Bioresonance Quick Energy Recharge

Do you have 30 minutes to have a wellness power nap?

In many cultures it is well acknowledged that a nap in the middle of the day promotes health and longevity. A short “power nap” during the day can have the deep restorative effect of a few hours of sleep at night.

Is this practice a luxury in today’s world? Not anymore at iLiving!

In our EMF and noise shielded room, with relaxing essential oil gently diffused in the air and soft solfeggio music in the background, you can enjoy a Bioresonance Power Nap which includes frequencies that balances your meridians, boosts your cellular ATP, tonifies and balances multiple organ systems especially your nervous system, which controls everything in your body.

This session is available in 30 minutes or (up to) 60 minutes, whichever suits your schedule.

You may also wish to check out our Bioresonance Preset Programmes (with same cost) addressing specific themes like jetlag, immunity boost, sleep and relaxation, EMF balancing etc.

(To have a tailor-made programme made for you, you may also book to see your Bioresonance Practitioner to assess your needs and do that.)

Make an appointment to have your first trial of this experience and receive a 20-minutes consultation with one of our Bioresonance practitioners who can show you the before/after difference!


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