Bioresonance Preset Programme Harmonisation

Without having to a personal consultation appointment, this is an economical way to benefit from what Bioresonance has got to offer.

We have a number of preset programmes created to be around 50-minutes long with various focuses:

  • Sleep and Relaxation
  • Immunity Boost
  • Cold and Flu Recovery Support
  • Post Vax detox
  • Pain Relief
  • Jetlag recovery


You will receive the Harmonisation in our EMF and noise shielded room, with relaxing essential oil gently diffused in the air and soft solfeggio music in the background.
For your first Bioresonance experience, you may make an appointment to receive a 20-minutes complementary consultation and demonstration with one of our Bioresonance practitioners who can discuss your needs and show you the before and after of this session for you.


Quick Tune-Up with Bioresonance​

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