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There are roughly three kinds of clients we serve:

1. Those who have a serious health condition (and may have “tried everything”)
2. Those who would like to proactive preserve and improve their health and wellbeing 
3. Those who would like to achieve other life goals 

If you have a health condition and are receiving medical care, please understand that that what we do does not replace that.

If you are seeing a Chinese medicine doctor or a functional medicine practitioner, and you are still not getting the results you had hoped for, it might mean you have been focused on tackling the physical level of your health only.

What we offer can complement what other health professionals are doing for you and cover what has not been covered. 

At iLiving, we recognise that your health (and life) is multi-dimensional. Our expertise is to help you optimise and harmonise your multi-dimensional life, and do so efficiently and effectively. When you actively participate in the process, even serious challenge in life (health or otherwise) can shift quickly. This is what we have seen over and over again. Our multi-dimensional approach >>

Most clients appreciate our approach which helps them solve their problems efficiently and effectively. They save time and money in optimising and harmonising many facets of their health/life all under one roof. 


Areas we have helped with our unique Multi-Dimensional Approach:

Blood & Heart Health
Compulsive Behaviours
Digestive Wellness
Focus & Concentration
Food Intolerances
Hormonal Health
Sleep Quality
Pet Wellness
Reproductive Health
Recovery from Illness

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