Typical Client 1

This is an example how we would support a typical client with our systemic “6 Dimensional Body” approach. (Explained here >>)

A mother brings her 8-year old son who has recurring skin irritation and short attention span.

On the initial consultation, we would first use Bio-resonance to access the functioning of his various body systems and food that would trigger him. The client may or may not already know but we can help to find out and confirm. We will also access stress from toxins and pathogens. Often in such situations, we can find compromise of the digestive system, liver detoxification system, immune system, heavy mental stress and stress from electro-magnetic radiation.

Solutions that neutralise and reduce stress of EMR (electro-magnetic radiation) will be suggested and from our experience it often improves sleep quality and bring many other benefits, as vibrational frequencies from our wifi and devices are in the same range as vibrational frequencies of our DNA. Authentic essential oils that resonate with him (verified by Bio-resonance) can be suggested to be diffused to improve concentration during the day and restful regenerative sleep at night. Essential oils when diffused interact with our electro-magnetic fields and the biophysical level that informs the biochemical level. 

Nutritional supplements and dietary advice will be given, along with a full report of results from food testing and health assessment so the client will know how to support the systems that are not functioning optimally.

Session time totalling 2.5 to 3 hours will allow for detailed food test of 180+ items and a customised harmonisation programme of about 30 – 45 mins is to be given, and the client is to be shown before and after. This can also be separated by two visits. Otherwise with a shorter harmonisation, an initial 2-hour session can be done to start giving recommendations on food and lifestyle changes. 

Chemical-free personal care and skin soothing products can also be recommended for to soothe irritation as well.

From our experience, if the client has been under medication to manage their symptoms they would require more support in detoxification, and time to come back to balance, because detox and healing reactions need to be managed well. 

Bio-resonance at our centre or home machine (that you may purchase or rent) can be used to administer harmonisation programmes to support the malfunctioning systems. It would run a personalised Bio-resonance harmonisation programme created from the assessment, support restful sleep (especially in the case of home machine as the programme can be run while one sleeps, and it can also harmonise the body to triggering foods (if the client may still come into contact with these food occasionally) and lessen the side effect of medication.

If the issue is chronic and recur despite reasonable efforts intervening on the physical level, we would recommend looking deeper into the root causes. To support the emotional and mental levels to restore balance, we employ an integrative approach which will equip the client to handle his stress that triggers his skin irritation or hinder his concentration in this case for example. 

A Bioresonance for Mind Body Health session can be very useful. 

We also agree with Dr Klinghardt that a high percentage of the root cause of a chronic issue lies beyond all the above mentioned levels of the body. We would also recommend addressing the 5th and 6th levels of the 6 Dimensional Body by consulting our Founder who specialises in those levels. Often when the parents are healed and balanced, and transgenerational trauma acknowledged and processed, the younger generation also heals. They are the “symptom bearer” from the Systemic point of view. From our experience, the child often represents the stress experienced from the parent(s). So it is highly recommended that the parents also participate and receive facilitation in their own healing.

To learn about the science of systemic and trans-generational healing, check out this explanation with Cambridge and Harvard educated Biologist where he explains “morphic field” the underlying shared field of animals in nature (and we humans are also animals of course):

With Bio-resonance we have been seeing almost instantaneous shifts when top two levels of healing is facilitated. This approach is applicable to clients who are open to a more progressive and systemic healing approach and to those who would like to shorten the time for healing and to save costs.

This approach can be undertaken concurrently with addressing other levels. 


While quick shifts have been observed, for sustained improvement, please allow for about 1 to 3 months of consistent actions.  Especially if the intervention focus is mainly on the physical level, more time is to be allowed. 

If the other levels are addressed and if the parents actively participate in the healing process for the child, results can be much faster and more permanent.