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“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.”

Albert Einstein

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Tired of paying so much and still have no real solutions to improve your health?

While bioresonance testing does not replace bio-chemical and medical testing (because it works on the biofield level – the field that regulates the physical body). It can help you to gain instant real-time impressions about how your body is doing “as a living system” and to help you make discerning decisions on preventative health – and as such, it can support your healing journey whether you are using conventional medicine or not. 

Bioresonance testing can test and give instant results on Food Tolerances, and can help one gain valuable insights on actual solutions such as the most relevant nutritional supplements to take. It can also help one to narrow down bio-chemical tests they choose to spend money on. As such, bioresonance testing when done well can be very valuable for the discerning health seeker. 

Apart from testing, bioresonance at iLiving also includes “harmonisation”, which means vibrational treatment on the biofield – which is the field where your nervous system regulates your physical functions. 

And you do NOT need to be “sick” to use this advanced technology for wellbeing maintenance. Many use it to gain clarity about their best diet, choice of targeted health products, design their own cleansing, detox or vitality restoration programme, or gain insight on and find solutions for their mental wellness…. The application is wide. 

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How does it work?

Resonance is the process by which a field of a particular frequency or wavelength can transfer vibrational energy from one object to another. Resonance underlies the physical world. 

The bioresonance technology we use originates from the 1970’s. The principles are in line with ancient wisdom such as Chinese medicine and natural healing such as homeopathy.

What Einstein and Tesla have discovered about energy and vibration echos what ancients have long known and underlies the discovery by Bio-resonance by Paul Schmidt, nominee for Nobel Prize. What he has found confirmed that the progression of physical disease follows a predictable path, originating from the non-physical levels, and one can detect imbalances on the (subtle) biological information field(s) before imbalances manifest as physical and psychological dysfunction.

The bioresonance system we use at iLiving not only detects but also generates the frequencies to restore balance by entraining our body to vibrate in optimal harmony – similar to how one tuning fork will follow another vibrating tuning fork when they are placed next to each other, or how the sun energy causes our skin to produce melanin. The principle behind is also similar to acupuncture and Chi-gong. (Read more on the Harmonisation by Bioresonance by scrolling down further.)

Who can benefit from our Bioresonance Consultation?

  1. Individuals who would like to proactively optimize performance and function, immunity, reverse or slow down aging, detect disease tendencies and prevent chronic health imbalances
  2. Individuals who appreciate a cause-oriented approach to restoring health (which is non-invasive and can also complement their medical treatments if they are having them – as the two approaches work on different levels of the human body)

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A Typical Session Covers assessment of:

  1. Tolerance of food items and health products of client’s choice 
  2. Nutritional deficiencies and needs
  3. Common Stressors: electro-magnetic radiation, geopathic influences, pathogens, toxicity such as from heavy metals and environmental toxins etc
  4. Vitality of major physiological organ systems, metabolism, ATP, cell degeneration etc.
  5. Chakra (stepdown energetic vortexes corresponding to our major endocrine glands and indicators of multi-dimensional wellbeing)
  6. Meridian balance (nervous system signalling information highway regulating the physical body, also directly affected by emotional energies)
  7. Psychological states & Bach Flower remedies to support mental & emotional wellbeing
  8. Scanning for 6-Dimensional health (with founder’s unique medical dowsing)

After assessment, recommendations are made regarding:

  1. Most appropriate nutritional and biofield enhancing products that rebalance
  2. Dietary and lifestyle suggestions
  3. Recommendations on therapeutic self care use of essential oils if applicable

Exact coverage depends on client’s needs and the time needed to be spent on checking client’s own brought items and in explanation and health coaching

Our practitioners are all qualified in bioresonance technology. 

Anita Cheung, our founder, award winning alternative health practitioner, who is versed in a broad range of healing modalities, including functional nutrition, aromatherapy, life coaching, and multiple vibrational healing approaches lead the bioresonance team. Anita is a life-long learner and is constantly improving what iLiving offers. 

Our team of qualified nutritionists and certified bioresonance practitioners perform bioresonance testing. They also have prior experience with bioresonance and other bio-feedback technology before joining our team. Our team has been trained by (and are still undergoing development with) Anita to perform bioresonance in our comprehensive approach that surpasses industry standard. 

Anita supervises the testing and offers interpretation to the findings with her multi-dimensional perspective. 

(Anita also use bioresonance for extended application in her private coaching and healing sessions.)

Actually yes. We can work with client’s saliva sample, even dry sample, as we are assessing based on frequency.

We have worked with pets, babies, children, or anyone who is too busy to come or does not prefer to come, or lives overseas, by using their saliva sample.

Contact us for more details about this option.

We use Bioresonance technology to assess the (subtle) biophysical level of your multi-dimensional body system, which PRECEDES and regulates the physical level function. As such, our bioresonance assessment is NOT to be used as medical diagnosis. The analysis function can be used to help you detect developing tendencies and take proactive actions. And the harmonisation function (of Bioresonance Rayonex) works like homeopathy and is completely safe. 

Ancient Chinese considers “superior medicine” as medicine that is is preventative. Ancient doctor-healers were paid by preventing their patrons from falling sick. “Superior medicine” does not harm and is preventative. 

Note: Do use conventional medicine for emergencies. Bioresonance Rayonex (the system we use) is not designed for medical emergencies. And Bioresonance does not conflict with what you do with conventional medicine because they do not work on the same level. 

Bioresonance testing is based on frequency resonance, and it tests on the biophysical level, not the biochemical level. 

Even if you have never eaten a certain food, we can find out if it “resonates” with you. You can also see whether the food strengthens you, it is neutral, or stressing you, or seriously stressing you.  

Clients often find results from Bioresonance tests echos their other tests, but they may also get new information on what may be stressing them but not to the level that can show up as allergy. 

How we use Bioresonance technology is to look at from 360 degree all the factors that can compromise the ideal expression of who your body can be. As we know over 95% of our genes are not decoded yet. So genetic tests can only test that which scientists have identified. What is more interesting to us, and what we can do something about is to learn what turns on and off our genes – what “information” we give our genes – toxins, type of food, electro-magnetic radiation, geopathic stress and our emotional and mental stress could be constantly feeding unsupportive information to our genes. Science has been suggesting that all these affect our genetic expressions.  

In short, we are more interested in what affects genetic expression than genetic programming. If genetic programming is the blueprint of a building, genetic expression is the actual realisation of the building. Our test is likely to complement with what find from DNA test and give you a fuller picture. 

Most of our clients go for the full 168+ option. You can also bring your own items to test. 

Starting from 2020, we also offer the shorter option of testing only 50 items of client’s choice.

Nutritional deficiencies are included in all food tests and health assessments.

If you have just recently done a comprehensive food test, or you are confident you are taking in appropriate food everyday, certainly this can be left out and you can still benefit from the health assessment, discovering burdens from stressors such as environmental toxins, electro-magnetic radiation, the resilience of your immune system, stress from pathogens, psychological state etc. 

You do not need to have “food allergies” to find out more about resonance of food with your body. What you eat everyday is information to your cells and DNA, determining how your body functions, how you age, even how you think and feel. 


As explained by our 6-Dimensional Body Model, and validated by Bioresonance, physical diseases start from imbalances detectable on the non-physical levels first, including the dimension of our emotional and mental bodies.

Physical and environmental triggers serve as the “last straw” to manifestation of “dis-ease”/”disease”.

Bioresonance can efficiently assess stressors from:
– Pathogenic organisms such as bacteria, virus, parasites, fungi (e.g. mold which is very common in many households)
– Environmental toxins such as heavy metals, chemical pesticides, chemicals from household and personal care products including fluoride in many oral care products….
– Electro-magnetic frequencies from wi-fi and modern electronic devices, fields created where electricity is used which disrupt DNA expression and nerve signalling
– Geopathy such as underground water and grid lines 

And with our wide experience we recommend solutions specific to these sources of disruption and stress. 

With our Bio-resonance objective assessment, you can also discover the functioning of your nervous system (which regulates all your physical functioning), the emotional and psychological stress (as each emotional state vibrates at distinct frequencies), and indicators of how well you are handling stress. In our consultation, you will be shown what you can do about increasing resilience. 

Together with your therapist, you can choose the focus of your Bioresonance Consultation also, because the capacity of the technology is comprehensive. 

Testing Options

Option A : Testing using saliva sample 

Part I –
20-30 mins initial meeting to understand your goals and to demonstrate to you how we do the process, then we collect your saliva sample to perform the test (which will take us approx. 1.5 hours for the 168 foods version with comprehensive health check)

Part II –
You return 1 to 3 days after (or as mutually agreed) to meet us to understand the findings and our recommendations – consultation time: 30 mins

Option B : Testing in person

This is for if you would like to be present in the room while our therapist performs all the testing. But please note in the first 2/3 of the session time, the therapist will need to work in relative silence to do a good job. You are recommended to rest. This involves one visit.


If you would like to experience Bioresonance harmonisation (which is frequency treatment based on results found), we can create a  Bioresonance harmonisation programme that is 30 to 50 mins (based on your availability to receive the session) which allows you to improve right away. If you pick Option A testing with saliva sample, you may enjoy this harmonisation while our therapist is performing the testing to save time, and you can save a trip for coming back for results.

Bioresonance Harmonisation with custom programme creation is valued at HK1050 per hour in our centre. It is included free in your initial session of 2-hours.


Your bioresonance experience and results you get can vary greatly depending who is performing it. The prior training of the Bioresonance Practitioner and their experience often determines how they use the technology and what they use it to investigate. 

First we use Bio-resonance for its most common application in nutritional and health assessment, looking at organ health. But we also use it to assess psychological health if we see it is relevant. 

Since often chronic recurring issues and serious health conditions are caused by multiple root causes, we use Bio-resonance to “zoom in” to analyse and we use our experience and “systemic lens” to “zoom out” to see underlying patterns to get the fuller picture. 

With our founder and one of nutritionist team of bioresonance practitioners seeing every client, we provide self healing education and multiple healing tools that accelerate healing. 

All Bioresonance Consultation options include checking of the biofield in terms of energetics and organ functions based on the client’s goals and focus, and recommendations of health products that best suit the client.

The length of the consultation depends on how many food items are covered and the depth of the testing.

Most individuals who already have health symptoms go for the 2h (+) option priced at HK2400. (Up to one-hour of Bioresonance Harmonisation valued at HK750 based on testing findings is included in this option at NO extra charge.)

This option covers the full 168 items of food and testing with prorgammes relevant to your situation by one of our qualified nutritionist and bioresonane therapists, and time with our founder our lead therapist in the interpretation.

Shortest session where we cover only 50 food items of your choice, nutritional needs and health product recommendations is HK1300

Return visits are usually 60 to 90 mins based on the purpose of your visit. 

Packages are available with discount.

Certainly! And you do not need to bring your animal companion to our premises. We just need a saliva sample of the animal. From the assessment pet owners can get clarity about the feed and health products they use on their pet, and they can also have a customised at-home harmonisation for the pet created from the assessment. 

Contact us for details.

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“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.”

Albert Einstein

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What's Next after Initial Consultation

Follow the nutritional and lifestyle recommendations

Follow any other suggestions 

Come back to recieve your
Bioresonance Custom Harmonisation (30 or 60 mins) 

Rent or purchase a home model to receive treatment in the comfort of your home while you sleep (the most receptive time for healing)

Book in further shorter session(s) with Anita for deeper level healing or other of our practitioner team members to continue your self discovery and healing

Monitor your progress with a revisit in 3 – 6 weeks

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