Bioresonance Chakra Balancing

There are “chakras” or energy vortexes that surround and penetrate our body. The ancients have always known this but scientists in Germany and Russia only verified this in recent years. They form a kind of information field made of light frequencies. And these light carries information that inform our DNA.

The main seven chakras also correspond to the seven main hormone glands of our body (which make information carriers in the form of hormones). In a way the main hormone glands situated at where the chakras are serve as energy “transformer”, converting higher frequencies from our higher dimensional bodies to the physical level. (Vibrational Medicine, Richard Gerber, M.D.)

Keeping your chakras balanced can support your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

A short chakra balancing is included in all of our preset Bioresonance programmes but this session is focused on the seven chakras and with more emotional and psychological health focus.

Make an appointment to have your first trial of this experience and receive a 20-minutes consultation with one of our founder and Bioresonance practitioner Anita Cheung who will educate you on the meaning of each chakra more and show you the before/after difference!


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