Yoga For All Shapes

Yoga means “union” and it is a practice that bring the body, mind and spirit in union.

Have you always wanted to give “yoga’ a try but are concerned that...

  • you are not flexible enough?
  • you do not have a “yoga body”?
  • you may hurt yourself without proper guidance?

At iLiving we started offering small group yoga classes precisely with the above concerns in mind. We practice yoga ourselves and appreciate the benefits of it when it’s taught properly.

Iyengar Yoga

Learn from our teachers who are qualified Iyengar Yoga instructors with years of teaching experience teaching one-on-one and group classes, to people of very different capabilities and needs.

Safety, precise alignment and meaningful sequencing are some of the key features of Iyengar Yoga practice. By the use of props and personalisation, every body type can practice and reap the benefits of yoga practice. The benefit of being in a class with dedicated supervision is you will do more and gain more results safely and effectively.

Small class size

Each class is attended by 4 to 8 participants max.

Where: iLiving

Always get Good Vibes at the iLiving healing space…

  1. Our space is carefully shielded from external electro-magnetic radiation with special EMF shielding curtain from Germany. We also enhance internally with Bioresonance Rayonex Duplex IV biofield forming device that amplifies beneficial frequencies that neutralise the negative effects of electro-magnetic fields generated as an inevitable part of office operation and any possible geopathic stresses. You are simultaneously receiving a Bioresonance harmonising session when you are in this Sound Bath session!
  2. Please turn off your digital devices or disable blue tooth function for your best benefit when participating in this session.


4/F, 31 Hollywood Road, Central, HK

About the Facilitator


Our founder Anita Cheung has been trained globally with systemic constellation masters operating in a wide spectrum of working styles in Europe. She is certified both in Family Constellation and Organisational Constellation by three institutes and attended numerous international and (more recently) online constellation conferences.

Anita discovered her intuitive gifts and a systemic thinking that was perhaps “too early” in her early life, for which she learnt to turn inward, and developed an early interest to philosophy and psychology.

She underwent her career/life transformation following her life purpose in wellness and personal development in her mid 30’s and started coaching and health consulting professionally in 2005 and founded i-Detox in 2008 which preceded iLiving.

Anita’s style of family and systemic constellation is in line with latest development in this evolving work. And her working style is grounded, informed by somatic and transpersonal psychology, neuroscience, free of melodrama and superstition.

Anita is the creator of the unique 6-dimensional approach which is the comprehensive healing and transformation model practised in iLiving.



You may experience moments that are transcending everyday reality, similar to hypnosis or very deep meditation, and you are aware and in control, and this experience is often described by participants as more grounding because of its somatic nature, meaning you are engaging your body and sensations.

Everybody has to breathe and what you will learn in this session will benefit everyone.

However please take full responsibility in your participation.

And please inform us if you have following conditions ahead of time so we can offer you more guidance for adaptation.

  • Cardiovascular conditions including angina, heart attack, high blood pressure, aneurisms etc
  • Recent surgery or injury
  • Retina detachment or glaucoma
  • Mental illness
  • History of panic attacks or psychosis
  • You are pregnant or are breast-feeding
  • Note: we make no claims that this practice can replace cognitive therapy or other therapies as recommended by your trusted health practitioner. Please consult your doctor if in doubt.

Most would prefer the impact of practising it in person with a group, but some may find practising alone in a safe space more private and less distracting.

If the in-person class or private healing is accessible to you, we recommend you to experience it in person. However participants who have joined on Zoom have also got value. We recommend for better sound experience, you call in with whatsapp call and mute the sound from Zoom. 

Certainly. You may want to schedule additional 15 mins to process your experience at the end of the session. While the session includes integration phase, if you would like to talk about your experience and ask question, we welcome you to stay on and do so. You may also want to write down your insights in a journal or draw afterwards.

Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. 

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Contact us to book your trial class or one-on-one for more personalised learning.