birth process related trauma with appropriate techniques.

We see you as capable of Growth and Transformation

We give you space and tools to process past trauma and we aim to facilitate your “post traumatic growth”. You are supported to resource and become empowered. Clients usually join the dot and see the meaning and lesson from their past trauma our transformative approach of healing.

Our approach may also be described to have elements of integral (based on wholeness and growth) and transpersonal psychology. We recognise the effect of “karma” (as forces of cause and effect in the quantum field) and the importance of resourcing and aligning with the “soul”…

While “transformation” seems to be a buzzword these days, we see that a  true transformation is a complete and irreversible change – which means one is NEVER the same again. Once you EXPERIENCE a truth so life-changing, you cannot go back to how you were being before. With our comprehensive approach to transformation, addressing ALL levels of one’s being, we support you to EMBODY into your new state of being.

How often do I need to have these healing sessions? 

Due to the deeply transformative nature of how we work, clients who see Anita usually only book their healing sessions on a need basis. Some see her every 4-6 weeks for maintenance. Some may wish to have weekly short coaching (15-30 mins) to stay on track. Your recommendations always include what you can do on your own. 

Our goal is to to facilitate shifts that have long term effect, instead of developing a co-dependency. 

Multi-Dimensional Healing

Anita sees every client from her comprehensive and systemic 6-Dimensional lens. She often sees the root causes from the higher systemic level and facilitates healing that effects the whole spectrum from the spiritual to the somatic and physical level.

The Healer Needs to Be Healed

Anita is the healer of many healers or aspiring practitioners. 

Anita believes that the most important prerequisite for her effectiveness is her own development to being a vessel that is as clear and neutral as possible.

“A healer keeps self healing. A teacher keeps learning.” – Anita Cheung

Anita’s grounded presence has developed from many years of dedicated self development, and this is her lifelong commitment.

Curiosity and strong drive to understand all the causes of sufferings and challenges in life, from health to leadership, has been fueling Anita’s long-time exploration on multi-dimensional healing and personal development.

In fact Anita considers herself “healing facilitator” instead of “healer” because she sees everyone being their own “healer” and her job is simply to facilitate the necessary processes. 

Read Anita’s bio here >>>


Session Length

With Anita’s continuous refinement of her healing techniques and her own self healing and embodiment, session time required is now often shorter. (Old clients please note.)

Initial session is recommended to be 60-90-minutes. Revisit session cab be 60 mins or less, depending on the need. 

Some modalities require longer time such as Family & Systemic Constellation and Hypnosis, so the actual time will depend on the modalities required. 

How to Start

If you have a health condition, you are recommended to book Health Consultation first which includes Bioresonance addressing the biofield level of the being which is the meeting point between the physical and non-physical. Our quantum technology TimeWaver and remote testing techniques Anita practises allow her to work anyone remotely. 

You do not need to decide what exactly you need to book to start. That’s our job to decide with you on your initial session. You may even book only for half an hour to get clarity first (the session includes quantum healing).