Our Latest Hygiene Policy

First published 15th Feb 2020

Last update: 24th January 2023

Important Message from Us:

  1. Maintaining a positive state of mind, having adequate physical exercise, recreation, rest, sun exposure and human connection are known to be important for health.
  2. Our immune system discerns what is friendly and what is harmful and has been doing so since the beginning of time. So exercise your discernment – know who you are and what is true for you from your non-physical dimensions, have good energetic boundaries, then your physical immunity will also work better!
  3. Underneath our mask, let’s stay connected! 
  4. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need support – immune products, online consultation, and even portable bioresonance you can do at home – you don’t have to suffer more than you need to. 

Hygiene Policy:

  • We have continued to be sensible in keeping our space clean and by using non-chemical disinfecting products.
  • We have continued to diffuse natural and therapeutic essential oils in our premises, essential oils with anti-microbial and anti-viral properties.
  • We have continued to provide non-toxic sanitising products throughout our premises our staff and all guests to use
  • To maintain their health, our team members have access to Bioresonance Viral Defense and Immune Support Programme and Immune Supporting nutritional supplements
  • Staff would be asked to stay home should there be fever or tested positive with COVID-10 

Hygiene policy for Consultation/Treatment Room and Event space:

  • All consultation/treatment room area is shoes-off
  • Continued changing of sheet coverings after every client session
  • Blankets are being sprayed with toxin-free disinfectant after every use, aired and rotated, and washed regularly
  • Yoga mats and chairs are sanitised with non-toxic disinfectant or UV after each use
  • Blankets and props are sanitised with toxin-free disinfectant or UV after each use, aired and washed regularly

We ask for your understanding to observe these in our premises:

  • Please sanitise your hands upon arrival.
  • Please have your body temperature taken before you enter. 
  • Please help us to keep shoes off the entire lower floor – where treatment rooms and event space are located.
  • When using our toilet, please keep toilet lid closed when flushing.

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