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Why wait until you are “sick” to take care of your health when non-invasive and affordable technology is now available?

Einstein showed us a century ago that “matter” is only energy vibrating in low enough frequency that is perceivable by our physical senses. “Matter” is not really “solid” or separate from “energy”. This means WE are also made of frequencies. 

Modern technology such as German developed Bio-resonance confirmed this understanding by discovering that the progression of disease indeed follows a predictable path, originating from the non-physical level, and one can detect imbalances on the (subtle) biological information field(s) before imbalances manifest as physical and psychological dysfunction.

The bio-resonance system we use not only detects but also generates the frequencies to restore balance by entraining our body to vibrate in optimal harmony – similar to how one tuning fork will follow another vibrating tuning fork when they are placed next to each other, or how the sun energy causes our skin to produce melanin. The principle behind is also similar to acupuncture. 

Our consultation on your nutrition and on your lifestyle using Bioresonance empowers you to take charge of your health starting at your physical and energy body levels. 

See our 6-Dimensional Body Model here for more elaboration >

While our Bioresonance Health Consultation is not to replace medical health check (because medical health check assesses and diagnoses what has already shown up on the physical level), Bioresonance, and how we use it, allows you to proactively monitor your (holistic) health and wellbeing from 360 degree. 

Every one is unique. Even genetic test is not true customisation because 97% of our genes are not decoded yet. What is more interesting and what we can do something about is to learn what turns on and off our genes – what “information” we give our genes – toxins, type of food, electro-magnetic radiation, and our emotional and mental stress could be constantly feeding unsupportive information to our genes. Science has now shown us all these affect our genetic expressions
As explained by our 6-Dimensional Body Model, and validated by Bioresonance, physical diseases start from imbalances detectable on the non-physical levels first, including the dimension of our emotional and mental bodies. We understand physical and environmental triggers only serve as the “last straw” to manifestation of “dis-ease”/”disease”.
Those triggers include: pathogenic organisms such as bacteria, virus, parasites, fungi (e.g. mold which is very common in many households), environmental toxins such as heavy metals, chemical pesticides, chemicals from household and personal care products including fluoride in many oral care products….Electro-magnetic frequencies from wi-fi and modern electronic devices, fields created where electricity is used are all disrupting DNA expression and nerve signalling, and we can actually do something about it

With our Bio-resonance objective assessment, you can also discover the functioning of your nervous system, the emotional and psychological stress (as each emotional state vibrates at distinct frequencies) you have been carrying, and indicators of how well you are handling stress, and be shown what you can do about increasing resilience. 

Afterall, 90% of doctor’s visit today are STRESS-related. 

In your initial session, we would perform two types of assessment to get to understand the status of your physical and psychological health status.

  • Rayoscan – ECG scanning and heart rate variability (HRV) evaluation of the organs and body functions with electrodes 
  • practitioner’s manual assessment using a tensor connected to the equipment comparing the client’s resonance frequencies against a data base of over 1000 programmes covering physical triggers, physiological system function, pathogens, toxins, psychological state, and disease potentials and so on
  • assess your tolerance to common food items (up to 180+)
  • assess products you have brought (if any) to assess their compatibility with you
  • interpreting what we find from the assessment and make recommendations to you on lifestyle changes and products that address your imbalances
  • (optionally) create Bioresonance harmonisation programmes that you can do in our centre or at home of when on the go (with a portable system)

The balancing treatment (or what is called “harmonisation” in Bioresonance terms) is generated from the assessment to be what your body needs to come back to optimal balance. 

*As most health issues has a stress element to it (and we know root causes are often found above the level the “problem” is manifested), experiential learning on regulating the nervous system with real time demonstration with Bioresonance is included if it is relevant to the client. 

A 10-20 minutes Bioresonance harmonisation is also included for you to have an initial experience of it. 

Note: The exact inclusion varies from client to client depending on their presenting issue and goal of visit. 

We use Bio-resonance for its most common application in nutritional and health assessment. But we also use Bioresonance to assist you to learn how to use awareness and proven strategies to expand your stress resilience. 

And since often chronic recurring issues and serious health conditions are caused by multiple root causes, we use Bio-resonance to “zoom in” to analyse and we use our experience and “systemic lens” to “zoom out” to see underlying patterns to get the fuller picture. 

The physical level is the last and densest level of us. With your Bio-resonance session with our founder Anita Cheung, whose training and experience spans across all 6-levels of wellness, we can look above and beyond the physical level for deeper root causes, and can efficiently address all relevant causes and facilitate important shift, in only one session. 

  1. Bio-resonance “Basic”: Someone who cannot physically come to see us or have short attention span, we can work with their saliva sample and 1.5-hour initial session is recommended. 

  2. Bio-resonance “Standard”: We recommend most first-time clients to book in for a 2-hour session to assess their nutritional needs, food tolerances, physical health and psychological state, and checking for supplements and relevant health products. This is a good place to start for generally healthy people to establish their foundation for sustainable health.
  3. Bio-resonance “Premium”: If you have a stubborn and recurring issue, a serious health condition, or you would like to address all the 6 levels for your proactive wellness, or have more experiential education on stress management, an initial 2.5-hour session is recommended. 

All these options include food tolerance test of over 180+ items, post-consultation report and health product recommendations. For Bioresonance “Standard” and “Premium”, you will receive about 15-30 minutes harmonisation concurrently with consultation so no time is wasted, and a detailed report (approx 8-12) pages are provided after your consultation, so that you can continue to implement the suggestions to sustain or deepen the healing. 

CONTACT US for a 15-20 minutes complimentary short demo in our office, or to book your first session of our highly rated Bioresonance Health Consultation


What's Next after Initial Consultation

Follow the nutritional and lifestyle recommendations

Follow any other suggestions 

Come back to recieve your
Bioresonance Custom Harmonisation (30 or 60 mins) 

Rent or purchase a home model to receive treatment in the comfort of your home while you sleep (the most receptive time for healing)

Book in further shorter session(s) with Anita for deeper level healing or other of our practitioner team members to continue your self discovery and healing

Monitor your progress with a revisit in 3 – 6 weeks

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