Mothers specials

Today we join many to honour the mothers in the world. And we also honour the all mothers in the past and mothers-to-be, and the inner feminine nurturing energy WITHIN each of us.

Mothers are often the most self-forgetting group of people in the world. They tend to give everyone before they give themselves. Often, there is nothing left for themselves!

Can we thank the mother enough just with one day a year? Or can we extend the appreciation further than just a meal and a one-time gift?

What about making it easier for mothers to nurture themselves and recharge their batteries – not just on the Mother’s Day, but everyday? It takes repetition to form new habits.

So here’s what we would like to offer you –

Mother special
From NOW till end JUNE:

⦁ 50% off to try mind-body soothing/healing classes:

In Person

Sound Bath Meditation 45 mins (open to all)
Quantum Qigong 90 mins (open to all)
Breath & Singing Bowl Meditation 45 mins (open to all)
Restorative Yoga with Singing Bowl 90 mins (no yoga experience required)
Healing Breathwork Journey 110 mins (self healing practice)

Online Online Healing Breathwork Journey 90 mins (self healing practice)

How it works:

50% OFF on all New / Unattended Mind and Body Healing Sessions
Valid for all Mothers, new and already associated with us who wish to attend
Flat 50% OFF on mind and body healing classes listed above

To receive the special discount code to enjoy the above specials, contact us to let us know the class(es) you would like to apply it to.

⦁ 20% OFF on First private / one on one sessions and small groups

Also valid for all different mind-body experiences.

⦁ 20% off Private Yoga/ Qigong/ Singing Bowl Healing

You or your mother have from now to until end June to enjoy all these nurturing and enlightening experiences. But the classes fill quick. Act now.

Need to discuss more, contact us and let us help!