Breathwork for Healing and Self Discovery

Emotional Processing | Multi-Dimensional Resourcing and Healing | Private or Group

Resource and journey inward to activate multi-dimensional healing...

Use your breath and your most powerful resource to experience expanded awareness and transmute old energies.

In person or on line, be held in a safe space and be supported to release and transform uncomfortable feelings and subconscious memories that has been weighing you down. As a somatic-based practice, many have found this experience to access what other forms of therapy do not address, reaching pre-verbal body level memories and programming.

Reported Benefits

  • Feeling physically energised and balanced
  • Released long standing physical stiffness and pain
  • Very effective processing of suppressed emotions 
  • Deep connection with their inner guidance and getting important insights
  • In experiencing non-ordinary states of consciousness, experienced bliss and oneness that is transformational (without taking any substance!)

Combination of various techniques practised in meaningful sequence:

  • Often starting with singing bowl to relax and resource
  • Conscious breathing practice that supports optimal breathing in daily life
  • Verbal guidance to begin inner healing journey
  • Breathwork practice based on connected circular breathing technique (similar to that of “Rebirthing” and “Holotropic” breathwork) supported by carefully curated music and shamanic drumming
  • Guided consciousness clearing
  • Optional oracle card guidance at the end

Why do this?

When facilitated safely this somatic process often addresses what traditional cognitive behavioural therapy. 

Pre-verbal trauma (including birth trauma) which may be affecting us at our deepest brain stem and core belief level (e.g. an underlying expectation to “struggle”, to not meet one’s needs, to expect the world being hostile, to expect failure…) for example can be assessed by somatic-based therapeutic approach.

You can rewrite your perception about life on the most fundamental level.

Each session is a unique inner “journey”.

Our regular monthly breathwork group session is combined with opening singing bowl guided resourcing and Anita’s integrative verbal guidance, making the practice friendlier and safer. 


Unsure if this practice is appropriate for you? Reach out to discuss your needs. 

About the Facilitator


Our founder Anita Cheung had her first healing experience in breathing training  more than 20 years ago before becoming a health practitioner. As an asthmatic, she was greatly impressed how the the practice of Buteyko breathing method originating from Russia greatly improved her condition. 

After learning a wide array of healing modalities, Anita rediscovered breathwork and has been trained globally with three institutions since 2019 in breathwork with the focus on trauma healing. 

Her facilitation of breathwork has evolved through the years as she deepened her training in somatic-based therapies and with observing her clients’ responses. 

Her breathwork sessions has continued to evolved to become safer, more efficient, less triggering but more effective. 

A potent and transformational complement to Anita’s breathwork is systemic constellation

For new clients, you are recommended to book an initial consultation (30 mins or less) to first identify the best approach based on your issue and goal. 



You may experience moments that are transcending everyday reality, similar to hypnosis or very deep meditation, and you are aware and in control, and this experience is often described by participants as more grounding because of its somatic nature, meaning you are engaging your body and sensations.

Everybody has to breathe and what you will learn in this session will benefit everyone.

However please inform us if you have following conditions ahead of time so we can offer you more guidance for adaptation (or suggest other healing approaches we practise):

  • Cardiovascular conditions including angina, heart attack, high blood pressure, aneurisms etc
  • Asthma or history of 
  • Recent surgery or injury
  • Retina detachment or glaucoma
  • Mental illness
  • History of panic attacks or psychosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy or breast-feeding

Note: we make no claims that this practice can replace cognitive therapy or other therapies as recommended by your trusted health practitioner. Please consult your doctor if in doubt.

Most would prefer the impact of practising it in person with a group, but some may find practising alone in a safe space more private and less distracting.

If the in-person class or private healing is accessible to you, we recommend you to experience it in person. However participants who have joined on Zoom have also got value. We recommend for better sound experience, you call in with whatsapp call and mute the sound from Zoom. 

Certainly. You may want to schedule additional 15 mins to process your experience at the end of the session. While the session includes integration phase, if you would like to talk about your experience and ask question, we welcome you to stay on and do so. You may also want to write down your insights in a journal or draw afterwards.

Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. 

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Inquire with us for the latest class schedule or to create a bespoke experience.