Systemic Work & Family Constellation

Because we are part of many bigger systems....

See beyond the surface and heal from the root level...

What problems can Systemic or Family Constellation help solve?

Any issues that are chronic including:

  • Relationship challenges
  • Lack of motivation and self sabotage
  • Challenges in business and/or teams
  • Financial difficulties
  • Mood issues & health challenges
  • Generational dysfunctional patterns
  • Exploring business potentials
  • Gaining understanding of societal issues
  • Ancestral trauma healing
  • Health challenges
  • Self discovery (no “problems” needed)
What is Systemic Work and (Family) Constellation?

Systemic Constellation is a powerful and elegant tool to make deep enquiry into any living system to gain valuable insight otherwise hidden. When facilitated with skilfulness and integrity, it can have very transformative effect contributing to healing of personal and family system trauma, as well as trauma or blockages in other relational systems one is a part of, including school and business organisation. 

While “constellation” is a process (explained later), the “systemic” perspective itself shifts one’s perspective from seeing at the level of the “problem” to seeing the whole. As Einstein famously said, you cannot solve the problem at the level it was created. 

The term “systemic constellation” originates from “family constellation” which is a form of family therapy first developed by the German philosopher and psychotherapist Bert Hellinger in the late 1980s, who was greatly inspired by his experience as missionary with the Zulu tribe and his study of Eastern philosophies. The method is best known for resolving issues not resolvable through conventional reductionistic psychotherapy. Since the initial development the method has continued to be further developed by himself (until his passing in 2019) and many others who learnt with him. 

The more modern application of the work has generally expanded from “problem-solving” to “transformational”, although facilitation style and approach can differ greatly from facilitator to facilitator. 

What does “Constellation” mean?

The word “constellation” came from German “familienaufstellung” (literally “family constellation”). It means a “set up” or installation, referring to the process of making what is hidden visible in 3-dimensional space.  

While “constellation” process was first developed as a form of group therapy using human representatives, the work can also be facilitated with or without human representatives. 

How do you know if "systemic work" is what you need?

If you an recurring issue and despite doing what you know to solve it nothing or not much has shifted, it is likely that the root cause(s) lie deeper in the systemic level and beyond your conscious awareness. 

However, the systemic constellation method is not the only way to make meaningful systemic inquiry. We have been applying our systemic approach to healing and coaching since the beginning of our practice. Making systemic enquiry and the eventual transformation that is needed may or may not involve facilitating “systemic/family constellation”. 

We welcome you to reach out and talk to us to help you decide what would best suit you in your specific situation. 

About the Facilitator


Our founder Anita Cheung is a multiple award winning alternative practitioner in full time practice since 2005, a life-long learner and recognised as one of Hong Kong’s “Most Inspiring” residents since 2014. 

Anita agrees with Bert Hellinger that Systemic Constellation work is more than a healing technique, rather “an attitude towards life”. 

Long before training in systemic work and family constellation, Anita has been influenced by the deep wisdom in Taoist philosophy (which informs classical chinese medicine and metaphysics). She has since a young age been equally intuitive and analytical, preferring to see not just the separate parts and the surface, but also beyond to the hidden patterns that connect the parts. 

Specific to Systemic Constellation, Anita has been certified by three recognised institutions of Constellation work, covering the more classical Family Constellation, its many modern applications, and Organisational Constellation with the Bert Hellinger Institute Netherlands, best known for the cutting edge work of its founder Jan Jacob Stam, early colleague of Bert Hellinger, who further developed Hellinger’s constellation in the business, pedagogical and societal settings.

Anita has travelled to multiple countries keeping herself current with the latest development of constellation work, not only with the Bert Hellinger Institute Germany, but also with masters and renowned authors operating in a diverse range of applications, including family constellation in psychotherapy setting (Mark Wolynn), chronic and serious health issue root cause healing (Stephan Hausner), personal growth with the Life Integration Process (Dr Wilfried Nelles), Constellation of Intention (Dr. Franz Ruppert), and many others.

Like with every modality Anita has been trained in and apply in her work, her first priority has always been about applying the work on her own personal healing and growth, because she understands that her client can only heal to the level she has healed herself. She strongly believes that both formal training and authentic embodiment of the systemic attitude are equally important in the practice of this work. 

Through the years, Anita has developed her own signature integrative style of constellation which emphasizes both safety and potency, emphasising proper support of the client before, during and after the transformative constellation experience, informed by her broad understanding in somatic trauma healing, aromatherapy, hypnosis, energy medicine, spiritual and transpersonal counselling, latest information field technology TimeWaver® PDA and many tools under her belt. 

Anita’s facilitation is often described as grounded, empowering, integrative, and representing “the future of medicine”. 

Anita has worked with a broad clientele with systemic constellation – from CEO’s to parents, working professionals to homemakers – sharing her systemic wisdom while showing them how to access theirs at the same time. 

Anita’s full bio can be found here.



The origin of Systemic and Family Constellation is family therapy.

“Family Constellation” was first developed by the German psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger in the late 1980s and has continued to evolve and has been used successfully to resolve deep issues not resolved through conventional reductionistic psychotherapy.

Bert Hellinger called the attitude in practising true Systemic & Family Constellation “an attitude to life” and he believes if everyone in the world did just one Constellation, there would be world peace. In fact he was nominated for Nobel Prize for Peace.

Bert Hellinger called the attitude in practising Systemic & Family Constellation “an attitude to life” and he believes if everyone in the world did just one Constellation, there would be world peace. In fact he was nominated for Nobel Prize for Peace.

For example, exclusion of family members in the family (e.g.“black sheep” in the family, divorce, given away for adoption, unacknowledged abortion, miscarriages, suicides, etc) may cause an imbalance and a misplaced identification by someone in the family system whether they have met or not, and sometimes generations later. We call the phenomenon entanglement.

Another cause of entanglement* on the intuitive and transgenerational level can be that of victim and perpetrator – on the personal even national level. The observations from thousands of constellations seem to confirm the laws of “karma” as well, without the determinism.

(We do not use the word “entanglement” in a way that implies it’s a “mistake”. It is neutral. Another name is “hidden patterns” – and they exist to continue the system, holding the parts on it together. The conflicts between the needs of different levels of conscience create these “patterns”.)

Renowned Cambridge educated Biologist Dr Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic field theory that explains the flock behaviours such as that of fish and birds and across animals can explain how family constellation works. This is a short explanation:

Dr Rupert Sheldrake’s extensive work postulates how information and experience appear to be transferable outside of time and space. In Systemic (Family) Constellation, the shared memory of systems is also referred to as the “Knowing Field”. In this quantum space, layers and layers of information exist and whether we are aware or not, a part of us exists in this space and interacts with it all the time.

German origin Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., PhD, who is renowned for treating difficult health cases (patients who “have tried everything”) places Family Constellation accounting of 50% the root cause. (The 5 levels of Healing approach he practises underlies Eastern medicine such as Tibetan, Chinese, Ayurvedic medicine and yogic tradition of healing which are all SYSTEMIC.) This recording explains how he would for example treat autistic children not just addressing heavy metal and EMF stresses but also by Family Constellation:

Just as physical symptoms in our body call our attention to look at the root causes and to restore balance, challenges in our family/organisation/society system can call our attention to look at what might be out of balance until balance is restored.

This is why people who go through the Systemic (Family) Constellation with openness can experience profound shifts in many areas in their lives that they may not even have expected. Unexplained blockages dissolve, destructive behaviours such as addiction, suicidal thoughts, etc change; more clarity emerges, as one dissolve the deeper causes for their challenges.

Some concrete examples include long lost family member reached out to connect “from nowhere”, long time stuck situations in business resolved naturally, serious illness healed against all odds…

Those who have experienced Systemic (Family) Constellation often find the experiential process fascinating, profound or profoundly touching, and the insights they gain from the experience surprising and spot on.

We have often used this method to look into root causes of health challenges and in facilitating profound healing. 

We often apply this approach in coaching. 

For entrepreneurs and business owners, it has been early shown that their connection to their family of origin and hidden entanglements to the systems they belong to (such as cultural roots and society) can have profound impact on their success and fulfillment in their role as leader in their organisation. 

We are passionate in applying this work in leadership development – and in reality, everyone is a leader in their own life. 

Systemic (Family) Constellation is an experiential and somatic process.

For group workshop in our space, it takes place in a group with about 8 (or more or less) participants sitting in a circle. The process begins where the client, after presenting their issue, invite the participants to represent members of his/her family or system (and they can accept or decline). The client then places intuitively each chosen person inside the circle. After everyone is placed, the client takes a seat and observes. The representatives begin to feel like the people or elements they are representing and providing information that otherwise is inaccessible. The facilitator may also invite representatives and decide together with the client what elements to be represented.

The facilitator would guide the client to witness what emerges. Specific resolution sentences may be used. Words are sometimes optional. The connection and shift takes place from seeing.

An effective Constellation facilitator is compassionate, intuitive and neutral. Their role is to “hold space” for what shows up and guides the client to acknowledge what is asking to be acknowledged from the bigger system. Constellation work is positively life-changing when facilitated with neutrality and humility.

For everyone who participates, they exercise their subtle intuitive senses. Being a representative is a somatic and intuitive experience. You learn to go inward, sense and feel what comes through. This is what we do everyday anyway unconsciously, but in the workshop, this is done consciously.

Representatives are chosen intuitively for having similar “resonance” with what they represent and the facilitated processes often touch them on a deeper level as well, giving them relevant and powerful insights.

Systemic (Family) Constellation can also be performed in private one-on-one session, or be incorporated in coaching and healing (which we also offer).

Our Systemic Constellation one-day workshops usually end with Guided Healing Breathwork – a powerful integrative modality developed by Anita. Read more about it here.

Anyone who has been a Systemic (Family) Constellation representative will tell you that as they step into their place in the Constellation and just trust “the field”, they start to sense movement and urges that are not their own, while they are fully conscious. Whatever that asks for completion and resolution is information in “the field”.

To be able to tap into the morphogenic field or the Knowing Field is our innate ability, it’s similar to the ability to sense someone is staring at us from our back, or the telepathic experience of thinking about calling someone and they call. Pet owners are often amazed how their pets seem to know they are coming home long before they are physically at the door. Dr Sheldrake’s works explains these phenomena and more.

Through the experiential exercises in the workshop, you will learn fascinating ways in tapping into the “information field” and become more in touch with your “intuition”. You do not need to be a “case-giver”. Everyone will experience those exercises. The exercises are designed with specific theme.

Furthermore, if you become a representative in someone’s case, you will also have first hand experience in developing your perception that is beyond the five senses.

With practice, you will develop stronger perception and confidence in your “intuition” that you can apply in everyday decision making.

You will also learn to develop your “systemic perception” – it is like trying on a new lens. You will expand your perception and approach your life differently that will very likely bring you more peace.

Our space is designed to be conducive to meditative and healing work. It is carefully shielded from external electro-magnetic radiation with special EMF shielding curtain from Germany. We also enhance internally with Bioresonance Rayonex Duplex IV biofield forming device that amplifies beneficial frequencies that neutralise the negative effects of electro-magnetic fields generated as an inevitable part of office operation and any possible geopathic stresses. 

Yes. The consciousness field transcends time and space. If you are not located in Hong Kong, we can still work with you, with representatives being in our premises. During the pandemic, we have also worked completely online. 

Sure. When you witness, participate in others’ constellations, or when you participate in the “mini constellation” exercies in the workshops, you get insight and benefit too.

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