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Why are YOU here?

Want to sooth your tension & stress?

Want to get to the root of your recurring issue?

Want to increase your resilience holistically? 

Want guidance and inspiration for a new phase of life?

Simply want to get some good “vibes”?

Why are WE here?

Our origin is “Integrative-Living” started in 2005. We are a pioneer in wellness, coaching and healing, supporting people to become the BEST version of themselves. 

Operating as “i-Detox” between 2008 and 2018 and an award-winning operation, through many challenging times, we have developed our resilience and honed our skills further, drawing strength from our origin – a deep sense of gratitude and wonder

Through the years we have continued to evolve, innovate and integrate, achieving higher level of effectiveness. 

We aim to continue to be an authentic and professional resource for the discerning, where they can feel safe and well supported to come home to themselves

Upcoming Events

We run most of our events in our wi-fi minimised space…. See you there!

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