Founder’s Integrative Healing

If you are ready to come home to yourself…

Anita incorporates years of experience and innovation in healing facilitation, and draws from her toolbox of diverse healing tools in each unique individual healing sessions. As she has continuously explored and developed more effective ways to apply her expanding tools and how to integrate them in ever better ways, each of her healing (and spiritual coaching) session is different and customised to the client and the moment. 

The client is engaged on multiple levels – the cognitive, the subconscious and the somatic (the body), and is fully conscious. In all sessions, aspects of the subconscious is often brought into conscious awareness and the client is facilitated to see with new perspective, and a deep level of reprogramming results.

Integration – integrating the aspects of the client that are out of alignment or congruence – is often enabled in the session and to be continued in the client’s life after the session. 

Anita believes that the most important thing for her healing facilitation to deliver the maximum benefits is her own development as a clear and neutral vessel, and this has been her ongoing focus. 

And she believes often “less is more” and in her healing session she focuses on cutting through the chase and going straight to the core of the matter. A spontaneous transformation only results.

Who would resonate with Founder’s Integrative Healing?

You would resonate with Anita’s Integrative Healing if you are interested in addressing root causes of physical imbalances or life challenges beyond “the obvious”. As a systemic coach and facilitator, Anita often “zooms out” and facilitates the client to see new perspective that the habitual analytical zooming in approach of the mind does not offer, and with her awareness of the full spectrum of wellness, she naturally approaches the physical, environmental, emotional, mental, ancestral, collective consciousness and spiritual levels of the issue you bring in order to truly see the truth of the issue as “a whole”.

You may also resonate with Anita’s approach if you are yourself a healing professional needing support from a colleague who understands you and holds a completely safe and non-judgemental space for your own healing and personal development.

Individuals who are in life transition, in leadership positions, who are interested in personal development and transformation, would likely resonate with Anita’s Integrative Healing (and Coaching, if appropriate) as well.

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Session Length

With continuous refinement and integration of her techniques, a 60-minute or 90-minute session is recommended in most cases.

The shortest session time is 30-minute for follow up, or to be added to the end of a Bioresonance Harmonisation session, for clients who have had a recent Bioresonance Health Assessment. 

If incorporated into part of the Bioresonance Health Consultation, the final length of session is 2.5 hours or 3 hours. 



“I was pleasantly surprised to find someone of Anita’s caliber open and available to the world of healing. I needed someone to hold the space of an intuitive healer; which is exactly what she does! Anita’s unique approach to healing is multi-faceted, meaning she targets issues that are buried deep in subconscious programming (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels); that is where real change happens. Not only were my physical ailments healed almost immediately, I was able to make real progress with her use of various tools such as Bioresonance, EFT, essential oils, and other intuitive methods of healing. I would undeniably recommend Anita for those seeking true healing from within.”

– Lakshmi Harilela, ayurvedic practitioner, chef and yoga instructor

“Anita is INCREDIBLE. The first time I met Anita, I immediately felt a sense of security – someone I know I can rely on to work with me, on me. Little did I know, that sense, brought me a long way. I love the gentle, but yet firm approach Anita took – she helped me discover a lot about myself (even though I thought I knew everything about me already), and guided me out of the deeply embedded guilt, sorrows and fears that I never knew existed. If I have to sum it up, through the workshops and private session I have had with Anita, she has guided me to freedom, love, abundance and opulence with ease and grace. Please continue to do what you do Anita – your beautiful soul will always be my beacon.” – Jennifer Lee, partner of legal firm

“I had many doubts about my ability to birth naturally before my session with you.  I felt the session was the start of an upward healing journey for me, and it planted a positive seed, an I CAN DO IT seed deep within myself. It has helped me to keep my calm when I was overdue, and eventually have a smooth and quick birth!  I felt my mind stepped out the way and let my body get on with it – it’s amazing!

– Fiona Merrill

“I thought I was only coming in to assess my food tolerances and physical health with this new device called Bioresonance, but what I got completely surpassed my expectation. I woke up this morning feeling like a million dollar (US!) It’s unbelievable – the combination of the right kind of supplement, the use of the right kind of essential oils for me, and what Anita did with essential oils and some processes is hard to explain to anyone who has not experienced it – all I can say is, the effect was IMMEDIATE and PROFOUND. (And I did not expect to talk about my mother…but I am so glad we did!)

– Christian, Entrepreneur

Depending on the client’s needs, Anita employs a combination of these techniques:

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping)
AFT (Aroma Freedom Technique using essential oil to achieve fast result often faster than EFT)
NLP Coaching (3rd Generation Generative NLP) and Life Coaching
Systemic Coaching (“zooming out” to approach an issue from the bigger system perspective – as opposed to analysing and “zooming in”)
Systemic Work & Family Constellation
SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing) – Anita is also an SVH Instructor

Bioresonance is often used in the background or used in assessing before and after effect of the healing facilitation, confirming tangible effect especially for new client.