Systemic Work & Family Constellation

Because we are part of many bigger systems....

Discover and heal at the root level of personal, business and societal issues….

What is Systemic Work and (Family) Constellation?

Systemic Constellation is a powerful and elegant tool to make deep enquiry into any living systems, including relational living systems such as family (the first system we belong to), organisation, and society, and then to restore the flow of life force through the living systems – similar to what acupuncture does to a living body, which is also a living system.

Even without the “constellation”, just a “systemic” approach is often very powerful as it shifts our perspective to see the whole which is not the same as the sum of the parts, thus “systemic work”.

The term “systemic constellation” originates from “family constellation” which is a form of family therapy first developed by the German psychotherapist and philosopherBert Hellinger in the late 1980s, which resolve issues not resolvable through conventional reductionistic psychotherapy.

Since then the method has continued to be further developed with widening application to ANY living systems.

What does“Constellation” mean?

The word “constellation” came from German “familienaufstellung”(literally “family constellation”). It means a set up or installation, referring to the process of making what is hidden visible in 3-dimensional space, with the use of human representatives or objects representing people, elements and concepts in the system that is being looked at from a higher systemic perspective.

What kind of issues can Systemic or Family Constellation help solve?
  • Relationship challenges
  • Lack of motivation and self sabotage
  • Challenges in business and/or teams
  • Financial difficulties
  • Mood issues & health challenges
  • Ending generational destructive patterns
  • Exploring business potentials
  • Understand societal issues
  • Have deeper understanding of societal issues
  • Ancestral trauma healing
  • Health challenges
  • Self discovery (no “issues” needed)

In fact Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, has found that 50% of root cause of illnesses can be addressed with this method.

“…Immediately after the constellation workshop I got a very attractive job offer with terms even better than I expected…Many challenging areas of my life just seem to effortlessly fall into place…”
Sim Suen,
Compliance Director
"After many relationship setbacks, I have almost lost my faith in finding a loving life partner. A few months after my last constellation where I saw my ideal partner standing in front of me, I met him and the feeling I got with him now is exactly like in that constellation. We are now getting married and I am very sure that experience contributed to me clearing my space to finally meet him."
L. H.
Does it work online?

Yes. The consciousness field transcends time and space. We have worked with this modality in person, online, or mixing the two successfully.

Can I just start with being an “observer” or “representative” first?

Sure. When you witness, participate in others’ constellations, or when you participate in the “mini constellation” exercies in the workshops, you get insight and benefit too.

“I especially enjoyed that Anita integrated different activities into her workshop, ensuring everyone is engaged and can take something away”
Ian Wells
Aviation Consultant
“I did not do my own case but have benefitted from the mini exercises. Afternthe workshop, my energy was much elevated and clear – and I closed a difficult contract right the next day!”
Anthony Chan
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Who is the facilitator?

Anita has been trained globally with systemic constellation masters operating in a wide spectrum of working styles in Europe. She is certified both in Family Constellation and Organisational Constellation by three institutes and attended numerous international and (more recently) online constellation conferences.

Anita discovered her intuitive gifts and a systemic thinking that was perhaps “too early” in her early life, for which she learnt to turn inward, and developed an early interest to philosophy and psychology.

She underwent her career/life transformation following her life purpose in wellness and personal development in her mid 30’s and started coaching and health consulting professionally in 2005 and founded i-Detox in 2008 which preceded iLiving.

Anita’s style of family and systemic constellation is in line with latest development in this evolving work. And her working style is grounded, informed by somatic and transpersonal psychology, neuroscience, free of melodrama and superstition.

Anita is the creator of the unique 6-dimensional approach which is the comprehensive healing and transformation model practised in iLiving.