Our Approach to Nutrition & Nutritional Detoxification

Why Nutritional Detox

iDetox_Slide_SuperfoodDetox-resizedWe recognise that “detoxification” is a natural, automatic and vital process our body rids itself of harmful toxins from our diet and our environment we are exposed to and from our own metabolic processes. However, depletion in micronutrients, stress, and the sheer load of modern toxins (a lot of which are petroleum-based) have overburdened our body, especially our nervous system and endocrine system which are fat dependent. The results are common complaints like lack of energy, a compromised mental state , aches, pains, allergies, compromised immunity and digestion, weight gain and so on.

While it’s becoming well accepted that nutritional detoxification can facilitate tremendous positive changes to one’s health and sense of wellbeing, we also hear negative feedbacks about “detoxing” and usually they are from those who have followed a “detox diet” or an aggressive low calorie juice or liquid cleanse without consultation of professionals and/or consideration of the individual’s body condition.

Since we all eat everyday, starting detoxification from our diet is natural. And our goal is you pick up some new habits naturally which will impact how you eat beyond your programme.

Important: The effectiveness of your detox is not dependent on how low calorie your
diet is and how much you have to suffer!

Our Customised Urban Detox

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Why do we NOT focus on a low-calorie diet nor a traditional juice fast approach?

starvation_dietThe concept of “calorie” is based on a paradigm developed 200 years ago when food was a lot more wholesome.

Nowadays our diet is made up often foods that are not in their best state, and even when we get to eat wholesome and fresh food; the amount of nutrients are compromised with modern day farming methods. Unfortunately many well-meaning health practitioners are still using the outdated quantitative nutritional paradigm.

Does one calorie from cold pressed avocado oil have the same effect on your body as one calorie from heat-destroyed, hormone-loaded pasteurized dairy milk?  Of course not!

Click here to read more why a juice fast or liquid fast can do more harm than good especially in the urban setting and for many body types.


A “qualitative” approach rather than a “quantitative” approach…

Many nutrients including enzymes, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids are required for effective metabolic detoxification.  A wholesome diet with easy-to-digest food and (authentic) superfoods efficiently support the body’s natural ability to detoxify.

This can be done without causing your body to go into deprivation mode – which can be detrimental especially when you are following the detox diet in an urban setting with all its demands.

The right kind and amount of fat is actually essential in post-industrial age detoxification because modern toxins are mostly fat soluble.

Protein in bioavailable form is required for complete liver detoxification dealing with modern day environmental toxins.  Plant-based protein (non-meat, non-whey) supplement in highly bioavailable form was not available or affordable even a few years ago.

A balanced meal with sufficient fat and protein actually support your gentle yet effective detox while maintaining a normal lifestyle.

Organic and bioavailable forms of superfoods and food-form supplements we provide in our nutritional upgrade and detox programs have been put together marrying the best of both ancient wisdom and cutting edge science.  They serve to build up the body’s reservoir of nutrients for it to restore optimal functioning in the quickest and easiest possible way.  Detoxification is thus a natural result when the body is nourished to do its job of self balancing and healing.

These are all the reasons why our program delivers quick results that can be sustained way beyond the end of the program.  Our program and our recommendations are far from being a “juice fast”, a “raw food diet” or any kind of fad dieting.

Not only does our nutritional detox supply the body with nutrients it requires to effectively detoxify while re-building, it can also be adapted for different body constitutions, age and lifestyle, and it was designed to be fully adaptable to one’s daily life for long-term maintenance.

When proper detoxifying and nourishing is integrated into daily life, one can enjoy sustainable health benefits without sacrificing the enjoyment of food.

Nourishment and Detox in other forms

Lastly, while we strongly believe in a nutritionally-sound diet and the power of nutritional detox, we are also convinced of the interconnectedness of our body and mind. Nutrition and nourishment come in many forms and what we ingest is only one of them. Our life as a whole, from our relationships to our work and recreation all play an important role in our total well-being.

We offer emotional “detox” and various services that support ress management, manage any possible detox and healing reactions (such as Integrative Physiotherapy and Therapeutic Body Work with Raindrop oils), and to enhance detoxification and self-balancing on all levels of our wellbeing. See here for Our Approach >>>