Integrative Somatic Bodywork

Come back to your body

Somatic Experiencing® . TRE® Tension & Trauma Release Exercises . Chi Nei Tsang . Integrative Bodywork . Singing Bowl Healing

Anne Cousin’s Somatic Therapy sessions are unique for every client and each session. (Somatic therapy refers to a holistic therapy approach based on the relationship between the mind and body in regards to psychological past.)

She adapts and integrates for client-specific treatment to suit the needs revealed by each session.


The main reasons for seeing Anne:
  1. To understand and address root causes of pain, limitation of movement, disruption of energy (chi) that causes physical dysfunction
  2. To reset the nervous system, develop better awareness and inner connection with the body 
  3. To release body memory of trauma through Somatic Experiencing and bodywork
  4. To learn tools such as specific self-stretching exercises to keep tension and pain away from the physical body
  5. To learn on-going resourcing tools to regulate the nervous system for long-term resilience to stress

Modalities Anne practises that are offered one-on-one:

  • Somatic Experiencing® and Somatic Education (60 mins)
  • Somatic Experiencing® and Somatic Education with Bodywork (90 mins)
  • Chi Nei Tsang (60 to 75 mins)
  • Shiatsu (60 to 75 mins)

Modalities Anne practises that are offered one-on-one or in small group format:

  • TRE® Tension and Trauma Exercises (60 mins or incorporated into the Somatic Experiencing and Education session)
  • Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapy (60 mins or incorporated into other therapies)

Anne also works with our founder Anita Cheung in facilitating therapeutic Breathwork aimed at deep level trauma release.