A lot of common conditions we live with and have accepted as part of “life” or part of aging could very well be related with toxic overload, these include:

  • fatigue
  • dull looking skin
  • poor memory and concentration
  • irritability
  • overweight and difficulty in losing weight
  • muscle soreness and stiff joints
  • allergies and poor immunity
  • PMS
  • infertility in both men and women
  • compromised digestion (gas, bloatedness)
  • constipation – having one or less bowel movements a day

As all urban dwellers have been exposed to toxins in our daily life from multiple sources (such as food, personal care products etc) that affect our optimal hormone balance*, detoxification is highly recommended for both men and women preparing to be parents. For women, you are highly recommended to detoxify ideally 6 months before conception.

*If chemical pesticides make pests unable to reproduce, guess what they do to your reproductive system?  If so many petrochemicals are neuro-toxic, guess what they can do to your future baby?  

Our signature program is a “detox” as well as a “nutritional upgrade” programme that includes education that empowers you long-term.

  • increased energy
  • clearer and healthier looking skin
  • weight loss for those who are overweight
  • improved mood and mental functioning
  • improved senses, e.g. taste (one can enjoy food without artificial flavouring or strong seasoning), eyesight (one may find they can see better after a detox – in Chinese health system, liver and the eyes are connected in one system)
  • improved digestion and nutrient assimilation
  • improvement from health complaints e.g. allergies, aches and pains, digestive stress and so on
  • improved immunity
  • elimination/reduction of cravings for unsupportive foods (e.g. coffee and sugar)
  • motivation to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle

While fasting with liquid has been performed since ancient times, but times have changed and the average person’s toxic load has dramatically increased after the Industrial age. Fasting or any low calorie diet poses stress to the adrenals (and most of us have fatigued adrenals from use of stimulants like sugar, caffeine and alcohol, as well as daily mental stress), and also makes weight loss harder in the long run. Most toxins are fat soluable and “eating less” or fasting releases them very quickly into the blood stream. If they do not get neutralised effectively by the liver (when it is not supported by sufficient nutrients), juice fasting may actually do more harm than good, especially if you do not rest more.

While you can incorporate fasting days to our programme, our programme has proven to work not because of the fasting.

(Click here to read more about the difference between fasting and our detox program)

Our programs include Bio Resonance assisted health assessment and customized recommendations, and do NOT involve starvation and a calorie restricted diet. It is quality rather than quantity focused plan that is designed to be sustainable.

Our program allows your blood sugar to be maintained at healthy levels because you eat frequently and there is no starvation. Our clients are often surprised how much they can eat and the high energy levels they enjoy on our programs. Most of our clients are working people or busy home makers, and our programme was designed for “busy people”.

From our experience, most of those who have excess weight have naturally lost from 2 to 15 lbs (1 to 7kgs) in approximately 9 to 15 days from our signature Urban Detox program. Many have continued with a gentler form of the programme to achieve their weight loss and health goals without any starvation.

The reduced food cravings and increased awareness makes keeping the weight off easy beyond the detox programme. Restoring the ideal weight is a natural result of our metabolism returning to the optimal. Our programme has been a turning point for many in kickstarting a new and positive direction for their total wellbeing, as our many testimonials have testified.

From our experience, if you are not overweight, you would not lose significant amount of weight or any weight at all. If you do your body should regain weight quickly to restore to its optimal state after the program. In fact, if you are underweight due to poor nutrient absorption and assimilation or nutrient depletion, the programme can kickstart your gradual weight and muscle gain. This is best supported by Bio Resonance and physical training.

A proper and holistic detox programme does not equal weight loss. A slim person can still have toxins stored in their visceral fat (fat located near the internal organs and thus “invisible”). There are different body types that distribute fat differently. Fasting and a low-calorie type diet is definitely not recommended for you if you are underweight.

The differentiation between “cold” and “hot” body constitutions is not as simplistic as it sounds. First off, uncooked foods are not always “cooling”. And our programme is not all about eating “raw” food and is in fact very nourishing. People who have been told not to eat any “raw” food have benefitted from it, as they have learnt how to make their diet work for them, which is a balanced diet that fits their needs. (We do not advocate a one-size-fit-all raw vegan diet.) In fact some clients have kept eating cooked meals to a large extent on their programme with great results. With the current more customised programme with Bio Resonance, we can help you tailor what you need overall.

Thank you for spreading the word and making a positive difference in other’s health! We offer HK$300 referral reward in the form of store credits to any detox client referring others. They can do the programme at the same time with you or any time after you have done yours and you still qualify for the referral reward.

(For non detox clients who refer they can receive HK$200 store credits for each referral.)

All your health information provided are treated with strict confidence and all our staff have signed NDA. The testimonials on our website are provided by our happy clients and customers who have kindly offered to share their personal experience publicly for the benefit of those who have not had their experience with us.

Generally, if you are still growing or if you are over 70, a calorie-restricted type detox is not advisable. (However our programme is by nature much more nourishing than a traditional cleanse and can be adapted.)

If you are pregnant or lactating, you can benefit from a nutritional “upgrade” rather than our standard “detox” programme.

To both of the above situations, you may consider booking for a Bio Resonance assisted nutritional and lifestyle consultation instead. Click here >>>

Please let us know your health condition when you book in your consultation.

All in all, do not hesitate to contact us and we can help you decide if we can serve you and how.

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