Remote Integrative Healing

Wherever you are…we are connected on the consciousness superhighway…

Our founder Anita uses essentially the same tools (with adaptation as required) as she does in a in person session in her on line session. With the additional use of advanced information field scanning and harmonisation technology from Germany (TimeWaver) her remote sessions also include 4-5 weeks of information field frequency support to anchor in the new transformed state.

You can read here on her signature Integrative Healing .


“I have worked on the ‘abundance issue’ with a few therapy and coaching sessions. I already had an abundant mindset but something was just missing. With Anita’s wisdom and perceptiveness, and the tools she used, I finally nailed the core issues. I listened to the 10-min self-hypnosis recording she gave me after our Zoom session. Every word was profound and spoke to my heart. 10 days later, I closed a 2 mil Euro deal naturally and almost effortlessly! (And I have said I would be happy if I start to see results in two months!) Anita is truly aMAZing!”

– Suzanne S., business consultant, entrepreneur


“I have had two online healing sessions with Anita. Anita’s ability to “hold space” (even from across the world!) is profound. In the recent session, we worked on a recent intense trauma which I felt had an ancestral root cause. To my surprise, I was able to access difficult moments in my past, with a felt sensation in my body, that I have not touched since my lengthy yogic trainings. Anita’s healing facilitation is full of love, smooth and empowering – I am both nudged and supported by guidance of the process, while also held responsible to do the “inner investigation”, which has allowed me to begin to see myself in a new way.

I felt my “self-defeating” habits we accessed had light shown on them, zero shame involved, and my old patterns and a new future path became illuminated.

The quantum level “reprogramming” of how I see myself, my past, and the direction I am moving in now, is very practical, and have left me feeling both grounded and light. After the session, quite mind-blowing coincidences would pop up in my day-to-day life related to my recent and prior traumas. In those moments it was as if I was at the interface of creation – the humorous level of coincidence suddenly made life feel more like a game, where I see I really do have choice.

THANK YOU ANITA – you are a rare gift to the healing world! 

– Sinead Corrigan, acupuncturist, yoga and Taichi Instructor