Upgrade the Software of Your Body – Needles-less Acupuncture

Informational Medicine that the general public can benefit from…

This technology was developed originally for the military by an Amercian acpuncturist and scientist.  It has become commercially available since 2004.  Professional athletes as well as general public have benefitted from this drug-free health tool.

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There is a range products, and in isolation or in combination they can be used to address many issues, including:

•    boost overall immunity (protect against flu, reduce allergies…)

•    anti-aging and detox (e.g. better skin and weight loss)

•    weight loss (appetite control)

•    improved mental functioning (from natural detox and removal of heavy metals)

•    instant pain relief and anti-inflammation

•    energy (also promotes weight loss if metabolism is slow)

•    improved athletic performance, flexibility (good news for golfers)

•    sleep quality and snoring

•    wound healing (e.g. post operation care)

•    improved mood (daily stress managament)

•    constipation

•    migraine

•    optimising overall energy flow through the major meridien of the body

Other benefits we have heard testimonials of are: natural viagra, breast enlargement, improved eyesight, autism…

Generally any issues acupuncture can help…may be helped with the use of these products which are easy to apply (without needles and acupuncture knowledge) and you can travel with your personal “24/7 acupuncturist”…



Latest testimonial from our client:

“With the Energy Enhancer patches I found that I could get through the dark tunnel of jet lag without a nap.  I had new life.”  – Samantha Fremont-Smith


In February 2010 we provided Project C: Change’s team support to their charity climb to Kilimanjero (the highest mountain in Africa to raise environmental awareness.  They used  most of  Lifewave products and our superfoods to optimise their stamina and recovery.  They completed the climb and their story is featured in July Hong Kong Tatler.

Short testimonials from the climbers:

The Life wave patches was a great help to our success in climbing up Mtn Kilimanjaro. I didn’t understand what or how the Lifewave patches could help… and I really still don’t understand. But I definitely felt the boost in energy throughout the mind and body with the Energy Enhancer patches.  – Anthony Sandstrom (DJ, model, former extreme sport pro


“I found the sleep patches very effective. I can really tell the difference in the quality of sleep I got when using them compared to when I wasn’t.” –  Rosemary Vandenbroucke (model, singer song writer)


“When I wore the energy patches during the Kilimanjaro climb I felt that I had more stamina compared to the days that I didn’t wear them…I get bad ankle pain and when I use the Lifewave Icewave patches, the pain is significantly reduced” –  Sean Lee-Davies (photographer, filmaker, initiator of Project C: Change)
Below is infra red image of how pain is dramatically reduced from wearing one of the products “Icewave” for just 5 minutes.

Testimonial from one of the guests of our previous demo:

“After a fall 3 months ago I started to develop tendonitus in one of my achilles heels.  Deep ache in the back of my thigh and back pain developed.  Treatments have helped but pain and a “hot” sensation never went away completely and it kept me from standing or walking too long.  Scar tissues developed resulting in a lump on my tendon.  The doctor said I needed physiotherapy and gentle exercise, and that anti-inflammatories wouldn’t help.

On Saturday 4 July at the Lifewave session I put on an icewave patch, and experimenting with the different positions, I found one that gave me an immediate relief. My ankle no longer felt stiff, burny and achy.

I was able to sit through a long movie, walk and eat dinner without ‘feeling’ my ankle and there was a large reduction in the stiffness in the joint. It has also affected my whole leg, as all the discomfort went away.

I used the patch for 22 hours. When they were taken off, I immediately felt the difference without them. The tendonitis was gone. The ache is less severe and localized to the area where the injury occurred.  It is still sore when I first start walking but quickly goes away after a few stretches.  This is totally amazing!  Just think what it can do for chronic injuries!  I will still need to do my exercises and see the physio, but I know the healing will be so much quicker because of the icewave patch!”  – Wendy Forster


Combine this with healthy diet and lifestyle and see how good you can feel.

Note: We know acupuncturists who are using these to enhance and effect of their acupuncture treatment to their patients.  We are happy to recommend acupuncturists who are skilled in applying these tools if you need.  But these were designed to be used by the general public without acupuncture knowledge.

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