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Every one is unique. Even genetic test is not true customisation because 97% of our genes are not decoded yet. What is more interesting and what we are in control of is to learn about what turns on and off our genes – what “information” we give our genes – toxins, type of food, EMF and radiation, and our emotional and mental stress could be constantly feeding unsupportive information to our genes. 

The advance of science has allowed us to go beyond/below the microscopic level, all the way to the atomic level of frequencies, which is what Bioresonance technology is based on. 

We are essentially made up of atom, which is frequency, just as all matter is frequency. Einstein discovered that a century ago. Matter is energy vibrating in low enough frequency that is perceived as “matter” by our physical senses. 

Ancient people have long known the multi-dimensional nature of our body. Practices steeped in ancient wisdom such as chi-gong and acupuncture are working with one’s Biofield – the field that carries information for our DNA through exchange of photons.

Modern technology such as German developed Bio-resonance confirmed ancient wisdom from discovering that the progression of disease does follow a predictable path, and one can detect imbalances on the subtle field(s) before imbalance manifests as dysfunction on the dense physical level.

The bio-resonance system we use not only assess but also generate the frequencies to restore balance by entraining our body to vibrate in optimal harmony – similar to how one tuning fork will follow another vibrating tuning fork when they are placed next to each other, or how the sun energy causes our skin to produce melanin. 

Our consultation on your nutrition and on your lifestyle using Bioresonance empowers you to take charge of your health starting at your physical and energy body levels. 

See our 6-Dimensional Body Model here for elaboration >

While our Bioresonance Health Consultation is not to replace medical health check (because medical check up assess what has already shown up on the physical level), what we offer here is non-invasive, affordable and can give valuable insights. Its sensitivity allows you to proactively monitor your health. 

As explained by our 6-Dimensional Body Model, and validated by Bioresonance, physical diseases start from imbalances detectable on the non-physical levels, including the dimension of our emotional and mental bodies, we understand physical triggers only serve as the “last straw” to manifestation of “dis-ease”/”disease”. Those physical triggers include: pathogenic organisms such as bacteria, virus, parasites, fungi (e.g. mold which is very common in many households), environmental toxins such as heavy metals, chemical pesticides, chemicals from household and personal care products including fluoride in many oral care products….

In your first session, we do your assessment through using the Bioresonance system to send micro frequencies to your body and 

  • compare your resonance frequencies against a data base of over 1000 programmes covering physical triggers, physiological system functions, psychological states, and disease potentials and so on
  • assess common source of food stressors*
  • assess products you have brought (if any) to assess their compatibility with you
  • interpreting what we find from the assessment and make recommendations to you on lifestyle changes and products that address your imbalances
  • (optionally) create Bioresonance harmonisation programmes that you can do in our centre or at home (with a home model system)

The treatment (or what is called “harmonisation” in Bioresonance terms) is generated from the assessment to be what your body needs to come back to optimal balance. You initial appointment includes 20-30 minutes of it. All you need to do is to relax comfortably on a bed or a couch to receive it. 

*Your initial Health Assessment will include testing of common food stressors. A full food tolerance assessment of 180+ items may be booked separately or as extension of this Health Assessment

Our signature Bio-resonance Health Consultation (or Combined Bioresonance Health and Full Food Tolerance Consultation) strives to educate and empower you with what you need to know to restore balance from multiple levels. From this session, you will 

  • receive insights on nutritional deficiencies, stress from pathogens and heavy metals, EMF, geopathic sources etc
  • know whether products you are using are compatible with you and appropriate for your areas of concern or not, and thus save money (our experience is many store-bought supplements are not effective, or even harmful)
  • receive recommendations on most effective products for you based on assessment results

More in-depth investigation in subsequent sessions or Bio-resonance harmonisation (home device also available) can be arranged.

  • Someone who cannot physically come to see us can provide their saliva sample and we can start with a 1.5-2 hour consultation.
  • For a more in depth assessment, a 2-hour initial session is what we recommend, covering wide spectrum of assessment and inclusive of harmonisation time and showing you the change after your body receive the harmonisation. 
  • To go beyond the physical and energetic body, you may book your Bioresonance Mind Body Health with our founder after your Bioresonance Health Assessment, preferably within two to four weeks, so that the results from the Health Assessment can be taken into consideration easier. 
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What's Next after Initial Consultation

Follow the nutritional and lifestyle recommendations

Come back to recieve your
Bioresonance Custom Harmonisation (30 or 60 mins) 

Rent or purchase a home model to receive treatment in the comfort of your home while you sleep (the most receptive time for healing)

Book in a your Bioresonance for Mind Body Health to address your concerns more holistically

Monitor your progress with a revisit in 3 – 6 weeks

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