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Bioresonance and cutting edge frequency technology

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.”

Albert Einstein

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Get clear about relevant actions to take based on your goal within the very first consultation. 

Two main types of people come to us – 

  1. Those who would like to proactively optimise wellbeing and maintain health
  2. Those who have “tried every” with their health symptoms to no avail

You may have seen the conventional medicine practitioner, functional medicine doctor, chinese medicine doctor, or naturopath, which do not conflict with what we offer, chances are their work with you have been focused mainly on the physiological level of your multi-dimensional body.

What we cover complements because we go beyond the physiological level of the body. See our multi-dimensional approach.

What is Bio-resonance in a nutshell…

The bioresonance technology we use is a well established technology from Germany, invented by Nobel prize nominee Paul Schmidt, used by thousands of progressive naturopathic and medical practitioners. The technology affirms the existence of ancient energy systems including Hindu chakra system and Taoist meridian system. These energy systems give rise to the physical body as per current quantum physics understanding.

Bioresonance is an alternative diagnostic tool based on bio-physics principles. It is NOT to replace bio-chemical based medical diagnostics. Since energy precedes matter, bioresonance analysis may be used along medical diagnostics and give additional or preventative insight. One can detect imbalance in the biofield level long before it is manifested in the physical level.

Saliva sample or hair sample would suffice if you are not able book a physical consultation. 


We use our bioresonance technology to help you:

  • Detect and mitigate effect of electro-magnetic stress and geopathic stress from the environment 
  • Assess your food tolerances and provide harmonisations to allergic reactions
  • Prevent chronic inflammation and early degeneration which contributes to illness 
  • Verify health product compatibility and and help you make smarter choices by using what really resonates with you (and the specific purpose you intend to use it for) 
  • Understand mind-body connection and causes of your symptoms
  • (With our unique process) support processing of emotional and mental stresses causing biofield stagnation 

Frequency-based wellness technologies is the future of medicine

Take Charge of Your Health and Performance

Quantum scientists have found and confirmed that the progression of physical disease follows a predictable path, originating from the non-physical levels, and one can detect imbalances on the (subtle) biological information field(s), or even further back to the information and consciousness fields, before imbalances manifest as physical and psychological dysfunction.

While we employ the latest Rayonex bioresonance professional model for in-person health scanning, we also use the latest information field technology TimeWaver® to cover where bioresonance leaves off so as to go deeper/wider in our analysis through the subtle information and consciousness fields, allowing us to see the full picture of where symptom originates from. 

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Health Scan and Harmonisations (even) from a Distance…

The Timewaver® system founded by German physicist and philosopher Marcus Schmieke aligns well with iLiving’s multi-dimensional approach. The way we utilise this advanced non-linear technology is based on our deep and broad understanding of all facets of healing. (See our founder’s page) How we use the technology to scan across your multi-dimensional body thoroughly and we provide interpretation helps you to gain very valuable insight that helps you to (finally) understand how the health symptom or challenging life situation developed, and what YOU can do to change that. 

We can work with anyone in the world not just for analysis but also for automated scalar wave harmonisations sent intermittently over a period of time (typically 5-8 weeks), through the information field.

Click here to see what we have helped with our powerful multi-dimensional approach.

Signature Comprehensive Analysis and Harmonisation Programme inclusions:

  • Clarifying goal and most relevant actions
  • Recommendation of supplements and health products brought by the client (if relevant)
  • Food tolerance (and common allergen) test of up to 170 items (or less depending on relevance)
  • Influence of common stressors: electro-magnetic radiation, geopathic influences, pathogens, toxicity such as from heavy metals and environmental toxins etc
  • Vitality of major physiological organ systems, metabolism, ATP, cell degeneration etc.
  • Balance of Chakra (stepdown energetic vortexes corresponding to our major endocrine glands and organs, and indicators of body-mind-spirit wellbeing, emotional patterns and likely behaviours that affect wellbeing)
  • Balance of Meridian (nervous system signalling information highway regulating the physical body and carrying emotional information)
  • Psychosomatics 
  • Emotional, mental, environmental and spiritual factors to the presenting issue(s)
  • Information field analysis with quantum technology TimeWaver® Pro supporting life goals (covering social health, financial health etc) if required
  • Multi-dimensional TimeWaver® Pro harmonisations for 5-8 weeks (that you receive from the information field without any special equipment)
  • Explanation which includes comprehensive insights in understanding real root causes of physical symptoms and how these might have developed <This is usually what our clients appreciate the most as they would say no one else has ever made it clear to them.>

Recommendations and Action Plan:

After assessment, recommendations are made according to priorities. Action plan is typically a combination and is UNIQUE to the individual.
Some recommended actions include:

  • Use of verified supplements and essential oils
  • Use of molecular hydrogen
  • Dietary changes based on bioresonance analysis 
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Bioresonance harmonisations (at home or at our premises) or other portable devices such as Healy and MagHealy
  • Healing with Anita
  • Systemic constellation with Anita
  • Or other actions as shown to be MOST relevant from information field scan such as self-healing practices to do at home

Bioresonance testing is based on frequency resonance, and it tests on the biophysical level, not the biochemical level. 

Even if you have never eaten a certain food, we can find out if it “resonates” with you. You can also see whether the food strengthens you, it is neutral, or stressing you, or seriously stressing you.  

Clients often find results from Bioresonance tests echos their other tests, but they may also get new information on what may be stressing them but not to the level that can show up as allergy. 

How we use Bioresonance technology is to look at from 360 degree all the factors that can compromise the ideal expression of who your body can be. As we know over 95% of our genes are not decoded yet. So genetic tests can only test that which scientists have identified. What is more interesting to us, and what we can do something about is to learn what turns on and off our genes – what “information” we give our genes – toxins, type of food, electro-magnetic radiation, geopathic stress and our emotional and mental stress could be constantly feeding unsupportive information to our genes. Science has been suggesting that all these affect our genetic expressions.  

In short, we are more interested in what affects genetic expression than genetic programming. If genetic programming is the blueprint of a building, genetic expression is the actual realisation of the building. Our test is likely to complement with what find from DNA test and give you a fuller picture. 

In ancient Chinese and Taoist tradition, “superior medicine” is preventative instead of reactive. Ancient doctor-healers were compensated for having done their job by preventing their patrons from falling sick.

Western medicine is well suited for emergencies and is based on material science. It has its important place. 

We use Bioresonance technology to assess the (subtle) biophysical level of your multi-dimensional body system, which PRECEDES and regulates the physical level function. As such, our bioresonance assessment is NOT to be used as medical diagnosis. The analysis function can be used to help you detect developing tendencies and take proactive actions. And the harmonisation function (of Bioresonance Rayonex) works like homeopathy and is completely safe. 

Bioresonance does not conflict with what you do with conventional medicine because the two approaches do not work on the same level. 

Certainly! And you do not need to bring your animal companion to our premises. We just need a saliva sample of the animal. From the assessment pet owners can get clarity about the feed and health products they use on their pet, and they can also have a customised at-home harmonisation for the pet created from the assessment. 

Contact us for details.

  1. We offer more options for home or on-the-go harmonisations. You save time and money.

  2. We go much deeper to the root causes. What is to most bioresonance practitioner the “root cause” of a health symptom could be environment toxins, wrong diet, or electro-magnetic radiation, and we acknowledge all these and provide solutions to address. 

    How we are different from other bioresonance practices is our signature systemic approach. There is still A LOT beyond what bioresonance can detect. We go beyond that and help you identify and transform the deeper root cause(s) that contribute to your recurring symptom – physical health or otherwise. 

How we are different from other bioresonance practices is our signature systemic approach. There is still A LOT beyond what bioresonance can detect. We go beyond that and help you identify and transform the deeper root cause(s) that contribute to the animal’s chronic or recurring symptom.

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What's Next after Initial Consultation

Take the Recommended Actions
Stay in touch and get support
Monitor progress with a revisit in 2 – 6 weeks
Go into maintenance as your original issue is resolved